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  • Hi, so new to this and only three weeks in. My weight had crept up over the last five years in particular due to injuries that had stopped sport, stopping smoking and too much Vino! Anyway, carrying about 3st too much at 16st and at 55 I knew I had to make changes. This seemed perfect and the first two and a half weeks have been great. I am sticking to 80 cals per day and only eating between 8 and 8. I have cut out the wine, bread, cheese, pasta and spuds and been putting in all the right stuff. Great results, 1 st gone, 4cms of my stomach, feeling really well and energy levels are up. Oddly, I have lost a cough which I have had for many years which is an added bonus – I wish I knew why though?! Back on exercising and doing about 5m a day and have thrown in Squash, swimming, gym and running and it’s coming back easier than any of my other failed comebacks – although I mustn’t tempt fate. I’m only get ‘trace’ changes in my Ketone which surprised me. The last three days I seem to have stalled and the weight isn’t moving. Is this to be expected? I have considered throwing in two 600 days for a couple of weeks and wondered if this may help or maybe this stall is just a temporary thing?

    I would not worry to much about short-term fluctuations. I weigh myself about 4 times per year, but am still shedding about 2 kg per month.

    I would suggest that you try extending your daily fasting hours, as ketosis is only just kicking in at 12 hours. Try to achieve 14 to 16 hours if you can.

    Don’t sweat it about ketones. Just stick to the quality foods you are eating. Did you really say ’80 calories’ on Fast Days? Guess you are ‘water fasting.’
    Stalls and plateaux are very typical. Your body is catching up with your weight loss. It will move downward again. What do you eat on Slow Days, and how many calories?
    Good luck, Otto.

    Ah, bit of a Typo there, I meant 800 Cals. As if by magic I dropped 2lb over night so I am happy with that. Everyday I am constant with my intake, loads of Veg, fruit, berries. nuts Fish, Chicken and the odd lean steak. I was never a great water drinker but I have cut down my Tea and Coffee to one each a day and taking on as much water as I can – it doesn’t come easy for me. I sort of guessed that I would stall from time to time with the weight loss but it was good to get that confirmed. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    Keep eating the good stuff veg, fruit, and you will lose weight in no time. Don’t take as much water as you can as it can hurt you in long run. For a man, it’s recommended to take up to 3.0-3.7 liters of water each day and its best to take it before each meal cause it will help you to faster digest the food and lose more weight.

    And if you want to lose even more weight you can check out this product it worked perfectly for me and I hope it will for you and its recommended by Doctor Oz

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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