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  • Just adding my name to the list of unrepentant drinkers.
    My alcohol intake has risen in recent years simply because I enjoy it.
    ADF has given me a much needed break from the booze on fast days. I dont drink any more than usual on feast days so I’ve cut the drink by 50% which can only benefit my belly. ☺

    I don’t see how you could reduce your overall alcohol intake by 50% if you only refrain from drinking 2 days per week, and otherwise consume the previous daily amount on each of the remaining 5 days. The math does not work. 5/7 of 100 is 71.43 percent. You have only reduced your consumption by about 28%.

    I am fasting 2 days a week and still losing weight. I lose more when I have 4 or 5 days off the wine…but most weeks, I just don’t sweat it. I simply have two full on fast days a week where I happily abstain and let the rest work itself out.

    I have reached my initial goal weight and am still losing about 100 grams a week. Slow and steady wins the weight race and I am not glued to counting calories.

    Even last weekend where I really had a white wine fest with friends for a long weekend didn’t stop the weight loss. I think giving up too much is unsustainable long term so I am happy as long as scales are going down slowly, mood is going up and my body feels good.

    As daid Gary, I’m on alternate day fasting so I’m only drinking 50% of what I normally drink.

    Hi, i was working two summer seassons in ibiza and during the summer only drinking almost every day, case it was always some king of event that my friends were going so by the end from 52kilos I gain 62 (10kilos during summer seasson). And i was drinking all kind of alcohol not only beer… Before for years I never gain any waight even if i eat any unhelthy stuff, so i had figured out how bad alcohol sauses on your body…


    It may be bad for your body but it has a wonderful effect on the mind.

    Hi PBH

    Just read you comment – made me laugh!

    I’m in your camp. Reduced intake of wine by half. Even had some months off wine. Love the stuff so now that I drink less I make sure I buy better quality – life is too short for cheap wine.

    Whisky Macs are my weakness at the moment (but with bourbon). Two or three a night relaxes the mind sufficiently.

    hmm need the recipe 😀

    I am also a dedicated wine lover.
    My husband and I have both lost weight in the past months with 5+2 and of course a reduction in drinking.
    I am on a fast day today as I put on a kilo back on last week during my birthday festivities.
    I am finding it sooooo hard today. Its 5.30pm, the sun is shining, I just returned from a successful job interview and oh god help me, there is a cold bottle of sav blanc in my fridge.
    Can I do it ? It wont be easy…….

    I find that if I get drunk enough on an eating day the subsequent hangover puts me right off drinking on my fast day. An excellent weight loss strategy if ever there was one. I might write a book.

    Oh yes, DO write a book.
    And please call it the Pot Bellied Heron.

    Oh, I was thinking more along the lines of ‘Booze to Lose – The Dieters Guide to Intermittent Drunkenness’. My nom de plume would of course be The Pot-Bellied Heron.

    ‘The Dieters Guide to Intermittent Drunkenness’

    If the book was as funny as the title, I would definitely read it!

    Omg ! Just read all your great posts about alcohol and it stopped 1/2 bottle o red turning into whole bottle very quickly. Thank you . All of you . I’m a newbie to 5:2 .my first weigh in I didn’t lose anything , cos I had way too much on the Sunday and weighed in on the Friday . Was told it all equalled out in calories so even with 2 fast days( one being with a big hangover….which was v . Tough!) I stayed same weight😬.Realise I am selfish and not thinking of Better half and caring for kids when I’ve had over 2 glasses. What does everyone’s tolerance levels seem to be at the moment before snacking/ continuing to drink ?

    Hi W/bitz.
    I was on the 5:2 for a year in 2014 and lost 14Kg. In 2015 I came off it and have gained 6Kg so still in credit (hoho) and I am now returning to the 5:2 for 2016 (starting Monday haha).
    To be honest I didn’t see my tolence levels changed neither when on or off the diet, I think I just tried a bit harder to keep my alcohol intake levels down when on it.
    You’ll find if you trawl back through the posts on this thread everyone is different…apart from we all like a drink.
    My last post on here must have been a year ago and my first two years ago.
    It’s good that your whole bottle has turned into a half bottle – well done! A positive difference!
    Keep posting and I’ll try to keep visiting the thread, especially as I’m rejoining the 5:2 again on Mon.


    I’m back on committed ADF WOL for the first time in months (haven’t managed to get past just 1 fast day in a week for so long).
    Dry January is helping a lot – my brain talked me out of completing a lot of fast days in 2015, by walking me into a pub and suggesting that I deserved a reward, or two.
    When I’m in my ADF stride I quite happily have some drinks on a feast day – it doesn’t affect my weight, but there is still a part of my brain, not smothered by denial, that knows that long term damage is still being meted out – but, I enjoy drinking – don’t want to die healthy and miserable and yes I know that there are ways to enjoy yourself sober – and even though I’m getting a bit of a buzz right now from feeling super healthy, that won’t be enough come February for me not to go back to, hopefully sensible, imbibing.
    Fancy a drink? mmmmmm carbonated water.

    Well done snedger .so far so good. I aliken it to giving up smoking.. Keep on trying to quit is better than not trying at all. Have been trying to PLAN for having alcohol only on weekend as per my dietician advice to try only have 2 glasses red/ white wine but had shit day in work yesterday n felt I needed a reward to cheer myself up. Decided to have bar of 70% lindt didn’t ease the craving for alcohol but did feel I had rewarded myself. Feel happy I didn’t give in . anyone else keen to share their experiences. Has anyone taken control over their drinking by being on 5:2 . I’m a habitual binge drinker…once I start u can’t stop!!!

    I have been IFing for about 4 months. I lost 10 pounds and have a much flatter tummy. I started with 5:2 diet and then moved to 16:8 hours. I am joining the discussion about wine. If one can eat whatever and whenever during that 8 hours of feeding, why is the wine limited? I eat a balanced diet of heavy salad and veggies with four to six ounces of meat, but can polish off a bottle of red wine. It has slowed my weight loss, but my over all caloric intake remains at about 1000 calories a day. I though a calorie is a calorie. Am I mistaken? In any case, I am just off vacation, where five pounds crept back on. I knew that would happen because I was ON VACATION! I also knew that I would get right back on it, because this does work for me. I am just not in the mood to not drink wine every night. I was just too cranky.

    Alcohol must be send to the liver, processed and stored as fat (assuming your glycogen stores are full). A bottle of wine, lets say 750mL, 15% alcohol, so that’s 112mL of alcohol that weighs about 85 grams. 7 calories per gram in alcohol so the total calories in a bottle of wine is 590 calories. You say your eating 1000 cal a day so does that mean your eating 410 calories and drinking 590 calories? Or are you not taking into account the wine and really having 1590 cal a day? There is no magic involved with 16:8. If you eat over your TDEE, you eat over your TDEE regardless of 16:8 or not.

    Alcohol impacts your health adversely. It also affects some of the basic life support functions like heart rate, breathing temperature control. You might experience things like cold clammy hands, seizures, confusions, vomiting, slow breathing and so on. Alcohol should be consumed in moderation as too much alcohol consumption can lead to weight gain and heart disease and other chronic diseases.

    hi guys, I happily stumbled upon this site to finally find like minded people like me. love your conversations and advice to each other. I am looking forward to losing weight and becoming one of the gang.

    First – a calorie is not a calorie! IOW, it’s not that simple – or more simply put 500 calories of sugar does not equal 500 calories of rolled oats. They have different absorbent rates and cause the body to react differently (I.e. Insulin response).
    There are lots of sites that discuss this, albeit, the mantra of “traditional (for past 50 years at least) is that calories in = calories out is the basis of dieting. Think everyone on this site knows where that boat is headed (?).
    Anyhow, Moseley does suggest/recommend that one avoids sugary drinks/alcohol on FDs.
    I probably should add that I drink on NFDs – glass of wine, or 2, occasionally more. Even so, down 16 lbs in 3 months.

    Im drinking lite beer 70% less carbs, 140kcal/0.5l. I will try limit my alcohol consumption while losing weight. The battle is on!

    Oh gosh this was very inspiring. I love my wine with dinner and I know I will have to stop it 2 nights a week, and I want to cut back on my eating days too…. but I will start with the 2 fast days. I have stocked up on herb tea and tomorrow * Tuesday 2/21/17* I start!

    Hi all, Have just stumbled upon this topic. Pot-bellied Heron, have you written that book, yet? Sounds fabulous! Thanks, all, for honestly sharing your own experiences. I have just discovered something startling! I know that we’re all different, so this might not be the case for everyone, but….. I started with 5:2 and lost a reasonable amount of weight. I decided to notch it up to AD (Alternate Day Fasting) and found the weight coming off much more successfully. Always had no alcohol on Fast Days (but love my wine and found it difficult.) Recently hit a plateau and became despondent. Continued to eat well, exercise and not drink on fast days. A period of severe stress arrived out of the blue, on a fast day. By that night, I craved a drink and caved in on the no-alcohol, but still kept food calories under the 500 cal limit. The next day I discovered my biggest overnight weight loss, which stayed off! The stress is still there, I’m still on AD fasting, but sometimes I have alcohol on my fast days….and the weight drops off! I know this isn’t normal, but I’m embracing it….until/unless something changes! Just thought I’d share….
    Cheers to all!

    Hi all. Just come across this thread. Wondering if any of you guys still posting as u seem right up my street. A lovely thread with no judgements. So refreshing. I started 5 2 last week in the hope to lose weight but also to cut down on alcohol. I love wine & gin! Nothing I love more is to hear the pop of a cork! The goal is to have no alcohol on fast days and maybe cut back a bit on the other days but baby steps. I managed one alcohol fast day but by the time the next one came round I changed to 16 8 basically so I could have a drink. I’m not getting pissed just a few to relax. So this week I’m planning on 2 alcohol free fast days. Wish me luck! Love to hear from u guys x

    Hi there I must admit I joined this group once I decided to start my journey fir support and it really is amazing ..my real reason to start 5:2 – if I’m honest – was also to cut down on drinking ..after loosing both my parents and my mother in law to cancer within 5 months in 2019 – now that really was a crappy year – I hit the bottle …a lot..mainly to sleep and stop myself crying ..but it obviously back fired and I developed this big bloated belly – so I thought right that is it I’m NOT buying bigger clothes so here I am. 6 weeks in ive lost 12llbs and my stomach is way smaller and not as bloated..it’s really working ..I don’t drink any booze in the week but weekends I can’t seem to control it very well (5 double gins last night) and my question is even though I’m loosing on average 2llbs a week how can I get a grip on my weekend booze binges..I am actually fed up of hangovers now ….as you say baby steps are a good start well done you x

    Drink beer😁never get a hangover.

    Hi bee. Well done considering all u have been through u have done amazing. 12lbs in 6 weeks. That’s bril! I can’t even give up alcohol during the week never mind weekends so not one to give advice but maybe put a time limit on your drinking. Don’t start drinking til 5pm and stop at 9pm and sip very slowly. U could have downed a bottle of gin in that time but maybe it just make u more mindful. My advice is after I’ve met my sister for a bottle of Prosecco in the park for sc meet up and I’m sipping on a glass of Pinot!..Maybe just be good during the week and weekends maybe are just for enjoying! (Sorry not great advice ) x

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