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  • I am having great success with the new 800 calorie guidelines. I’m kind of frustrated that we have no information about any possible updates in a book from Dr. Mosley, aside from the two articles from him where I read about the new 2017 guidelines. So, I went onto the Clever Guts page on facebook and asked about a new book. I didn’t think anyone would answer. I was shocked that I received an answer from the publisher that the good doctor is indeed working on an updated 5:2 book! I was so excited, I had to come on here and just let you know. I think 5:2 is the best way of eating that has ever happened to me, and of course I want all the latest information. Like every other diet out there, 5:2 does evolve into something even better. I guess I’m reminded of the 1,000 changes Weight Watchers has gone through over the years!

    Dr. Mosley, if you ever read this, thank you for giving us another book! I am tired of reading all the updates from 5:2 hacks. We want the real thing from the 5:2 guy!

    The 1,000 changes WW has been through are yet to make it an effective way to lose weight and keep it off.

    5:2 has become a way of life for many and I can’t think of a single reason to do anything else. It is the only diet that has helped me to meke permanent, beneficial changes to my eating habits and I reap the benefits of the positive effect of IF on my health.

    I totally agree that 5:2 is a way of life. I am loving it. But I love the changes 5:2 has gone through. The 800 calorie fasts are working for me. I don’t think my comparison to Weight Watchers was very good, because Weight Watchers never worked for me! But my point was, I do see so many diets evolving, and 5:2 is no exception. I’m glad it did.

    Hi ella,

    I knew what you meant about eating plans evolving but organisations such as WW are only interested in the same thing as any other business, making money and I find the whole “diet” food (WW push their own products at meetings) and meal replacement business abhorrent. It is just another way of making money and doesn’t help people to make better food choices.

    Yes, many people have bought the fast diet book and recipe book but 5:2 isn’t primarily a money making exercise, it is about helping people to lose weight and live longer healthier lives.

    Those of us who have discovered 5:2 are very fortunate 🙂

    Hi Ella
    Thanks for the update. I’ve been doing Dr M’s blood sugar diet on 5:2 since July and its working great for me with fast days of up to 800 calories and following the med style eating recommended on the other 5 days. Really enjoying food, feeling healthy and averaging a weight loss of a little over 3 pounds a month. This doesn’t feel like a ‘diet’ – it’s the way I intend to eat from now on. Looking forward to reading Dr M’s new book.

    I’m so glad so many of us here on this site are loving this way of eating and making it a lifestyle.

    Missybear, I too am really looking forward to Dr. M’s updated Fast Diet. My husband and I are both losing weight on the 800 calories. In fact, this is the only diet my husband has been able to stick to in his entire life. He naturally follows a Med diet a lot of the time. I definitely don’t. I’m vegan and love my carbs, but I’m still losing! I hope Dr. M. gives more eating options in his revised book, along with the Med diet. Not everyone follows that. In any event, I hope we hear about the new book soon. I hope Dr. M. knows what a lifesaver he is to so many people.

    Hi, new here, first post…

    Are there new calorie guidelines for the fasting days? Is it no longer 500 and 600?

    Many thanks

    @martie. There is nothing magical about the number 500/600. Mosley plucked out that number out of thin air, it is not based on any science, its just a value that he thought most people could cope with. It was born out his conversations with Valter longo and Christa Varady who research diet and nutrition. This has been revised up to 800 once again not based on any science but a number that most people could hope to achieve/be successful on.

    Lots of people do zero cal for their fast days. I do zero. Lots of others do more. Work out a pattern of eating that is doable and sustainable for you and that will lead to success. What you eat is probably more important that how much you eat. Eat processed crap and your chances of long term success go down.

    Good luck.

    @bigbooty many thanks for the info, all makes perfect sense. I think what I might do is aim for about a 1000 per fast day in the beginning then whittle it down over a period of weeks before giving zero a try, which is something I’d really like to have a go at. Thanks again

    @martie. Hang tough for a month or so. It gets easier after than. Try and get rid of all added sugars in your diet. Including fruit juice!! You want fruit eat real whole fruit. Limit processed grain based foods. Eat lots of veggies just like your mother told you. Limit alcohol.

    I think I’ll buy the new book. OH is stuck with a stone to go. I’ve been maintaining fir a year, but so has he, unfortunately.

    He knows the problem – sandwiches for lunch – but finds excuses to have them!

    @little_ella fellow vegan here! I also love my carbs, so I’m happy to hear you’ve been successful anyway 🙂 x

    Does anyone have any idea when the updated book is due to be published?

    Still doing twice and sometimes three times a week…. 500 cal a shot. Love my 5/2 diet !!!!!! Once a week never worked for me after I hit my desired weight.

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