Do I need a recipe book?

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  • Hi there. I’m new to this and just looking at the recipe books. Don’t know which one to buy or if I need one? Thought? Thanks. Sarah

    Hi Sarah,

    It is up to you and depends on your cooking skills, whether you usually follow recipes or not, and how many you are cooking for.
    I would add that it is useful for low calorie ideas if you aren’t used to thinking about such things.

    I have always cooked from scratch so the book I use when cooking is the calorie, carb and fat bible which enables me to calorie count all my recipes and divide them up into calorie counted portions.

    I didn’t. For the reasons Amazon outlined, and I basically eat the same thing every fast day (yummy and easy) so I checked that it came in under 500, and don’t calorie count the other days.

    Cheers whatever you decide.

    Hi, Sarah. When we started Fasting, we had the Fast Diet Book. It contained 10 recipes, which we used for the first few weeks, just to get a sense of things. Like Amazon, I like to cook and tinker with recipes, so I began to adapt/invent recipes to use for Fast Days. That’s fun for me. To make it easier for Fasters who don’t want to have to figure it all out, I began posting daily menus as a blog. Google my handle to find it. Everything is all spelled out, including the food values.

    I have seen some of the recipe books and am surprised at some of the items included –things I’d never eat on a Fast Day.
    Happy Fasting and good luck.

    Thank you 😊

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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