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  • Day 16 – Rural Nebraska, USA – Fast800

    I woke up early this morning, and finally my racing brain won the competition with my trying-to-go-back-to-sleep body and got up. Lots of errands run yesterday and more to do today, plus two piano lessons and a church service tonight so it’ll be a long day. It’s the month, however, that has me the most content of any point in the year…I adore getting ready for Christmas!

    @lilymartin That was extreme virtue you displayed yesterday at the pub; well done!

    @northerndawn I was just talking yesterday to a friend whose physician husband will also be getting the vaccine, although his first shot isn’t scheduled yet. I sure understand that combination of trust in the science and apprehension at being among the first, but am also sure it will turn out well and be a huge blessing and relief!

    @daffodil2010 I don’t actually remember, but think my last was around 53. While I was partly glad to be done (when I finally was), it also made me feel old and in some ways, I missed it–that had been a monthly part of my life for over four decades! Yeah, I know, that’s weird. But, my family and closest friends would all assure you that I AM weird, so no surprise there, LOL!

    @northgeorgia Bummer on the bad night of sleep; you’ll sure be ready for bed early tonight, right? 🥱

    Have a grand day, everyone, I’m off to walk with Leslie!

    Day 16 USA (Illinois) FD

    Going to do a FD today – have a lot of errands after exercise, so won’t really be time to eat.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 16 country west Australia CD
    Had a very good CD today and even passed on the fresh fruit mince pies from our DD who picked them up at a bakery renowned for it’s goodies. No matter -DH will make short work of them.
    I did have to remind myself to delay not deny.
    Already clothes are not as snug around the waist and for the first time in months I didn’t have to shoehorn myself into my work pants!!! ( always reminds me of my ‘ big girl’s pants ‘ someone used to remind us of on this forum a few years ago. Was it @bert? However back then it was used metaphorically not actually!!))
    Thinking of all those who have to have the vaccine. I’ll have it but not for a year or so.
    @northgerogia, hope you have a better sleep tonight.

    Day 16 North Canton OH CD

    I met my goal for the week, another pound down. I also had my annual wellness visit today; I opted for a virtual visit and it went well. My PCP is very pleased with my weight because my BMI is well within the normal range; however I am still looking to lose 10 more for my own personal comfort

    @songbirdme checks are nice but I prefer thoughtful gifts such as the ones you are sending; so kudos!

    So glad that you are doing better @northgeorgia

    @northerndawn I understand the fear behind the COVID vaccines, and I get the hope that this is the beginning of the end of this global nightmare. I really think we owe our healthcare workers a debt of gratitude. They have put everything on the line to care for others, and they are also the first ones getting this new vaccines (for better or worse). Please convey my thanks and gratitude to your DH

    @daffodil2010, April was when the clock began for me. Funny thing, my older sister is still having very regular TOMs, and I am 4 months away from being done with them. I am only 45, will be 46 next month, is it too early?

    Delay not deny is my mantra. Bonus, I am loving how I look in my Zoom meetings these days. No need to try to find a good angle 🤣🤣

    Day 17 country west Australia FD
    trying for another FD as busy day at work.

    Day 16 Minnesota, USA CFD

    Just a quick check in, again. I am almost done with my gift shopping. I’m trying to get the orders in so they can be delivered in time.

    Thanks to everyone for your kind words concerning DH and the vaccine. His “jab” ( I really like that term better than our American slang, “shot”), was suppose to be this morning but had to be postponed until the afternoon. They hadn’t thawed out enough of the vaccine ahead of time. It takes 3 hours to thaw. A few wrinkles in the process are to be expected at first, I’d say. Anyway, they do observe everyone for 15 minutes or so after injection to make sure there is no allergic reaction. He said it didn’t feel any different than a flu shot. Tonight it’s a bit tender at the injection site, but that’s all. No headache, fever, or body aches. So far. That’s encouraging!

    FD tomorrow! Everyone sounds so encouraging!

    Day 17 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Not such a bad day yesterday but going for an FD again today, so a B2B. To be honest, I am not really counting calories, just trying to eat little and well, and introduce more plant based foods, nuts and seeds, things I haven’t had since I was a veggie over twenty years ago.

    DH is a major carnivore but me not so much at all, and prefer vegetarian most of the time anyway. I realise now that starting on the meat eating trail when I met him twenty years ago was the start of my weight problems…….slim until then…though I also smoked twenty years ago and stopped in 2002….

    Anyhoo……my company have decided that as its Christmas time they are stopping the cold salad lunch bowl delivery, and instead they are offering us hot food daily until Christmas Eve.

    Everyone is excited….except for me….today’s offering is a choice of chicken curry and rice OR lasagne and gratin potatoes………

    I was worried about eating large quantities of starchy calorie laden food at lunch on an FD……when I realised…DOH!….I don’t HAVE to eat it!!!!!!!

    So it’s a spinach and sardine salad pre made by me for lunch, and a glass of veggie juice…and already I feel virtuous. Just because the food is offered I am not obliged to partake of it 😉

    @stitchincarol, I hope I follow suit with 53 being my last one….they haven’t come yet so maybe it was just a wobble…….@basyjames..both my friends were 46 so I was figuring that would be me (especially as I started at 10 😳). But no, fresh as a daisy for the last 42 years…….but I know it’s near the end now 💃

    @northerndawn thanks for the update re your DH’s injection, great that no side effects.

    Yes, who did introduce Leslie Sansone to the group? I was a late-comer and didn’t start until June but it has seriously made a difference to my flexibility. I only do quick 10-15 min walks every morning, but all the kicks and side steps means no creaking joints, stiff knees, and that has to be good.

    And another thing that has been a game changer this year has been the concept of grounding or earthing first introduced by @EmmaTaylor. I have a grounding sheet on my bed and most nights have super uninterrupted sleep (although very vivid dreams in colour…increased REM apparently), and I stand barefoot in the garden every morning with a quick cup of green tea in the dark, even when freezing ……I generally feel so well these days and I put it down to grounding.

    So thanks everyone on this forum for all the hints, tips, and suggestions….that’s why Inlove dropping in here everyday with my morning coffe.

    Have a great Thursday everyone.

    Day 17, London, UK, FD

    I’m going for a B2B today & tomorrow, just to prepare myself for the weekend!!

    @northerndawn, lovely to hear your DHs experience with the vaccine has been positive, it’s reducing my anxiety over my 81 year old mother having hers, she’s pretty hardy, but you never know do you?

    @lilymartin, you are not only back on the wagon, but you’ve got a firm grip of those reins!! Well done, polish that halo😇 & keep this feeling as you swerve the temptations we’re all about to face!!! 🍗 🍟🍫 🌰🍩 🍿🍜 🍷 🍾🥂🍧🍰

    I think I found Leslie whilst trawling the internet for an alternative to Joe Wicks, ‘cause my knees were NOT happy with him or the 30 Day shred, this is what I wrote in April ……………………………

    “I tried Joe Wicks yesterday, but with my dodgy ACL (Torn 95% about 15 years ago!) I had to find an alternative ………………. Indoor walking with Leslie Sansone ‘seemed’ like a good idea ……………………. Half an hour of walking had me sweating, panting & gasping for air!!! …………………….. Not as taxing as the 30DS (also not great for my knee!) but enough for me to do daily without terror!!! I certainly felt the extra timber!! I can’t wait to get back to my fighting weight …………………. Sweaty incentive!!!”

    ………………………………………………………. I really wish I had stuck with it, I was sooooo enthusiastic & happy to have found something relatively easy but effective!!! Yes, I AM kicking my own a*se!!!!! 😣😢😭😰😟😢😳

    @daffodil2010, I suffer terribly from FOMO and my particular downfall FF…………………………. Free Food🤗!!! You’ve got the right idea, but I think I would have to escape the office just in case I got a whiff of lasagne, there might be a fight!!!! 😜😂

    Take care all, stay strong💪 ……………………………………. You can have that biscuit tomorrow!!!……………………….. if you really, really want it!!

    You can find inspiration from others, but determination is solely your responsibility.

    Day 17 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Not calling in every day at the moment, just a catch up a couple of times a week, see what you’re all up to 😉

    Nice to read the ‘ordinary and normal’ goings on for you all. Ironic, most are trying to be good, I’m trying to be bad 😉

    Slight improvement here, managed to stop the weight loss, despite still struggling to eat anything remotely solid! (I’d lost around 24 lbs since treatment started mid October)
    Even managed a short walk Tuesday. Still a long way to go, but not feeling just as tired and stopped taking morphine!
    Must admit each week is an improvement, still a bit ‘up and down’ but gently heading in the right direction. Can’t wait to resume needing a place ‘on the wagon’.

    Take care all.

    Day 17 Fuertaventura OMAD ( sort of)

    Just popping in to say hi, seeing as my name was mentioned in relation to the grounding sheet. Mine is at home in London, and my sleep here has been awful. Waking up all night long, panicky dreams. Terrible. Home tomorrow to self isolate for 10 days, which seems fair enough penance for a nice holiday. I’ve been having lovely gazpacho for lunch, so not OMAD for the last two weeks, but I’ve been reading the Delay Don’t Deny book to get me back into the right frame of mind. I’ve swum a few times in the FREEZING pool here – hard work to get in but lovely once you are there. My home made lock down swimsuit still fits, so I don’t think I’ve messed up too badly.
    @ihatelettuce – you must be the only person on a website that encourages weight loss to be losing too much weight. I hope you feel better soon.
    Have a lovely Thursday all.

    Day 17 – USA/GA – NFD

    Awww.. sooo close. Weigh in this morning: 230.0 lbs. OK 220s, I’m coming for you next week before Christmas Day! LOL


    After leaving Felix’s Restaurant, we follow Rita, Megan, and John to the Woodruff Hotel. As we get out of our cars and enter the lobby, it’s obvious we’re in a different world. The motel was nice, but this place is fantastic! Two large chandeliers glisten above the ornate crown moulding trim that tops off the mirrored, light colored walls. “Three rooms OK?” John calls out from the reception desk. “John, I mean, we don’t mind sharing if…” “Nonsense. Yes, three separate rooms, John,” Rita says. “These rooms were booked anyway! Too late to cancel.” Rita reaches for some paper and a pen in her purse and scribbles something. “Now,” she says, still writing, “here is the location of the rehearsal at 4:00 this afternoon, and we’ll all meet up at the hotel restaurant afterwards.” She hands Wesley the slip of paper. “Restaurant?” Lola asks. Megan points behind us. On the other side of the hotel lobby hangs a sign that reads “The Forest.” Beyond those doors, we can see staff changing table clothes and putting out place settings. John returns with three sets of keys. “All set! Why don’t you all go up and get rested, and we’ll see you at 3.” “I thought we were meeting at 4?” Wesley says. Megan responds, “for the fitting. We didn’t assume you had any fancy clothes for a trip to the Overlook, so we found a clothing shop in town with a tailor on staff. We’re going to fit you all out with some new duds!” Lola giggles, unable to contain her excitement. “Great, see you all at three!” she says. We head to the elevators to the sixth floor.


    Best wishes to our pocketlisters today!

    Day 17 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Great FD yesterday – wasn’t even hungry much at all. That’s unusual for me. Usually after exercise, I really want to eat. Maintenance going fine.

    @northgeorgia – congratulations on your new milestone! 220’s loom.

    @northerndawn – interesting recap of your DH’s jab yesterday. I wondered about the frozen vaccine issue, and yes, it does take careful handling to get thawed, etc. I am allergic to the flu shot (horrible joint pain) so not crazy about getting jabbed myself. But I will. I did okay after other shots, like pneumonia and shingles.

    @emma-taylor – sounds like you’re enjoying your vacay despite not sleeping well. Have a great time!

    @i-hate-lettuce – sending you hugs and prayers for success.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 17 North canton OH FD

    Quick check in.

    @i hate lettuce I hope you feel better soon. My heart goes out to you; just a reminder to all of us to be thankful, mindful and present in the moment. I also can’t wait for the day you need a spot on the wagon, we are keeping it warm for you buddy 💙

    Interesting. I got this wrong on a trivia question. What weighs the most in the human body? Skin, bones, muscles, water. It’s water! Here’s the explanation:

    “Water makes up a significant fraction of the human body, both by weight and by volume. For the first few months of life, nearly three-fourths of your body weight is made up of water. However, that percentage starts to decline as you continue to age. While the average percentage of water in an adult’s human body is around 60%, the percentage can vary from roughly 45–75%. Both the brain and heart are composed of approximately 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even your bones are made up of 31% water.”

    Day 17 Minnesota, USA FD 800

    It’s 6:40 pm and my kitchen is closed. Not a bad FD…….very protein heavy and carb light, so I may feel like doing another tomorrow.

    Update on DH’s vaccine: Today, everyone that had their “jab” yesterday had a very sore arm today. Not horrible, they say, but definitely sore as, or a little worse, than a tetanus vaccination. Now, this evening, DH says he is somewhat achy and tired, and will go to bed early. He still says he doesn’t feel that bad, though. These minimal discomforts are expected to be gone tomorrow. It’s the day after the second injection that has been reported to make people feel like staying home. I look at it as a positive……it means the vaccine is working and people’s bodies are mounting an immune response. That’s what we want!

    Best of luck everyone. I hope you are all fairly ready for Christmas!

    Day 18 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Swerved the hot food in work, but I was hounded out to partake anyway by our security guy (food being served in lobby and he wanted them out)… And to my delight they still offer salads. I took one but brought it home for DH’s lunch for today…and will choose a nice salad today.

    It’s Friday too…the last one before Christmas, and normally the busiest office Christmas party night and shopping weekend….”restrictions lifting today to allow us to leave our own counties but already warnings that we may be locking down before New Years Eve. Oh dear

    @northerndawn, do please keep us updated on your DH’s jab and hopefully all ok soon.

    Dad is 84 but not in residential care so he will be getting jab soon but not top of the list. When I rang him yesterday afternoon to see his he was he was only sitting in the pub with a pint and a newspaper waiting for mate to join him!!! Good for him, but bad that he is getting out there where he could be in danger. He WON’T be kept at home 😉

    @flourbaby…re the smell of lasagne, it was everywhere……but I just kept saying that I can’t enjoy lasagne unless I have a glass of red wine!! And no wine in work, yay…….

    @Ihatelettuce Looking forward to you taking your seat back on the wagon….even just for the chats. Take care

    Happy Weekend everyone

    Day 18 – Japan – WFD #99

    I’m going to do 100 and then take a break, maybe. 😀

    Day 18 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Done two good FDs this week and did a pre Christmas weigh in this morning, two pounds down from start of December but still a bit above goal weight. Looking at my tracker my weight is now what it has usually been in January for the past couple of years of maintenance which means I will likely have to knuckle down in rejuvenating January to undo the damage that festive feasting will cause. Oh well I intend to enjoy Christmas. DH and I need a break from routine and as we can’t have a holiday anytime soon we will just enjoy what we have and indulge with some treats. I am not planning to do another FD until 7 January. I know I will gain…….but I know 5:2 will get me back to goal next year.

    Wishing you all a happy Christmas 🎄🎁🥂
    Stay safe 🤗

    Day 18 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD800

    I’ve only barely walked with Leslie this week, my FDs have not been particularly successful, but I’ve been walking constantly as I get things done, and the scales are still being friendly to me, and it’s Christmastime, so I’m calling it good. I’m down to about ten or twelve hours of knitting to go on DGD’s “overalls” and, no, I don’t feel the least guilty saying to DH, “So sorry, but I HAVE to sit and knit right now, darling.” 🤣😂😁 It’s a tough life, but someone has to pick up those knitting needles and do it, right??? 😇 Presents are all on order and are scheduled to arrive in time (all except one, unfortunately, but I’m praying for a miracle), and I’m even managing to keep the house tidy. The Christmas letter is written and will be printed today and envelopes addressed tonight during the last Husker game of the season. This afternoon’s assignment is to go over to church for three or four hours and gather music and practice for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This is why I love Christmas and its preparation: there are so many fun things on the to-do list.

    @basyjames Well done on getting that BMI “well within” normal range; that’s a HUGE accomplishment!
    @daffodil2010 Wow. Just wow. I’m truly speechless to read that you’re still standing in your grass every morning, even when it’s black and freezing. Wow. Well, well done!
    @i-hate-lettuce Wow, I can see that 24# lost since mid-October does NOT feel comfortable, however much a person desires weight loss. But you’ve got some excellent baby steps of progress going, and getting off morphine makes clear just how great your improvement is! Mrs IHL has every right to be proud of herself for how well she’s taking care of you!
    @northgeorgia Woo-HOOO!!! You may not be in the 220s but 230.0 is an awfully lovely number!!!!! Congratulations!
    @songbirdme I knew that water was the biggest component of the body, but had no idea on those significant percentages. Amazing!
    @dykask Wow–ONE HUNDRED water fasts in 2020. Very impressive!
    @missybear I also am planning when I’ll fast and when I’ll just enjoy life. It’s so very good to be down nearly twenty pounds from last Christmas!

    Just read an alert on my phone that says Nebraska Covid-19 hospitalizations drop for 9th time in 10 days. Such lovely news, and I pray this trend continues.

    Have a great day, everyone, and enjoy whatever approach you’re taking to holiday celebrations!

    Day 18 Minnesota, USA MFD 800

    Can you believe I’m back on the forum so early? Well, it’s not so early, really, at 10:00 am, but I’m done with shopping and felt I need to give some undivided attention to the forum to make up for the last week or so.

    My DH says he is feeling back to normal this morning after a good night’s sleep. His arm is less sore by a lot, also. So, it would seem, no problems with the vaccine’s first “jab”.

    @dykask 100 water fasts!!!! That is an amazing achievement! No one could blame you if you feel like taking a break for awhile, but I know we all look forward to you being back when you feel the time is right.

    @missybear Enjoy your Holidays! Rejuvenating January will be waiting to load up the wagon with all who want to start the New Year getting back on the 5:2 Wagon. It’s the beauty of this WOL. We can take time away and know that we can return and renew.

    @daffodil2010 Your dad sounds like a lot of people I know in their late 70’s and in 80’s…….I wonder if twenty years from now I will feel different, philosophically, about quality vs quantity of life. I think they are determined to live to the fullest the time they have left. I hope he can avoid the virus for the next month or so, and get the vaccine soon!

    @at Really no worries about missing my BD….especially since you’ve sent belated wishes a couple of times now! 🤗. I do have a favor to ask?……….I have no idea how to set up the January spread sheet for the Rejuvenating January Challenge of 2021 , so if you, or anyone else could do that ( I can’t remember who else can, daffodil2010?), I would very much appreciate it!

    @northgeorgia 220’s!!! They are within your reach, either this month or next, you know you will be there soon! What an achievement!

    @songbirdme Let us know how your SIL does when he takes the vaccine as well….Utah has had a terrible time of it, lately. I hope it improves for them. I would be a cautious about “jabs” if I had your history of problems with the flu vaccine, too. I think the two messenger rNA vaccines approved now, Pfizer and Moderna, use different lipid (fat) globules to carry in the vaccine, than the influenza ones. Not 100% sure on that. It sounds like the AstraZeneca one made in partnership with Oxford might be more similar in content to the influenza type vaccines. Something for you to ask your doctor about when considering which vaccine is right for you.

    @i-hate-lettuce That’s quite a weight loss! Are you also taking vitamins and protein supplements? I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if all you had lost was fat, but I’m sure with diminished activity you probably lost some muscle as well. Now that you can bimble around some, your muscle will hopefully start to build back up with a good protein intake and whatever activity you can manage. It’s good to hear from you when you feel up to it, and please keep checking in.

    @stitchincarol You are one busy lady! I hope you are enjoying it all as you rush about! My guess is that you spread a lot of Christmas Cheer to everyone you meet!

    @flourbaby Well, I also thank you for introducing Leslie Sansone! I kind of left her last month, and then realized that I didn’t have to do the whole 30 minutes or 40 minutes at a time….(lock down is so busy, it’s hard to find the time….😜😂) because, I start thinking of things around the house I could/should be doing, and, also, I get bored……so I walk with Leslie 10-15 minutes twice a day, and I like that much better. I can cool down with a bit of yoga, and feel very proud of myself for my minimal efforts. And, if I tell myself “Only for ten minutes” , I often do the whole 30 minutes anyway. Apparently, I have a problem with commitment! lol..

    @lilymartin You’ve been doing great! I’m using you for inspiration.

    @basyjames I passed on your comments of appreciation of healthcare workers to my husband, and
    he was quite moved and said to tell you thank you.

    @emma-taylor I hope you have a good day traveling, and then settling in at home. Hoping you get a great night’s sleep in your own bed with your grounding sheet!

    @plantparent I hope you’re doing well! Let us know…..together we are stronger!

    @bellyblast and @kazoo @zenga Thinking of you all as well! It’s a busy month, so just drop by quickly if you can. No need for lengthy posts.

    @toady Still hanging in there?

    @snowflake56 We miss you! I miss you getting me on those lists, especially, and hearing about how you’re doing over in Emden. Hugs to you!

    That’s it for now……..I hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas season! Best of luck to everyone on staying mindful and moderate!

    Day 18 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weighed in after ZBC grocery shopping (and voting) this morning, and scales rocked but settled on 231 lbs. But the Christmas baking week is about to begin: sausage balls, pigs in a blanket, pastel de tres leches, gingerbread cookies, creamed corn are all on my list so … going to have to watch quantities of taste testing! haha

    Going to do a bit of tidying up. Have a good weekend!

    Day 19 NFD country west Australia
    Have visitors staying for the weekend so not going to do the FD I had planned but certainly will try to make it a CD.
    Just getting my appetite back under control, being mindful on NFDs and having smaller portions are all helping. So good to be back with 5:2 .👌👏
    Went to the coast for quick business trip yesterday and only had entree serve of fresh whiting – so sweet and delicious AND managed to leave some of the French fries which I haven’t done in such a long time😇.
    @northerndawn – wow, impressive catch up! Plus all your other Christmas activities. You are one busy lady. Glad to hear your DH is not now affected by the vaccine.
    @songbirdme I also love the Christmas season for all the fun things. I also think the carols are so lovely and hopeful. 🎶🎵🎶
    Missed our carol service last night 😢. I was supposed to be singing in the choir but our DD and DSiL were supposed to be coming over from Sydney for Christmas and the New Year.
    Unfortunately there is a Covid outbreak in Sydney so all those who have come in to WA from NSW ( they arrived in Perth at 8.30 pm last night) have to do a 2 week quarantine.
    Not quite the Christmas we had planned !!!😔
    So had to make some very hasty arrangements for the 2 of them as they will be isolating at a unit in Perth.
    At least they are together.
    Will have to revise the Christmas lunch menu again – and then there were 5…..
    @i-hate-lettuce, so good to hear you are off the morphine. I hope you start gaining weight again soon.
    We are more than happy for you to sit on the wagon alongside us and just come along for the ride.
    @stitchincarol knitting is such a great pastime. Must get my needles out again and start knitting. There is grandchild due next year!!🤗
    @missybear I too plan to enjoy Christmas. Have to enjoy life and embrace the good times.
    @dykask, you are a superstar.☆★☆
    @daffodil2010 I shall go off to work smiling and picturing you zooming around the place ‘swerving the hot food’. Glorious picture in my head of you on roller skates, hair and dress streaming out behind you swerving left and right!!

    Second post, Day 18 MN, USA

    Hey everyone….Happy Weekend! And for those of you who won’t be back until January; Happy Holidays!
    I hope you all don’t get too comfortable with over eating and drinking, because it does take some time to undo the bad, uncontrolled eating. And you might feel really bad and depressed if you overindulge way too much. That has been my own experience. Try to be mindful and as active, physically, as you can. I really think it helps to reduce appetite. Certainly does for me.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!!

    Day 19 UK NFD

    Been so busy I’ve missed posting a few days all on track now so a few hours to complete my advent calendar window ( I wouldn’t normally get involved but putting something in the window seems a small gesture for all the little kids that have so many normal activities stopped this year ) then I’ll have a coffee and catch up on posts Off out to the on tonight to meet up with friends it’s a bit different though we have to be outside so wrapping up and they have installed heaters and covers and we have to eat , so be nice to have a night off cooking and hoping to be good or the SCD final Have a good Saturday all x

    Day 19 Oxfordshire NFD

    Hi everyone, just popping in to wish you all happy Christmas. I hope you are able to enjoy it as best you can.

    I’ll be rejoining in January. My head hasnt been in the right place this month.
    I’m hoping I haven’t done too much damage, but ‘que sera sera’

    see you all in January 🙂

    Day 19 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in stayed at 231 lbs this morning, and I should be on track for Monday’s upcoming FD. I am a little silly with my tracking. I have six different records I keep each day, but I find them fun, and sometimes a record will encourage me in a way another can’t. For example, my main logbook and chart shows me jumping madly above and below my end weight from November all through this month, and I can’t see any pattern to the madness.

    However, I have another record that takes my daily weight and looks week by week at progress, and I chart my weekly average (mean, mode, and median) on a chart. A quick math primer for anyone a bit rusty: (a) mean – the “average” when you add up the weight from every day in the week and divide by seven (b) mode – the number that appeared on your scale most often during the week (c) median – the “halfway” point in the range of weights for the week. The graph shows a very small one pound up/down wiggle these past three weeks in the median and mode, but the mean shows a flat “no change” last week and a drop this week.

    In other words, I did not go off the rails at all. Oh, and I lost another 1/4 inch of waistline! You know what this means! A whoosh is on its way. Well, if I can keep the Christmas snacks at bay. I cooked gingerbread cookies and sausage balls last night. haha! A co-worker of mine is going to stop by tonight on his way to show his kids the Christmas lights; his family in south Georgia has COVID, so there went the plans for celebrating Christmas with their grandparents. I thought some cookies (I have store-bought sugar ones, too, if they hate my cooking!) might cheer them up a bit.

    OK, got to get to cleaning the house a bit more. Didn’t do as much tidying as I hoped yesterday. Happy weekend!

    USA 🇺🇸 Day 19. FD

    Couldn’t pop in yesterday! I got myself stuck in ice in attempt to go to the bank and it took 2/3 of the day to chop myself out! Never got to the bank, so that is the plan for this morning. Weather is bitterly cold here! I can’t believe I played golf into early December (never did that before) and now I feel like I moved to the Klondike! Anyway, I am back and ready to make a push to the end to lose 5 pounds this month (and not put it back on)!

    Day 19 Pocket List




    Good luck, everyone! I know you are all busy for the holidays!

    Day 19 – UK -FD800

    Have not managed a FD since last Sunday 🙈 too much good food and wine so definitely aiming for FD800s today, tomorrow and Monday to make up for a fairly lax week calorie wise 🤭

    We had a meal delivery yesterday from Rick Stein at home – Moules Marinieres, Indonesian Seafood Curry with Pilau Rice and a Green Bean, Grated Coconut and Crisp Fried Shallots and a Passion Fruit Eton Mess to finish accompanied by a bottle of Vermentino – great value for money and very tasty too!!

    During the week cooked this very different and interesting meal – Yotam Ottolenghi’s vegan recipe for Celebration Sticky Rice Cake if anyone is interested in trying it out – apparently It’s inspired by lo mai gai, a classic Chinese dim sum made with steamed glutinous rice.

    Very busy week, helping with hot meals packaging for distribution at our local parish centre, also being part of a two small groups visiting our Evergreen members at home to bring some Christmas Cheer – we dressed up in Christmas themed costumes, knocked on doors playing Christmas music and dropping off a goodies bag and offering a glass of mulled wine or sherry which went down a treat and our visits appeared to be much appreciated so very worth the long day on Wednesday doing this!

    @lilymartin – great job on your lowest weight in 10 months!!
    @northerndawn – thinking of your DH – working in the medical/nursing/therapists profession in a health care setting must be so stressful for all involved during these unprecedented times! And YES I’ll happily sort out a spreadsheet for you for the Rejuvenating January Challenge x
    @i-hate-lettuce – good to hear from you and that you are managing to stall that weight loss – 24lbs in 2 months is a fair bit and not something we hear of on here often! seriously the important thing is to try for nutritious, high protein foods to build you up – weight stabilisation is your game for now I guess and a place on the “wagon” is yours as you also need support and that is what it’s there for 🤗
    @emma Taylor – Enjoy your last couple of days as sadly not a great welcome back to London as the R number there has been rising and will possibly be in lockdown next week 😥
    @suki2 – lovely to see you popping in – we will all be aiming for a very mindful January no doubt!!
    @ccco – I’m joining you on a FD today – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

    Amazing amounts of snow in part of the USA – never get anything like that here……Hope you are all keeping safe 🤗

    To those taking a break from the challenge until January – stay mindful but enjoy the festive season within the constraints of your Covid situation!

    Day 19 Pocket List


    I found this quote the other day and thought it so apt especially for this year “Christmas gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us.”

    Day 19 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD800

    I keep saying “FD800” and it keeps going over, but I’m the eternal optimist, so I’ll say it again for today! And, actually, except for tomorrow, there’s nothing that would prevent a FD500 or FD800 until the 23rd, so I’ll just keep trying and that’ll be good enough. The scales are still friendly (147.2 this morning), so I’m content to wait to do serious efforts until the last week of December and then in January.

    @lilymartin How delightful to have a new grandchild coming! Here’s the pattern I’ll make for my next grandbaby (it’s for an infant and I didn’t find it soon enough); perhaps you’d love to make it also!

    @northgeorgia Gingerbread cookies and sausage balls sounds like a perfect assignment for a December evening close to Christmas!

    @at thanks for the cake recipe; I’ll check it out!

    Organ practicing ended up taking nearly five hours yesterday, and there are several more hours on my agenda today. I mention that specifically because it’s actually a bit of exercise, in a very loose use of that term: I’ve got core muscles involved as I hold my arms out to the keyboards and work my feet on the pedals. And I’m far away from my kitchen and never once think of food, so that’s ALWAYS good!! 🤣😂🤣 So, I’m off to tackle the eight things on the to-do list for today! And tonight, I’ll knit…I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

    I hope all your days are lovely and joyful!

    Day 19 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Did okay yesterday. We are having to finish up a pan of brownies, though – the homeless shelter I made dinner for on Thursday only needed 5 of them… tough duty. @stitchincarol knows how I hate to throw away food. 🙂

    Onward and downward.

    USA 🇺🇸Day 19 FD

    Lilymartin, congratulations on your new to be born graqndchild. I am having so much fun with mine!

    Stitchincarol, I printed out that lovely knitting instructions for that adorable outfit. My grandson is too big for it right now but you never know! Maybe I will have another!

    AT, glad you joined me today. You are right. Together we are stronger.

    I Hate Lettuce, 24 lbs lost in two months is amazing! Congratulations!

    Stay safe, everyone!

    Day 19, London, UK, NFD,

    It’s a quick one from me today.

    Uurgh we’re going into tier 4, no doubt, lockdown will return too!!!

    Sugar filled NFD, I’m heading towards throwing in the towel for this December challenge and starting fresh on Jan 2nd , but …………………………… ‘THAT’ fingernail is holding fast so perhaps, maybe, hopefully, I’ll have a few limited calorie, rather than fasting, days before the end of the year??!!!

    Stay strong & safe folks!!!

    Teresa of Avila: “Patient endurance attains to all things.”

    Days 17, 18 & 19 – NSW, AU – NFD

    So I got a bit busy over the past few days. Thursday was getting things ready for my 8.5 hour drive home, Friday was the drive home & Saturday was seeing friends & eating bad stuff.

    Ended up eating chocolate wafer biscuits & half a block of chocolate on my drive home, so definitely over my 800 calories! And the 11 hour ‘fast’ wasn’t exactly fasting either. Saturday I ended up having some KFC as I have been craving their chips for the past few days, again over my 800 & probably my goal weight TDEE too. But did start a 20 hour fast afterwards.

    @lilymartin – a grandchild – how terrific!!

    Day 20 – USA/GA – NFD

    I think a lot of us are busy with holiday related things this week! Weigh in 231 this morning. Hoping to do a FD tomorrow and keep snacking under control today. How many sausage balls have I had already this morning before noon …. oops!!!

    Day 20 Minnesota, USA NFD

    Happy Sunday…..last weekend before Christmas. I think DD and family will be coming over this afternoon for a bit of patio time, and I think they are bringing cookies they have been baking for us (biscuits?). That means no FD or even CD today. Tomorrow will be a FD for sure!

    @at Thank you for agreeing to set up the Rejuvenating January spreadsheet!🤗
    @lilymartin Congrats on the new grandchild……There is nothing better in this world! Very sorry to hear you won’t be able to spend time with DD and SiL.
    @ccco, How awful to get stuck in the ice! I’m glad it wasn’t worse…..stay safe and warm out East!

    It was good to hear from all of you who popped in to say “Hello”!

    Everyone….enjoy the time you can spend with family, and/or spouses! Stay safe, and let’s pray for a wonderful Christmas next year that will make up for all of the sacrifices of this year.

    Enjoy the Season!

    Day 20 – Rural Nebraska, USA – BMR

    I made an old family cookie recipe yesterday and enjoyed LOTS of raw cookie dough in the process (yeah, I know there are raw eggs in there…I like to live dangerously). Oops. Woke up this morning wondering if I’d ever be interested again in eating, LOL! This afternoon, DS24 and I planned out our Christmas Eve charcuterie board and Christmas Day dinner, which means I’ll have two more opportunities to overindulge. Oh well, I’ll fast on Tuesday 12/29 & 30 and then again with consistency starting 1/4. Isn’t that what makes this WOL so perfect? We can go nuts on the special events of life and then return to good behavior, and it all works out in the end.

    @songbirdme I don’t like wasting ANY food, but I’m with you in being totally unwilling to waste desserts!! 😁🍰🍩🍪🍮😂

    @toady I think what you ate deserves nothing more than a shoulder shrug. I think that what you may eat in the next week also deserves nothing more than a shoulder shrug. Fast if you can, and know that when you return home, you’ll go back to your stellar behavior and the weight loss will continue. Enjoy your time with your mom and friends, and ONEderland awaits you!

    @ccco Wow, what an ordeal you went through; so glad it all turned out okay! I have a sister in Easton, Pennsylvania, and she said they “only” got 8″–far less than how much was potentially going to fall. It was sure a huge storm!

    @flourbaby I actually heard on the news this morning that England is likely going into lockdown…this world is so small that I hear YOUR news on MY radio station!

    @northerndawn, hope you’ve had a glorious and warm-enough time with DD and her crew!

    Okay, back to knitting. It’s SOOO much fun to “have to” knit, LOL! See you all on the lists tomorrow!

    USA 🇺🇸Day 20 FD

    Today was a successful FD thank goodness. I had my grandson today, so overeating was not an option!
    I have him again tomorrow, so another FD planned.

    Stitchincarol, I also have a sister in Easton, Pennsylvania! Usually they have more wind in that area making everyone feel even worse than the temperature implies. Northerndawn in Minnesota and Stitchincarol in rural Nebraska, you both live in parts of the country that where I live in the east tend to seem like extreme Winter conditions that I can’t even imagine! Normally, we don’t have that but I understand we are going to have a bad Winter this year, despite the warm Fall we had. The weather in the last few years has been amazing! I am already longing for Spring! LOL

    Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and if I miss anyone this week have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🌲⛄️🎅🏼

    Day 21 – Japan – WFD #100 in 2020

    Today is my goal fasting day. I’m probably not going to fast on Christmas … 😀

    Nice that fasting is flexible.

    Day 21 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Going to try for an FD while I still can. Have lentil and spinach soup premade for tonight’s dinner and I will have a salad at lunchtime.

    It’s the winter solstice so everyday gets longer after this ☺️ It’s so dark right now and sun not due to rise until 8.45 and I am tired of the darkness in winter.

    And with all the bad news going around about new strains of Covid and travel restrictions from the UK (youngest stepdaughter may not get home for Christmas due to travel ban), it’s all feeling very end of days.

    So I need to buck myself up and feel positive again.

    Hope everyone has a good week, we are nearly there at Christmas, though it’s going to be a very different one than normal let’s hope we are going to have a better 2021.

    Day 21 UK FD

    Usual Monday fast when all around me is very unusual Have a good week all

    Day 21 – UK – FD800

    “Let the nature embrace each and every day of your life with warmth and love…. Happy Winter Solstice.”

    The Solstice Star – The two largest planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn will look like two bright stars that are almost touching, as seen by the naked eye. It will all happen just after sunset in the southwestern sky on December 21, 2020 and will take place low to the horizon. The two gas giants will align from our point of view on Earth and appear to be just 0.1º from each other. That’s remarkably close and is something that hasn’t happened since the 17th century!!!

    Surprised myself by managing B2B FD800 over the weekend so planning another one today – having xmas lunch with DD tomorrow so will try to make that a OMAD 🤞

    Weather has been rather miserable in our area – grey and wet mainly but DD who lives on the cumbrian coast has had some sunshine…….

    Started my day with OH doing our regular Broga Class and I have an Athletic Pilates class this evening – my Broga teacher is doing one on Christmas Eve too so have signed up for that!!!!

    @ccco – thank you for the company on the weekend FDs
    @lilymartin – how lovely to have the arrival of a grandchild 👶 in 2021 – something positive to look forward to!
    @dykask – WOW you made that 100th WFD for 2020

    Going to start our pocket list for support and inspiration – do join us as TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

    Pocket list Day 21

    ZCB Day 21

    Exercise 🏋️‍♀️ Day 21

    “One kind word can warm three winter months.” — Japanese Proverb

    Day 21, London, UK, FD

    I’m aiming for a FD today, as the Xmas madness draws close, I NEED to get a pre-madness grip!!! 😎

    @stitchincarol, no doubt you’ll be hearing of the terrible situation we’re facing this Xmas!! It’s no more than I thought we should expect, one days’ celebration, minimal mingling, no huge gatherings, no traveling outside of your area, etc., etc., etc!! Effectively, we’re going into lockdown which we need to do when we’re soooooo close to getting our vulnerable people vaccinated. I’ll be calling the hospital this morning to try to get my mum vaccinated since they have ‘spare’ vaccine available to locals over 80!!!😲

    Congratulations @dykask, I’m always in awe of your efforts. I must get back into LFDs, they’re so much easier to manage since you can’t have any ‘food’ so you just don’t think about it!!!

    Off to queue on the telephone & try to book my mum a vaccine!!! Fingers crossed

    “The Way Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.” – Walt Disney

    Day 21 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Thought I’d call in this morning see how folk are doing amongst the mayhem, plus some news…

    Bit of a breakthrough ! SOLID FOOD …. !

    Yesterday was a good day, had recently been trying a little bit of solid food, nothing exciting or much by volume. Then yesterday lunchtime, a whole baked potato with a little butter and grated cheese…. It felt like a feast and could taste it !
    During the afternoon a short walk again, that’s number 3 this week, slowly getting there.

    Looking forward to trying more things today, but just glad that things are moving on.

    Take care all

    Day 21 London OMAD

    We are home. Travelling to other countries is very hard work in terms of form filling and testing. I’m glad we went but not over keen to go away any time soon, even if we could. We are now self isolating for 10 days, so Christmas dinner will be whatever we can find in the back of the freezer or cupboard. I’ve been quite upbeat since lockdown started in March, but I’m quite fed up now. DH has already got itchy feet and is planning Italian trips for next year. Think he’s in denial.
    OMAD seems to be back on track. We’ve been eating biggish meals at about 7 pm and I feel much more in control. And I’m sleeping, thank goodness. The earthing sheet is under my feet and it’s still working fine for me. Looking forward to seeing the two planets coming together tonight, assuming it’s clear. I used to take gifted kids to astronomy classes at the Royal Observatory and I’ve been hooked on astronomy ever since. I love the moon!

    USA 🇺🇸 Day 21. FD

    I have been fasting and not drinking wine for 2 days and I am already down 1 lb. I am on a major push.

    I am sorry for all our UK posters going back into a lockdown and having transportation out of the country halted. It seems at times there is no end to this but I do see a light. We have vaccines now! Thank God. In any case, I am right there with all of you. I didn’t have Thanksgiving this year (spent it alone) and now I won’t be having Christmas either! At least, there is zoom and FaceTime! I have never missed a major holiday in all my 70 years but I am preparing to toast 🍷 “good riddance” to 2020 on New Year’s Eve, a another time I will be alone! I am counting on 2021!

    I am adding myself to the pocket list!

    Pocket list Day 21

    ZCB Day 21

    Exercise 🏋️‍♀️ Day 21


    I would add myself to the exercise list but I am beyond exhausted, so that is a no go! Have a great day everyone!

    Day 21 – USA/GA – FD

    This has been the worst plateau month so far, but hey ho. It is the season! Those sausage balls, pigs in a blanket, and gingerbread men snuck their calories into me over the weekend. Weigh-in wobbled in a bad way but did settle on 232 this morning. I’m looking forward to a wonderful FD today and Wednesday going into Christmas. I hope it’s the reset I need to not only get under that 230 threshold, but to get my body out of “everyday’s a feast” mode.

    We head into our respective rooms. As I press my card to the door lock, the light turns green and I enter a very nice room. It’s a standard room: there are two double beds, a small refrigerator, microwave and television, with an individual bathroom leading off to the side. But the furnishings are very well-appointed, and the linens are super soft. I notice eight pillows of varying firmness on each bed. A small sitting area with a comfortable chair is by the window overlooking the main highway of the city. As I unzip my duffel bag, I hear a knock at the door. I open it.

    “What have we gotten ourselves into?” Wes says, walking in. “Come in,” I say, a little too late as he plops down on the empty bed. “I mean, here we were, just minding our own business, enjoying a weekend at the Overlook when suddenly, we’re in a wedding ceremony.” I smile as I begin unpacking. “Well, we did agree to help out,” I say as I remove and frown at a flannel shirt. “Exactly!” Wes says, pointing to the shirt. “We came for hiking and slumming it and site seeing, nothing fancy and formal. We aren’t prepared.” I quickly fold the shirt and keep unpacking my things. “They know that, Wes. I suppose that’s why they’re going to fit us out for something nicer this afternoon.” Wes gets up and walks toward the window. “So now what? Is there an itinerary about when to eat, when to sleep, when we’re allowed to go to the toilet?” I furrow my eyebrow and look at Wes in confusion. “Well, yes, I suppose there will be a schedule of where to be when, but we’re talking for only a couple of days. I think we might quite enjoy this. You’re overreacting,” I say as another knock comes to my door.

    “Isn’t this just grand?” Lola shrieks as she runs into the room. “Here we were, planning a nice weekend at the Overlook, and a wedding breaks out! I just hope the bridesmaids’ outfits are not too horrible. Maybe Rita envisions something simple but elegant, like a little black evening dress? Versatile and great for more than a one-time event?” I smile and say, “Or maybe something in bright blue with big poofy shoulders and a sewn-on Hawaiian lei in light green around the neckline?” Lola lightly slaps me, “Oh you! Let’s hope she has more taste than that! How are you doing Wes?” Wes glances over from the window, “don’t ask.” “Oh, grumpy as ever, I see. Never mind. So are we ready?” I look at my watch. “What? It’s 2:30 in the afternoon already!” Lola nods, “yep. We probably need to meet them in the lobby in fifteen minutes to make sure we get to the fitting by three.” Wes grumbles as he walks by and says, “I’m headed to my room to get in at least five good minutes of sulking. I’ll see you in the lobby.” He closes the door. Lola turns and heads towards the door. “See you in 15!” she says, following Wes. It seems another fun adventure awaits us.

    Good luck to our Monday pocket-listers!

    Pocket list Day 21

    ZCB Day 21

    Exercise 🏋️‍♀️ Day 21


    Day 21 North canton OH waterfast day

    Its the Monday before Christmas, gifts are all bought and wrapped, everyone is home and I am looking forward to a gentle, low key and peaceful time with my immediate family. It is the most wonderful time of the year!

    WooHoo!!! @i hate lettuce solid food – and it tasted good, I am so happy for you 😄 progress!

    Congratulations @dykask on 100 water fasts!

    I am planning to challenge myself next year and do the same.

    To manage my appetite and prevent going overboard this holiday season, OMAD has been my eating pattern – I try to stick to a Mediterranean diet eaten within a 2 hour feeding window, minimal sugar and alcohol only one day a week. Funny enough, the scale is barely responding to all this restraint, an indicator of how things have changed. Back in the day, this regimen would have gotten me to goal in little to no time- but everything is much more difficult now 🙄😑 I am in this for the long haul though – no messing around.

    @flourbaby I hope you can get a vaccine for your mom; with regards to restrictions, there is light at the end of the tunnel- we just need to hang in there and be sensible for a little bit longer. We have come so far and sacrificed too much and too many.

    On this side of the pond, we have lost over 300,000 lives with no end in sight. Hospital workers are overwhelmed and the number of sick patients admitted to the hospital continues to rise. Last week, the hospital administration sent out a heartfelt plea for former critical care nurses who have left the bedside to return and help take care of patients. It is pretty bad – and expected to get worse. Stay safe everyone, one day at a time.

    Day 21 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    I feel like a broken record: “making progress on the knitted overalls, getting lots done on my to-do list, lots to do today…” But that’s the way of Christmas preparations, isn’t it, that you do the same thing every year, and it takes awhile? It’s all good, and I’m content, and not eating like a wild woman, so there it is.

    @ccco What a small world that we both have sisters in Easton! For the rest of you who wouldn’t automatically know this, Easton is the home of the Crayola Factory. Crayola Crayons are a huge thing in the states; do the rest of you around the world also use them, or do you have your own brands?

    @dykask Gee, why wouldn’t you fast on Christmas????? 🤔🤣😂😁😁 Congratulations for reaching such a magnificent milestone!

    @daffodil2010 Yeah, the Covid news is really uncomfortable…we think we’re reaching a huge turning point just as we get really bad news. Yuck. I do hope your youngest step-daughter can get home!

    @brightonbelle How succinctly and perfectly phrased: “Usual Monday fast when all around me is very unusual”

    @flourbaby I do so hope you’re able to snag a vaccine for your mom!

    @i-hate-lettuce Woo-HOO!! So delighted you’re slowly managing to transition to solid food without the pain you had before! Yay, yay, yay!! Enjoy the progress back to good health, however slow it may be!

    @EmmaTaylor Welcome home, and I’m so glad the grounding sheet has immediately restored your excellent sleep!

    @northgeorgia Those things are tempting you now, and “every day’s a feast day,” but next week will arrive soon enough and then you and I can both buckle back down. I’m already planning out my approach to January, because I’m sure not having great success at losing weight at this point in December.

    Pocket list Day 21

    ZCB Day 21

    Exercise 🏋️‍♀️ Day 21


    Have a beautiful day, everyone, and I hope you’re each able to find the joy and the peace!

    Day 22 – Japan – NFD

    Water fast #100 went well. My weight is maintaining but I expect I’ll have to continue fasting at some level. After nearly 5 years of fasting it is pretty easy and even comfortable to do so that isn’t a huge issue. However from this point on I’ll probably start changing up the game a bit unless my fat generation start winning.

    Right now I don’t even know my weight, I going by how my clothes fit. Not being able to easily wear my pants will be my canary.

    Finally, just to be 100% clear. Fasting works and as far as I can tell there is very little negative impact from fasting an lots of positives way beyond losing some fat. At least for me it is a major health improvement. Part of it is that my fasting as driven healthier eating but a lot of it seems to be just how my body responds to the fasting. It was hard at first but now it is easy most of the time. So hang in there and push through to success. If you have problems, listen to your body and don’t avoid medical advice and help. Doctors want you to be healthy!.

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