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  • Hi, I am just starting back on 5:2 after Xmas, diet buddy would be nice.
    J (63 female)

    Hi I’m starting tomorrow. I’d like to have buddy too. I’m a second breakfast an hour after the first so this is a really breaking a life time of eating habits. Good luck to you. M

    Hi, I’ve started today, L plates on. C

    Hi, thanks – we can swap notes and encourage each other. My weigh-in day is Friday. Hope it shows something good on the scales!

    Hi I haven’t worked out a routine yet. I don’t work standard weeks so I think I’m going to be all over the place to start with. Have had really bad headache today. Food things been okay but may be the headache just distracted me.

    Hi oboejr4 I just started this week Monday 19 th Jan. I have about 20kg that needs to go. I too am 63. Maybe we can encourage each other. Good luck to both of us.

    Hi buddies, I lost three quarters of a pound first week – how did you do? I tend to nibble extras towards bed-time!


    Hi it’s been a bit odd this week as I did two fasting days whilst at work. It wasn’t as bad as I thought but the difficulty is staying in a hotel I’m not really sure how much I’m eating. So I had to do a bit of guessing.I’ve lost just over a pound so I must have guessed right this week.

    Know the late night nibbled problem. I have to hide things at the back of cupboards and in boxes of interesting things.

    Hi, nice to hear from you – do you have the Fast diet App? It is really easy to look up calories on it. I have lost over 2 lbs since Christmas, so happy with how things are going. I am trying counting in a couple of late night nibbles to my total for the day. Don`t want to be TOO strict with myself!

    I’m really struggling with combining this with travelling for my job. Spent 12hours today at various airports. So decided today definitely wasn’t going to be a fast day. Trying to decide if tomorrow is. I’ve bought my breakfast with me so I only need to try to calculate for a second meal. And I’ve started asking for sauces to be served in bowls on the side. So then I can see how much there is. But does make me feel like a freaky eater. Definitely going to try the app you mentioned. Maz

    Hi all. This was my first fasting day and it has not gone too badly but I get discouraged very easily and have no willpower so any help you can give me will be very much appreciated.

    Hi All,
    What a lovely idea. I stumbled across this forum sight when i started my 5:2 almost 3 weeks ago (tomorrow!) gosh time flies!
    I find reading other peoples success and tips takes my mind off of food as well as motivates me to keep going. Definitely try it.
    I actually don’t have scales and have no idea what my starting weight was – however i’ve been told my face looks thinner already and i can feel that my rib area has shrunk… unfortunately i want the lower half to shrink!!! I’ll be judging by the old clothes i have in my cupboard that no longer fit me!
    Don’t give up… this way of life is so sustainable and you can feel the health benefits almost the day after your 1st fast day. Willpower is a massive deal – however, unlike other ‘Diets’ this WOL is not forbidding you to eat certain foods it’s mearly a case of ‘tomorrow’ (non fast day).

    Hi All, actually I made a mistake about the app:- it was “myfitnesspal” app that I meant, sorry. Once you get used to it it is easy to find out calories of foods, and it saves your usual ones.
    If you are in your first fasting days, it may help to think that feeling hungry doesn`t actually hurt, and does you no harm. I nibble 2 grapes if I get hungry. Hope this helps.

    Hi 19Aly,

    Thanks for the encouragement, it really does help. My next fasting day is tomorrow so I will see how I go. 🙂 Keep it up everyone. we can do this!!

    Hi… I started today. Would love to have a motivating buddy. I did a 1km swim followed by a late breakfast of 1 slice of wholegrain bread with runny boiled egg smeared on top and a cup of tea with no-fat milk. Early days yet! Good luck 🙂

    Good luck Paperhat. I need lots of buddies to get through this! 🙂

    You’re doing well. Keep up the good work 🙂

    Hi 19Aly my first fast today. keep up the good work 🙂

    Hi MazBird stay positive. I reckon if we goof up one day there’s always tomorrow to set things right. Can’t be too hard on ourselves. 🙂

    Hi eat14t….my first day too! Good luck 🙂

    Hi Terrilav….I’m 61 so not far behind you. Would love a buddy. My first day today. We can do it!

    Not sure what the ‘Permalink” is. I’ve just been clicking on reply and ended up with too many posts??

    Hi J and a few others around this age (I’m 63). I started on the 27th January so a newbie. Have completed 2 fast days now and despite headaches doing good. Looking for it to be a lifestyle change, not a diet. Have always regained all the weight I lost on diets. Would be great to have some buddies out there. Anyone else from Australia like me – probably not? Have a great day everyone – fasting or not!

    I’m an Aussie suejen.(61) Well done on your 2 fast days. I did my first one yesterday and felt pretty good.Did an hour’s swim and then had late breakfast which I think helped. Lots of water and a few cups of tea before dinner of ham (159 cal?) and lots of salad – 499 calories for day (I think, a bit hard to work out exactly). Will make my next fast next Thursday. What days do you do? Wondering if drinking water would keep headaches at bay? Cheers

    Hi All
    Well I’ve manage two fasting days this week. Was so busy today that it was 3pm before I had time to make my little lunch. I’m still finding it odd how you can not get hungry. For someone who always eat breakfast, it’s been a real shift in my head. Got no scales either at the moment but I’m sure my clothes for better.
    Cheers to all

    Hi Oboejr4, wow you have a lot of buddies already! I’ve been doing 5:2 since Sep, and just love it! I’m about half way to my goal weight
    Started at 69kg. Friday weight 62.9. Goal is around 56-58 .
    I’m a person of small stature (short arse!) 5′ nothing.
    I’m 56 yrs young, and from oz .
    Fast day tomorrow (mon) for me. But I find even on non fast days, I’m not as hungry as I used to be. Especially breakfast time.
    Well good luck all, and hello to you 19 Ally 🙂

    AM I too late to join this post? I am just starting today Feb 1st. With first fast day tomorrow Monday. Have done this before successfully but KGs have crept up again. Also trying Febfast to kickstart healthy regime. So lots of challenges ahead. Tired of losing the same 5kgs again and again. Need to get serious with goals. Find your other stories encouraging.

    Forgot to say am 52 years old and based in Australia.

    Good luck for tomorrow JPD. Good to know you have had success in the past. Seems like we have to think of this as a lifestyle change rather than a diet as such. The buddy system should help. 🙂

    Hi buddies, I am on week 3 and down 5 1/2 lbs. I am a young 52 years of age, post menopause and loving that my cloths are all looser. I was able to fit comfortably into my favorite pants this week so very happy with that. Been doing 4:3 and took a break since Wednesday as I have had a visitor staying so starting now again on Monday and going to do 5:2 . Delighted to have so many buddies to help me stay motivated 🙂

    Well done Slimline Carsie

    Hi everyone gee we have quite a lot of buddies here! I assume that we just keep this thread going so that everyone can see our posts, rather than starting new ones each time? Necie there’s a few aussies on this thread too. As to my headaches I’ve read on another 5:2 site that it’s salt that helps so drinking hot water with Vegemite helps – how’s that for an Oz tip! Or salty drinks I guess. I always used to love a hot water drink with Vegemite as a kid so going to do that again.
    TerriLav we’re about the same age and I also have quite a lot to lose, about 15kg.
    I haven’t managed a very good weekend though as I went to my daughter’s place for the weekend to babysit the grandies and have eaten all kinds of stuff I shouldn’t. As they didn’t have scales I will have to weigh-in a day late tomorrow & it won’t be as good as I’d hoped. Never mind…it’s another chance this week to do it better!! I think I need to change my weigh-in day too as a Sunday or a Monday is not good timing.
    Have a great week all and enjoy your fast days. I’m starting to look forward to mine and I also know that I’m eating better on my non-fast days too. Isn’t that a great part of the lifestyle change….it just seems to happen naturally (well, unless I’m away from home…..I’m great when I’m on my home turf)!

    Started my second fast today with banana and no fat Greek yoghurt for breakfast = 143 calories. Hoping to fast on Mondays and Thursdays to be consistent. Plan on having a few king prawns for dinner 7.4 calories each. Don’t indulge on prawns often as my hubby is allergic to them, so shouldn’t be any hardship! Good luck anyone else fasting today. Interested in what you are all eating and exercise you’re doing. 🙂

    Good morning buddies 🙂 Welcome to you JPD, never too late to join a group 🙂 Goodness another Aussie, too!
    Fast day for me today, too (mon) Planning on a salad with a bit of fish for late lunch. Don’t usually have breaky on fast days. Dinner will be vegies and fish again ( needed to use up the fish today!)
    I noticed in Aldi today, they had a couple of frozen chicken meals around 350 cals. Never noticed them before. I don’t usually have them, but might be a good standby for a day when you just don’t know what to have.
    Drinking up the herbal tea, and off soon to make my salad.
    Necie, I love king prawns, and my hubby is a bit allergic to them too! He finds though, if he drinks beer with them, he’s fine!
    I don’t do much in the way of exercise. I clean classrooms at the local Tafe, every morning, and that’s enough movement for me! And gardening, when it’s not too hot.
    Happy fast day,
    bye now 🙂

    Good morning buddies. Yes Mondays and Thursday are generally my fast days so fasting today. 2 small scrambled eggs with some smoked salmon for brekky. I find that I need protein to keep me full on fast days. For dinner it’s a roast vegetable salad with some chicken (from the 5:2 official book). And if I get headaches today going to head for a Vegemite drink! Will be drinking lots of water and lots of herbal teas. Can’t go without my breakfast but can manage without lunch. Not managing exercise yet as broke my toe 3 weeks ago. Did manage pilates last week so will at least have that once a week.

    Happy Fast Day ladies
    Have a good one – fasting or not. suejen

    Your breakfast sounded yummy suejen. Think I need to eat in morning Lindanaf! But maybe ate too early today as had to have small apple snack for lunch – feeling hungry. Hope your toe improves soon suejen. Am about to have a swim before I get stuck into those prawns. Hope all went well today for everyone fasting 🙂

    Hi oboejr4.
    Just started myself today.
    Good luck and hope it all goes well for you

    Hello all 🙂
    Im on my second week now of 5:2 diet! First week i lost 3.5lb 🙂 i have around a stone to loose in total would like to get to 9st 8, start weight 10st 8. My first week fast days was wednesday and thursday which worked great i wasn’t overly hungry and after watching the Horizon programe i was extremly motivated to carry on. I tend to look at reviews and recipes when im hungry to take my mind off it!
    Now into week two im having a fast day today (mon) and thursday this week!
    On my fast day today im having fat free natural yoghurt with fruit for breakfast. Tuna salad for lunch, and prawns, veg and bare naked noodles for tea. I find bare naked noodles from holland and barrets (UK) are great on a fast day as they are very filling and only 8calories per 100g! I 100%reccomend them!
    My weigh in day is fridays! Would love to here other peoples sucess and keep motivated with the rest of you:)


    We have a youngster, Vickie.5.2 and a granddad, pobster30, good to have you on board. Best of luck. I’m unable to weigh myself, so am relying on waist measurement. Does anyone else do this? Will wait until next week before I do another measure. I swam a kilometre today – took just under an hour so I’m getting faster. Probably rushing so I could get to my prawns 🙂

    Just discovered a Facebook closed group – 5.2 Diet Australia – for anyone interested.

    Bugger! Just wrote like 15 minutes of post…and poof! it disappeared!

    Hello Pobster and Vickie. Enjoying 5:2 immensely. I fast Mon and Thursday, weigh on Friday. Drink lots of water on fast days, it helps with hunger pangs. A lot of people on here use the My Fitness Pal app. I tried it for a while, but got in a muddle! So I’m back using my old Calorie Counter book. I like black and white in front of me, a bit old fashioned, I suppose!

    Hello Pobster and Vickie. I’ve watched the Fast video twice now. It’s so interesting! The first week was so exciting, I remember. I did two days running, back to back (btb), but after a couple of weeks tried Mon and Thurs, as so many were doing that, and found it a lot better. It kind of breaks the week up a bit, and if you have a special do to go to, you can change your days around, too. It’s so very doable! Don’t forget…lots of water! Helps with the hunger pangs. A lot of people love the My Fitness Pal app, but I got a bit muddled with it and went back to my trusty Calorie Counter book. I just like to see black and white print in front of me! Old fashioned, I suppose 🙂
    The first week you usually lose a good number, which is very encouraging! As the weeks go by, it settles to a more steady loss. Some weeks I’ve gone up, too! But don’t get too worried, as I know next week will be better.
    The tracker, up the top of the page, is great for tracking weekly loses and body measures. Love watching the little line go downwards 🙂

    HI Everyone. Well I lost 1.4kg or just over 3lbs in my first week so I’m happy with that, especially seeing my weekend was not so good! In fact that’s about a record for me as with all my years of dieting I have rarely lost that much so woohoo! Others would weigh-in or tell me they’d lost 2kg and I might be a measly .2kg.
    Anyway shall continue with a Monday & Thursday as it works well for me with a bit of space in between. And the Vegemite worked with my headache too. The headache actually lingered this morning but I had a coffee and it moved on, and coffee was the other thing suggested that would help with fasting headaches. So should be right from herein. Thanks Necie shall look up the Facebook group. And Lindanaf I agree that 5:2 is VERY doable. And I too really like the tracker on this site – very helpful to see that little line heading on down!!! The more the merrier I say. Going to update my tracker now as have been out all day….and watch that magic little line. Hehe

    Good on you suejen. I’m doing my 3rd fast today. Wondered if it’s better to delay food intake until about lunch time, instead of having breakfast? Just not sure I could last that long! Actually counted calorie intake on non-fast day, yesterday. Certainly plenty of food. Have read that we need to keep up food quantity on those non fast days, to achieve the weight loss. Is that everyone’s take on it? Good luck all the fasters today 🙂

    Hi Necie:

    “Have read that we need to keep up food quantity on those non fast days, to achieve the weight loss.”

    Don’t believe everything you read. The basic rule is the less you eat, the more you lose. If you want to lose as fast as possible, don’t eat anything at all (not recommended).

    Here is some information for those just starting 5:2: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    Thanks simcoeluv – a few things to read up on.

    HI Necie and everyone, I have wondered about delaying breakfast as a lot of people seem to do it that way but I’ve found that breakfast works for me. Maybe I could try to stretch breakfast until a bit later as I’ve always liked it first thing in the morning? As to other days I’m afraid that I don’t calorie count or work to a TDEE (which I didn’t even know existed until others talked about it in forums. IS it in his latest book, because it’s not in the book I read? I am certainly not keen to go down that way as I’ve spent years doing diets and counting calories and restricting foods only to pile the weight back on when I stop. That’s why I like the freedom of the non-fast days. But having said that the practices of fast days are rubbing off into other days & so I’m eating better eg I drink way more which I never did; I wait until I actually feel hungry (not sure I knew what that felt like before!); I don’t bother having a morning/afternoon snack sometimes as I’m not hungry; I’m making much healthier choices re foods almost all of the time.
    So for me I’m going to enjoy my non-fast days as it works for me. I also have osteoporosis which means that I need to be careful of my food intake especially re calcium. I think the difference is that eating far less calories on the non-fast days is treating 5:2 as a diet, whereas I’m looking on this as a lifestyle change & think I’ll need to do it for the rest of my life – so it has to be doable in the long term. But if I go restricting calories all the time I know that I’ll cave in!

    What’s your thoughts everyone? Today is a fast day for me (my 4th) and looking forward to it….and the weight loss that follows! Hope you all have a great day – fasting or not. Simcoeluv I’ll look up that link you shared….after brekky!!

    Hi Everyone.
    So this is my 4th week. I started with alternate days but have now cut down to 4:3 this week.
    I struggled with a FD yesterday and i’ve come to realise it’s because i didn’t eat enough the day before. I find that after a FD i’m not very hungry but if i don’t eat enough on the Non FD then the next day that is a FD is quite difficult. Even the mantras of ‘it’s eating the fat’ and ‘i can have that tomorrow’ didn’t quite work as they usually do on my FD. I, however, did not give in yesterday and instead held out for a lovely chicken stir fry with my flat mates for dinner – didn’t even give in to the just baked brownie that happened! YAY for willpower. I have another FD tomorrow so i’m ensuring i eat enough food today (not over doing it though) to ensure tomorrow’s FD is not so bad.
    How is everyone else find their FD and Non FD?

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