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  • Hi All,

    Necie that’s wonderful that you can find exercises that are right for you. I’m definitely lazy and usually have to bribe myself to actually go out and do something.

    Lindanaf- sorry you’re having a bad day 🙁 I have lost my posts once or twice and as a result I always select all, ‘Copy’the text and then submit *just in case*.

    Hope you’re both going well with your fasts.


    Hi Buddies….just had to share….have lost another half inch from waistline – total of 2.5 inches since I started 5.2 about 5/6 weeks ago. Also discovered that if I measure whilst lying down instead of sitting I’m a lot skinnier….yay! I don’t weigh myself as I can’t stand on scales…..don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing 🙂 Fast is still on track although nearly gave up due to bad mood today. Think I am crankier on fast days – how about you guys? We decided as a family not to have chocolate over Easter – if we don’t have it in the house we won’t crave it. My adult son has lost a heap of weight during past 12 months – not on 5.2 but just from eating more healthy food and exercising. My husband is losing too – not sure how, as he still has a beer or two and seems to eat heartily! (I think males lose weight more quickly than we gals.) We are all making more healthy choices which is just great so I think the weight loss will be sustainable long term.Thanks for your encouragement Aly & Lindanaf.

    Oh Necie, you poor thing! That would be so annoying…we are having a bad day. I was posting before, saying I haven’t seen the sugar film, and it should be shown in schools! I see so many soft drink cans in the bins at work, (tafe) the kids don’t realise the harm they are doing.
    You guys are doing well with your bike riding and gym and swimming. Weigh day should be good!
    And where are all the other buddies? I hope you are all still doing 5:2 and are just maybe reading and not posting…come back! Let us know how you’re going 🙂 If you’re struggling or going great, it’s always good to share your feelings.
    Fasting on salad today, plus a little bit of left over roast chook. I made some diet jelly, too, so had a sweet fix while watching a movie.
    Fingers crossed I don’t have to write it all again!!!
    Bye for now 😉

    Aly, good idea about the select all. Will definitely do that from now on…including now!

    Aaargh! I just read your post, necie, We overlapped. I was commenting on your previous post! Very happy for you, regarding your measures, by the way! lol

    Hi buddies,
    Thursday fast went well. had the salad for lunch and big plate of stir fried veg with a little oyster sauce for dinner, and a bowl of diet jelly, for after, when hubby decided to have desert.
    Today’s weigh in went well. 800g down! Had to look twice at the scales, don’t usually lose any where near that much. No wonder I felt light 🙂
    So, another milestone… I’ve lost 10% of my body weight. Bmi is still not where it should be(26.3) but each week it’s coming down a little more.
    I do get cranky on fast days too, Necie. I don’t mean to, but OH always seems to want things that I just don’t want to think about, let alone cook! I did try to have left overs for him on my fd’s but got a bit out of routine, so It’s my own fault. One good thing… my cranky pants are getting smaller! lol!
    Have a great day, guys 🙂 Weekend is just around the corner 😉

    Hi Buddies!
    Happy Friday to everyone!
    I wonder how @silver60 is going?
    Necie well done on your loss! i love how skinny i look when i lie down! It’s a great idea not to bring the temptations into the house. I’m exactly the same when it comes to having easy access to junk. Well done to your whole family!
    I’m on a fast day again today… i’m not hungry but i’m tired and ‘fuzzy’ and i ‘want’ to eat because of it; i’m very much an emotional eater. So i’m struggling today. I really just want to go home and curl up in bed (it’s a perfect day for this in Sydney).
    Lindanaf how good is diet jelly?!?! My boyfriend recently got his wisdom teeth out and i made him tonnes of Jelly which he got over very quickly so i was left with a few baby containers full and indulged in them! They have such low calories and because of the water content very hydrating.
    I made this seed loaf yesterday and indulged it is so very yummy and healthy –
    everyone in my household loves it so i’m making another one tonight considering there’s hardly any left!!!
    I hope today goes quickly and that all the buddies have a wonderful weekend.

    Well Done Lindanaf!!! That is AAAAHMAZING! Grumpy or not it’s definitely working so keep it up!
    I’ve got my jeans on today and they are much looser than they were when i started 5:2/4:3.

    Great work Buddies…..we’re all losing it! Have a fun weekend 🙂

    The seed bread looks interesting – just printed out recipe. Might give it a go! Thanks Aly 🙂

    Monday fast day again.
    It’s 2pm and I haven’t had any food yet, and I’m really quite hungry!
    I went straight from work to see a movie with my dear old parents. Very funny one (Night at the museum 3) So I have to go make a salad or I’ll growl and get cranky!!
    Have a good day buddies, hang in there if you’re fasting, not long now…tomorrow we can have fruit!! Ha Ha !
    I also copied the bread recipe, and it looks really different. I love heavy breads. Will have to give it a go when I get all ingredients. Thanks for sharing Aly 🙂

    Great to catch up on Facebook Lindanaf. Hope the little FB group stays interesting enough for you. We’ve been going for 18 weeks so I think we’ve plateaued out/mellowed out a bit. Your shares might just add a fun boost! If you want to join us Aly feel welcome. Doesn’t seem to be many of us contributing to this site now which is a shame.

    Managed to get through my fast yesterday albeit not quite 500c limit – probably closer to 600. Never mind! The latest I’ve eaten on a fast day was about 1pm so pretty good going to hold out until 2pm. Have been thinking about trying the 16.8 eating plan when I feel that I’m close to weight/size I want to be. Hope you have a great week Aly – haven’t tried bread recipe yet. Am not an enthusiastic cook but I will get there! Have been eating pepitas lately. Think they’re pumpkin seeds – high in protein and fibre. Not sure about calories.
    Take care everyone
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Hello buddies,
    Another week over. Had a bit of a trying day yesterday. Didn’t eat at all till dinner time, and felt a little sick a few times. I know I should have had something , but wanted to be “strong”. I did lose 200g this week, but I don’t know if starving on fast days is the way to go!
    Hope you are all going well.
    Sorry I haven’t posted on FB yet, Necie. Not sure what to add to the posts there.
    I managed to squeeze into a size 10 pair of jeans this morning!! I have quite a few from years ago. Can’t believe wearing them all is just around the corner! Woo Hoo 5:2 !
    Have a great weekend guys 🙂

    Hi All,
    Sorry for my lack of posts lately. Have had a rough week with fatigue and back problems.
    Well done Lindanaf! i can’t wait to fit back into my size 10 stuff… but i believe that’s a little far off at the moment.
    I generally don’t eat until dinner on FD however if i am quite peckish i will have an apple or peach around 3pm at that afternoon ‘slump’ period.
    It’s supposedly a FD for me today (as i’m sure it is for you too) but i’m feeling a little off colour plus being at work at 5am (which is not normal for me) could result in moving FD to another day. Another 5:2 for me this week as family commitments on Friday and then off to the Blue Mountains for the weekend. Very Excited!
    Have a great FD and week Buddies.

    Good luck Linda & Aly with your weight loss. Great that you have done well so far. Don’t give up! I’m going to continue with a modified version of 5.2 as I don’t want to lose any more kgs. No worries that my facebook blog didn’t appeal – after nearly 5 months my friends and I don’t need to motivate one another to exercise and eat well as we did at the start; so it had probably run its course! Have a fun Easter. Cheers……

    Well done Necie! that’s fantastic that you’ve reached that point!
    I’ve been super slack with posting lately but i’m always around even if i’m not posting :).
    I’m doing B2B FD – today is my second day. I’ve struggled this week with the fasting and i’m not sure why. But these things happen. I think i’m already in holiday mode as i’m flying out on Wednesday next week… BRING ON THE RELAXATION!
    Found an interesting article on rice yesterday – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3009374/Want-rice-HALF-calories-Just-cook-coconut-oil-refrigerate-overnight-eating.html
    Happy Easter all x

    Morning buddies 🙂
    Yes, another well done Necie from me, too! Will you do 6:1 from now on? I look forward to that day! I still feel a little deprived on fast days, especially when hubby gets home and starts the “what’s for dinner? ” etc. I know it’s just a day… but sometimes… I get so close to caving in! Then I think “hang in there! you’re half way there, girl! Don’t spoil it now!”
    I think I know what you’re feeling, Aly. It’s so hard sometimes to keep focused and keep going with this, but be strong! We can do it!
    I’ve also got holidays coming up in two weeks, and just can’t wait!
    Down to lovely Vic with lots of walking, bike riding, fishing, eating and wining… Phew!
    Have a great week all, 🙂

    Morning buddies,
    Thursday fast has come and gone once again. Didn’t cave in, even when my box of bubbly I had bought on line appeared at the door. I so wanted to try it!
    I just put one bottle in the fridge and it stayed there till Friday afternoon, and it was yum 🙂
    Lost another 400g this week, and clothes are getting looser. Even shoes are getting loose! My BMI is still very slow coming down. When I started in Sep it was 29.1 now it’s 26.1 I think 24 is healthy, not sure.
    I read the article on the rice, Aly. Quite interesting. I will give that a go next time I make fried rice. I usually cook ahead, anyway. I love coconut oil, I use it heaps! Even have a spoon full on it’s own every now and then. Did you read any of the comments after the article? Some people are so negative!! I think there are a lot of trolls out there.
    Well, have a great weekend buddies, the weather is just right at this time of year 🙂 Enjoy!

    Morning Buddies!
    Another week started… weekends are just going too fast! Had a bit of indulgent weekend as went up to the Blue Mountains with the boyfriend but that’s what this lifestyle is all about.
    Lindanaf well done on another loss! you’ll be on 6:1 in no time. And well done on not caving in on your online delivery! i love online deliveries! it’s like Christmas time when they’re delivered 🙂
    I’m on B2B again today and tomorrow – i’m off to my mum’s in South Australia on Wednesday for a week… so i’ve decided i’m not going to fast whilst i’m down there but instead do B2B on the days i’m home. See how i go.
    I tend not to read the comments on articles… as you said there are some horrible people out there on the internet. I also love Coconut oil – i ‘pull’ it as often as i can. It’s great to also help sweet cravings to have a spoon full.
    1 hour of Monday gone… so many more to go!
    If i don’t post again this week – I hope you all have a safe, happy, healthy Easter!

    Hello buddies,
    Gosh the morning has disappeared already! My weekend was great 🙂 my Sister from Dalby come to stay, and we had a little party to celebrate our parents 61st wedding anniversary, sooo… lots of indulgences, but that’s life, wouldn’t have it any other way. Monday we went to the movies and had lunch out, so what started as a fast day finished not so “fast”
    So I decided Tuesday will be fast day this week, and Thursday as usual.
    Good luck with the b2b”s Aly! I tried doing them when I first started on here, but they are a challenge! I hope you have a great time at your Mums 🙂
    I’ve had a couple of cups of tea and a couple of cups of soup so far today. It’s a little cooler than usual here, so need some warm drinks.
    I’ve never “pulled” oil before, ( had to google that!) Sounds like a good thing to be in the habit of.
    I Love online shopping too!! I’m waiting on a couple of really cute dresses I bought from zulilly, they seem to take a while to arrive, hopefully they will still fit!
    Happy fasting Aly, hang in there! Holidays just around the corner 🙂

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