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  • Hi All,

    Started on Monday – second fasting today. Already feel the difference and the scales are going down.
    I read the 5:2 book cover to cover (not like me) as I’m highly motivated to lose weight but more so to be healthy having lost 3,5 stone on slimming world so far in the last year and with 6 to go to get to my healthy BMI.

    I went to the doctors this morning to request a baseline of the tests that Michael suggests…..and had a proper heated debate with my doctor who tried to persuade me I didn’t need them as my tests I’d had due to ill health with digestive problems 2 years ago showed my levels to be normal. After a struggle she put me down for fasting, cholestrol and sugar but refused the Triglycerides test.

    Has anyone else had this difficulty?

    Which of Dr Mosley’s books are you reading? I cannot see that suggestion in the updated/ current book, ‘The Fast 800’ (2019).

    If you are in the UK, there have been cuts to National Health Service primary care (community) funding and spending under this government.

    Given you have been dieting successfully, it is highly likely you have already improved or maintained your previous results.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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