Biting the bullet (but not on fast dys)

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  • Hello, everyone, from a rainy Brittany. I started the Fast Diet last week, with the aim of losing about 3kgs overall. I am overweight, and I have raised BP (due to ageing of the arteries) and cholesterol. That’s the confession bit over with!

    I do exercise – Nordic walking, in particular, every alternate day unless it’s pouring down – and I don’t eat junk food. I don’t snack – mostly: those evening nibbles on nuts and bread sticks and other less healthy things do add up, so they’ve gone by the way now. I have no sense of smell, so that’s a level of temptation removed, and I never think about food except by the clock. (My OH thinks about food all day!) I cook every meal we eat from scratch, and have recently started using the Clever Guts recipes or adaptations of the same.

    There is an element of heredity in gaining weight – look at your parents; but maybe it is simply that we inherit the same intolerances, and just because my mum and dad carried way too much fat doesn’t mean I have to. My brothers haven’t had a spare ounce in their entire lives; my sister battled with weight in her teens, when the rest of us were skinny as rakes. I began to put on weight in my 40s, and it’s crept up.

    So, enough is enough; it’s got to go, but healthily, and in a way that is maintainable. Spring is a good time to start, so I’ve bought the books, read the facts, and I’m off and running. I lost half a kilo in week one, and I’ve got in touch with the inner feeling of being hungry, and don’t mind it. My major intolerance is sugar: no sooner eaten (or drunk) than stored. Cut that out, and I lose weight.

    I’m not a fanatic, and I’m not a yo-yo dieter – just a middle-aged woman with too much middle!

    One thing, though: English food portions are much bigger than French ones. There’s a risotto in the CG book that uses twice the rice I’d ever use for two people. Worth considering, if the 5-day part of the diet is tripping up the good work of the 2-day part.

    Well done I am in Portugal and here food portions are really large. I went to dinner for my anniversary last week, three large courses, I could see my stomach increasing in my lap. Two courses were fish though so eventually I felt less bloated. Here it is usual to have wine with meals which adds a lot of sugar I guess.
    I am starting the plan today first fast day tomorrow, I have planned my to meals for tomorrow and am pleased I managed to get the 500 mark. I think my first day will be difficult but I need to lose weight.
    You have done well. Well done to you I hope you continue to lose weight and gain the health benefits.

    Hello/Bonjour to Lorrsdiet. Yup, now is the time to start the Fast Diet. 5 years ago we did a little planning and jumped into it. And we are still on it!

    Hello, Angelsharp in Portugal. Good for you for planning the meals right down to the calories. I know what you both are saying about portions! Ever seen an all-American ‘All you can Eat Buffet’? Awful.

    Be of good courage as you begin tomorrow. Drink lots of water or tea or other calorie-free beverage so you won’t be dehydrated. Dehydration ‘feels’ like hunger, so son’t be tricked.
    Good luck.

    Thanks, Angela. We usually eat out at lunchtime as portions are smaller then. There is a lot of fish about – this is Brittany after all – and some places do huge salads, so there is always something to eat that isn’t excessive. We never drink at lunch unless it’s a special occasion.
    I found that I felt empty, but not uncomfortably so, on fast days. I saved enough calories to have a couple of oat cakes in the evening in case the rumbles kept me awake! Good luck!

    fasting_me, it obviously works well for you. The most excessive meal we ever saw was an American style diner’s breakfast in England. It was grossly overdone, and the food that was wasted was plain wrong. Mind you, we watched a man eat his way through the lot while working at his computer, and we silently applauded his stamina.
    Thanks for the welcome!

    Lorries I used to live in France before moving to Portugal, I was in the Charente, remember going to some lovely dinners. Enjoyed all the French wines.
    Good memories and lovely French friends. Used to go to hunt dinners in October.
    Tend to eat a lot more fish here as I am by the coast.
    I had my first fast day yesterday and it went well, didn’t feel hungry, but don’t think I drunk enough water as had an awful headache this morning. May not even be anything to do with diet.
    Today I haven’t felt too hungry either so not feasting on extras or anything like that.
    Did get some additional exercise rode my horse and took the dogs out so hopefully that will help with weight loss when I weigh in on Sunday.
    My next fast day Thursday so planning sea bass that day.
    Yesterday I found Michael’s 2012 programme on You Tube and watched it, very interesting and has definitely made my husband want to join in which I am very happy about.
    Good luck with the plan and enjoy your Brittany and lunches, I loved all the fish dishes in Dinan or Dinard, lovely area. Sadly I loved the gorgeous cakes too 🙂

    Angela, the last time I tried to lunch out in Dinard was at the end of January and it rained – a lot – and most places were shut! Dinan has a wonderful restaurant that we go to when we’re over that way, but it’s definitely a ‘reward yourself’ sort of place.

    We lived in the Vienne before coming up here (too hot in summer, too cold in winter) and enjoyed the eating out in Poitiers. But I had my own gym then, which I miss.

    I haven’t found the fast days too hard at all. Yesterday we had the tuna and bean dish from the recipe book, but I used chickpeas instead. I didn’t begin to feel empty until about 5 hours later, so will definitely do that one again.

    Hope your husband joins in. Mine does, but to a point. Food matters more to him than it does to me!

    Just over 7 weeks in now, and OH and I have both lost 4 kgs. There have been some unexpected side effects: I’ve had minor IBS for a while, but raw blueberries have been a real problem. I suspect it’s the skins. I will cook them before eating in future and see if that helps. Also, eating green beans with other green veg but without some sort of carbohydrate has been a painful experience. I haven’t eaten bread for some weeks, but tried a flatbread from the Clever Guts book, made with spelt flour, with lunch today (the beef and orange stew from CG ), and felt stodgy and bloated afterwards.

    I have found that my stomach has shrunk, so I fill up faster; and I really don’t want anything sweet apart from the odd square of dark chocolate (got to have some treats!) or a few strawberries.

    Weight loss doesn’t happen without exercise in my case. Walking is the best form, because it is instantly accessible, and Nordic walking if possible; but FIT cycling for ten minutes is good too on rainy days.

    Clothes are much looser; I can wear all those things that have been lurking in the wardrobe because they were too tight in the waist; but oddly my waist measurement hasn’t dropped.

    In all diets the first thing we lose is water; but I’m entering week 8 now, and hoping to keep up the good work, and I’m aiming for 70kgs, having broken the 75kgs barrier. Small goals keep things sensible. Onwards and upwards (or downwards, in scales terms).

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