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  • Now need to get rid of a couple of stone and need lots of inspiration am getting fatter and greedier by the year. Perhaps 5:2 will help?

    mimiminky, 5:2 will definitely work — my husband lost 45 pounds! 5:2 helps you to lose weight and, if you mind what you eat on Slow Days, your appetite will reduce too, causing you to eat less on those days as well. We have kept our weight loss over the past 6 years by continuing to follow 5:2 as a Lifestyle, not simply a goal to our target weight.
    Good luck. Eat lean protein and drink water.

    Thank you for you kind encouragement. I’m on my first day today and so far so good.
    Fingers crossed.

    Hi Miniminky – I’m on day one too! (And as I did coffee at same time turns out it’s harder than I thought! such a headache!) My problem is I don’t like black coffee so cutting out seemed to be only option. But it seems to have created a separate problem of its own… Any ideas?


    Drink more water and maybe a little rest, eye closed massage your head around the temples. Caffeine headaches are rough. You could try black coffee. I have grown to love black coffee and don’t even know why I used to drink it with milk.

    Hi Eliza
    I’m taking less coffee but with a dash of skim milk. I’d rather eat less and still have my coffee.


    Both sounds sensible. I am also looking into oat milk as a substitute! It’s rather like pandora’s box once you start looking into your diet… Only more in a good way!!

    Have you got that guilt feeling about going back to a ‘normal’ diet today mini? Turns out I was really overeating although subconsciously, kids leftover s, etc. It’s really made me look anew at everything.

    Yes Eliza, it certainly focussed the mind. I’m going to do my second day tomorrow before I go back to old habits! When are you doing your next day?

    Morning, I have decided to go down traditional route and do Mon as I know I will be rubbish at weekends. Last night at book group I discovered all four of my friends had tried this diet at one time or other… Seems I late joining tbe party! And all of them came off not to go back on. I wanted it to be part of my lifestyle doing 6:1 but perhaps I am being naive! Are humans just generally lazy?! We all like our food too much!! πŸ˜†

    Hi mini, how is it going so far with you?

    How did yesterday go? I am anticipating tomorrow!! πŸ˜†

    Hi Eliza,
    I found yesterday hard felt picky all day but drank lots of water and when I weighed this morning I was a 1.5 lbs down so feel really chuffed.

    Good luck with tomorrow. Let me know how it goes. I think I might join you on the Monday and Wednesday regime seems a bit more doable then we can buddy up to encourage each other. What do you think?


    Hey again, congrats for your efforts! That is really very good. When I weighed myself I was lighter too. Maybe it is body’s shock at being treated so differently after so long?! 😊

    Today I have also gone for a ‘hybrid’ day where I have just skipped lunch so nice gap in between. It’s true I am having ham, egg chips and a cream tea tonight, but because I feel truly hungry for it I won’t feel so guilty!

    Well done Mini. Let me know how you go tomorrow. I think the moral support does really help.

    Keep posting.


    Ps I am finding loads of hot πŸ‹ n water and herbal teas are helping me through too.

    Hi guys

    I lapsed and put on 2lbs as had house and office move (poor excuses), but today is my first FD for a while. Really feeling the cold so topping up with black tea.

    Good luck everyone would be good to hear how you are getting on.

    2lbs is 2lbs. not much to sweat about. I just went for a slow jog (2.5 miles) and it helped warm me up and stave off any lingering hunger, on this fast day. Funnily enough, I get my worst hunger around 10.30am. Only couple hours after breakfast. It’s not so bad rest day.

    Anyone else find this? Eliza

    ps for first time I’m starting to believe in a ‘watershed’ mark – that I can get beneath a certain stone level – I had resigned myself to fact that now I’m nearly 40 I had to accept I was in the ‘new stone’ bracket!! What I based this on I have no idea… familial patterns no doubt?!

    mini – how’s it going?

    So far so good this week. spent 6 hours gardening today so hopefully that will impact on the weight. How you doing Eliza?

    Well done… well, a bit piecemeal tbh… monday i ate a normal size dinner (on a ‘fast day’) although i starved myself all day… seem to be doing ‘hybird’ thing, missing lunch more than anything.

    I’ll try again tomorrow… unless i keep reading the book i lose the impetus tbh. i am a little overweight but not so much that i feel terrible… so running and eating a bit less is wher ei am right now. i ‘get’ the fast thing… i’ve just got to be more motivated.

    And I had a kit-kat last night on my slow day. sure that wasn’t so good. Hmmm.

    Supposed to be my second fast today – just been out to lunch – ham sandwich and chips and a pint of cider later . I think I’ve blown it for today Fast tomorrow now.

    We are all human.

    On my 2nd FD feel so cold succumbed to a coffee with milk for lunch.


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