Anyone else a Friday Faster?

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  • Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself as I am new to the Fasting Diet. I am a 45 year old woman on the spectrum mildly for bipolar disorder. Not on any meds. My bmi is 28 and that needs to change, as I am starting to feel the health impact of it and growing out of my clothes! I started on Tuesday, and I am aiming to do Friday fasts. I’m Catholic and it’s a fasting day anyway for us so I figured I’d capitalise on all that spiritual capital from the saints! I’ll then do one other day, probably Tuesday.

    I didn’t find Tuesday that hard, but rather energising and restorative.

    Unfortunately Wednesday coincided with my son deciding to bake industrial quantities of Victoria Sponge, for some reason with a filling of crystallised sugar. Maybe this was why I was extremely bad tempered / a bit manic all day…?

    Anyway, so far today I have had Mimi’s amazing mushroom and poached egg with spinach and tomatoes, and a black coffee. Unfortunately after that I met with a personal trainer for an hour’s exercise. That was fine but he was very down on the diet, so now I am feeling a bit worried! I just feel like I’ve tried everything else and this is the only thing that is realistically going to help me. Encouragement please!

    Late 60’s , Monday Thursday faster, 20 yr chronic illness which meant I put on weight, forced to be sedintary so no exercise to help. Enter 5:2 3 yrs 9mths ago – 21kgs lost, maintained for nearly 2 yrs, off blood pressure meds, heart functioning better so no more yearly cardiac checkups, normal weight, normal size.

    My medical team, General Practitioner Dr and Specialists all think 5:2 is fine and very happy with 5:2 and me being on 5:2. I stay on 5:2 because I really like it

    Your trainer knows diddlysquat about 5:2. There’s research behind this. It didn’t just get plucked out of nowhere as a fad.

    Ignore the personal trainer on this subject.

    Wow! Congratulations. That’s very encouraging…

    Thank you. There’s heaps of people here from various countries all successfully doing 5:2, or maintaining for a few years. We’re all healthier than we were. Go for it Fifi.

    Made it to the end of my second fast day! I kept forgetting I was fasting! At one point I so nearly stopped at the petrol station and bought a cocacola!

    Ended up eating 735 cals. Guess I’m doing the modified fast …

    I had a Virgin Mojito. Is that very bad?!

    I’m with Merryme, your personal trainer may know a lot about fitness and strength but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about regarding 5:2.

    There are no forbidden foods on 5:2 but it is best to stick to lean protein and leafy veg on fast days. Having said that there has been more than one occasion when my FD dinner has been a slice of cake.

    Nobody’s perfect 🙂

    Good luck with your weight loss, I’m sure you can do it because if I can lose 68lbs and keep most of it off, anyone can.

    Thanks, that’s very encouraging!

    Hi only into my third FD are Wednesday and Friday. I’m still finding my feet but my personal trainer is very encouraging about 5:2 and when I told my doctor I had started it his response was oh I was thinking of doing that

    Love it! Thank you. Day 3 today but I have had a little bit moreto eat than I intended. 1073 cals 😥 Who knew 1.5 small slices of soda bread was 373 calories?!

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