Anyone doing Fast 800? How much have you lost?

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  • Sorry to hijack your forum with a different plan but wondering what sort of loss people are experiencing.

    Also, because it is (hopefully) a very rapid plan, how do you prevent loose skin? I am 5’11 and nearly 20 stone so I have a lot to shift and am a bit worried about the latter.

    Thanks for reading!

    I have been doing the Fast 800 since mid-January. I am not as tall as you – only 5’4 and my starting weight was 11 stone. I am now 8 1/2 stone. My eventual goal is to be 8 stone but, at this point, I am happy to focus on toning my body rather than focusing on weight loss. I am not being as strict with my daily calorie intake but trying to still fast for 16 hours a day as often as possible. I have also been walking 5-7 times per week. Initially, I was happy to walk for an hour or so per day and make sure I reached 10000 steps per day but, as I built my stamina, I increased my daily walks to 2-3 hours. On weekends, I would sometimes do a 3 hour walk in the morning and another 2-3 hour evening walk. Now that I am not trying to lose as much weight, I have reduced my time walking but I am trying to do some more targeted exercise at home to tone areas that need it most (stomach, arms etc). Not sure if this is of any assistance to you. I found the Fast 800 book very helpful and have been very happy with the results. My new goal is to follow the advice in the book to maintain my new weight.

    Congratulations on your success, losing a quarter of bodyweight in such a short time frame is phenomenal.

    My exercise will be run/walking on a treadmill for an hour a day 5x a week and strength training on the other 2. I know that HIIT is favoured here but beforeI lost a load of weight just working up to running 1 hour a day, even whilst eating loads of food, so I hop a combination of diet and exercise will do the trick.

    Forgive me for asking but is loose skin a problem with you? That is the only thing that is making me not commit to 800.

    As I mentioned, I do think I need to tone up a little but I wouldn’t say that loose skin is a particular problem. It sounds as though you will be doing a good deal of exercise that will help you to stay toned. I am in my 50s so wonder if it may take me a little more time to build the muscle I need but the priority for me was to be a healthy weight, in my healthy BMI range etc.

    Thanks for your help and advice!! 😀

    Good luck. I hope you can achieve what you want to achieve.

    Hi Dryers,

    A friend had had noticeable success with IF and so I tried my version of what he’d told me he’d been doing. No research, just only eating within certain hours with an “ordinary” day once a week.

    I’m male, 65yrs, 5’8″, started at just under 14st which was my tipping point, and was slowly dropping weight with the occasional spike, but not fast enough for me. So I decided to investigate the whole IF thing and found Fast800. I’m using recipes in the Fast800 book by Dr Mosley plus FastCook by Mimi Spencer.

    Including copious coffee mug sized (330ml) fruit teas which are around 6Cals each, I doubt I’ve actually hit 800Cals in any one day, have gradually reduced my eating hours to five and have lost 14.2lbs in exactly three weeks, currently 12st8.2lbs. Once I’m below 11.5St I’ll go onto the 5:2 plan – no loose skin so far, but my man boobs have dropped a cup size! 🙂

    How are you getting on?

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