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  • Hi there I must admit I joined this group once I decided to start my journey fir support and it really is amazing real reason to start 5:2 – if I’m honest – was to cut down on drinking ..after loosing both my parents and my mother in law to cancer within 5 months in 2019 – now that really was a crappy year – I hit the bottle …a lot..mainly to sleep and stop myself crying ..but it obviously back fired and I developed this big bloated belly – so I thought right that is it I’m NOT buying bigger clothes so here I am. 6 weeks in ive lost 12llbs and my stomach is way smaller and not as’s really working ..I don’t drink any booze in the week but weekends I can’t seem to control it very well (5 double gins last night) and my question is even though I’m loosing on average 2llbs a week how can I get a grip on my weekend booze binges..I am actually fed up of hangovers now ….any suggestions please ?

    Hi bee,

    Sorry to hear about your parents and mother in law.

    Have you had bereavement counselling?
    I realise this is a very personal question and I don’t expect you to answer as I’m trying to offer support and I hope my doing so doesn’t offend.
    If you haven’t it might be an idea to start there as it should enable you to deal with your grief and the issues that have arisen from it. Counselling was an immense help to me when my Mum died as it enabled me to understand my thoughts and actions and helped me to learn how to deal with everything in a positive manner.

    hi there thank you for your reply, no i haven’t had any counselling apart from one chat with a sweet volunteer lady via the hospice right after this all happened – she told me straight away she wasn’t a counsellor but there to let me off load and listen- it did really help the hour I spent with her and it did all come tumbling out as lots of issues but I didnt feel I needed anymore after that as I think I just wanted someone to listen to my story. Its been a hellish year since then and what with this virus its juts made things worse as we were meant to be going on a ‘recovery’ holiday which we were absolutely desperate for after watching three people die so quickly we juts wanted to run away from it all, but obviously along with the rest of the world we couldnt go . This hasn’t helped – this year was meant to be full of happiness not more misery but it is what it is. I think I should go to seek help I agree but I would imagine there isn’t any chance of getting anything now for years what with all the poor people who have suffered recently loosing family to this awful virus – I just deal with it in my own way – I have my own business and throw myself into that, and we are moving next week as we lived in my parents house we rented next to theirs which now has to be sold – thats also made it really tough – staring at there empty house day in day out – its extended the grief I think. But im so happy to have found this 5;2 way of life I honestly love it and its helping me cut down massively with the drinking which can only be good right? Im glad you have sought help with your grief and thank you for taking the time to reply x

    Morning Bee1969 I am a new member and you are the first person I replied to.
    First of all I’m really sorry to read your post, the impact of what you have gone through most of us can’t imagine and it’s early days still. I think you are doing well talking about your experience and it helps others too.
    On the gin thing, which I well understand, I think that there are so many zero alcohol gins available I would try them. Both Tanqueray 0% and Gordon’s are quite good. To be honest. Dress your glass, add mint and raspberries and Ice and you won’t tell the difference.
    Good luck with your fasting too.

    It’s not bad idea,I think

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