5,:2,Is it slow and steady?

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  • I was enthusiastic about 52 in January and have committed to slow and steady weight loss.. after all. I’m 72 and took this long to realize fad diets don’t work. If only the loss was steady though. Some weeks I’m so bummed that I’m back again at the same starting point. Just have to remember I’m 4 lbs lighter and feeling more relaxed on 5 NFD. What’s it like for you?

    I have started on the 5:2 again after some weight gain at Christmas & during lockdonw (like everyone!) and have lost a steady 1 lb a week, some weeks however, I have maintained, and I blame my over indulgence on non-fasting days for that, my own fault, but at least I have not gained! It is easy to follow and fits in with my life, fst days Monday and wednesday, it has become 2nd nature again to me.

    I’m starting to feel comfortable with FD.. really try to make those 500 calories as tasty and satisfying as possible. I have most success on days that I only have lunch and dinner with lunch being 100 cal .. like stir fried cabbage and onions .
    As a lifestyle choice I think it can work because I don’t have any forbidden foods. Just tell myself “not today” when I have a cravingfor something that’s kind of high calorie.

    I must say, the less often you weigh yourself, the steadier the weight loss seems!

    There are lots of things effecting daily weight fluctuations, you can put on a quarter of a kilo just having a drink of water. How full your digestive system is, whether you just had a salty meal, any inflammation in your body.

    I’m in my 60’s and sedentary because of ill health. I do agree that being older does not help the weight loss! But even so I lost 15kg in 15 months thanks to 5:2.

    Sending you best wishes and all good things.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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