10 days in, gained 4lbs :(

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10 days in, gained 4lbs :(

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  • Hi there – ive just started out, ive done 3 fast days, tomorrow meant to be my 4th fast day. Ive been eating well, no binging etc. Eating really healthy as I usually do. And ive gained 4lbs.. I feel very bloaty and have been more constipated than usual. Is this normal and I should stay the course? or maybe a sign just not for me? I defs dont want to go into Christmas season feeling heavier.




    My guess is you are not drinking enough water. You should aim for 8 glasses per day on top of your usual teas and coffees.

    Constipation is usually caused by one (or both) of two things, insufficient fibre in the diet or not enough liquid being consumed. Being well hydrated makes it easier for intestinal contents to move along.

    Thanks Amazon! Ive been chugging water and some with electrolytes in it as well like mad.. definitely getting more than 2L per day as Ive been so thirsty.

    Hi hmorrison, keep on keeping on, you will get there.
    Hooray for drinking plenty of water. Your body is probably holding on to water because of some inflammation. You will feel so much better when the constipation is over (making most of your fast day intake non-starchy vegetables may be a good trick to try). Our bodies do some weird things, but in the end, it will work.

    You might enjoy this piece, while you are waiting for the scales to go down: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/really-no-weight-loss/

    Sending good wishes.

    Hey There – quick update – Ive now completed my 4th fast day, next one scheduled for 2 days from now. The scale has come down although I would swear it should have gone up the way im feeling – super bloated, still constipated despite taking some herbal laxatives, and still drinking loads of water. Im super healthy eating, not overdoing it at the gym, and walking regularly. I only wanted to try this out to lose an extra 5lbs before xmas – wondering if its worth it and will even out or if i should bail out now and maybe its not for me? I dont wabnt to go into silly season heavier than i started lol

    Hi again,

    You need to find a way to remedy the constipation. You say you are eating a healthy diet and I’m not questioning that but maybe you should take a look at the amount of fibre in your diet as it might be you aren’t getting enough.

    Don’t give up, it often takes the body a while to get used to the change of eating habits. If you persevere it will work and once you get rid of the constipation issue you’ll feel much better.

    ok thanks.. i feel like a house.. lol.. what fibre foods would you recommend.. ive been eating oats on my non-fast days, lots of veggies, fruits, etc. Happy to take recommendations. My whole body seems to be retaining water.

    I would recommend something bran based. Either some bran you can mix in with the oats or a bran based “breakfast” cereal.
    Try to select lots of leafy green veggies, kale, spinach, cabbage, chard etc.

    This article contains a lot of good information


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