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  • Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

    Day 27 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    I really admire everyone who can still manage FD’s….I will really have to stop eating myself out of a crisis because I will eat myself into a bigger crisis!!

    @jaifaim you mentioned everyone in work is so tired, that’s what it’s like with me and my colleagues. I felt exhausted yesterday. Work is busier, and because we are in the office we also have to be extremely mindful of the social distancing, and it just gets so hard.

    I felt a bit overwhelmed yesterday when the Covid-19 cases ticked over half a million. But back in positive form today. It’s the weekend and the weather is good so garden time.

    @i-hate-lettuce I am on a few FB groups for motorcycle and camper van travel, and although lots of people were out and about posting photos last week, although I disapproved I kept my mouth shut. And there’s the difference, some people just HAVE to be keyboard warriors. There is nothing wrong with going for healthy walks if keeping to the guidelines.

    Speaking of which, my recently retired friend is desperately lonely at home, she lives alone, and she suggested meeting up in a local park tomorrow bringing our own coffee and cakes and keeping social distance. I tossed and turned about this all night. She is a high risk group. I have a little cough this morning. I can’t take the chance I might be a carrier, or have it. I am around people all day, and although this cough is nothing, what if I am a carrier? I can’t do it 😔

    I feel for her, she is very sociable, this lockdown must be desperate for those who need human interaction ☹️

    Keep safe and strong people

  • Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

    Day 27, London, UK, NFD,

    Another NFD to contend with, I’m definitely eating too much, being at home means there’s always something to stuff in my mouth!!! Cheese was the culprit yesterday, thank goodness there was no wine or crackers!!!

    @penz, don’t beat yourself up about it!! Resistance is futile around chocolate mud cake!! Your mojo will definitely return, it’s just sulking about the cake, but it WILL return!!! I managed to haul my large monitor, keyboard & mouse home last week, I just can’t use the track-pad or screen of my laptop to view construction drawings …………………… my eyesight isn’t what it used to be!!!

    I’m not using our current situation as an excuse, ‘cause that’s just a slippery slope into madness, but the stress is REAL!!!! I’m not one for change (stick in the mud is the phrase!!!) so the change to working from home, being in lockdown and the insecurity of this whole thing means I’m a bit snack happy ……………………… the key, as I may have mentioned, is to NOT have anything in the house!! Luckily the cashew nuts I have are very satisfying and I can ‘usually’ stop myself after a handful ………… or two!!! Now I just need to freeze the cheese!!!

    Good to hear from you @metatauta, stay safe & take care …………………….. & encourage paperless payment!!! Cash is NOT king in this current situation!!

    I was out on my balcony last night clapping for our fabulous NHS, the echo around the gardens and courtyard was very emotive!!!

    Stay safe everyone, we WILL stay connected and supportive, whether successfully fasting or not!!! We’ve got this!!!! ……………………….. No matter what ‘this’ is!!!!!

  • Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

    Day 27 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Pocket List – Day 27 🥕

  • Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

    Day 27 – Ireland – NFD
    Hi all hope everyone is keeping safe and happy 💕
    I found that yesterday everyone I dealt with in work was just a little tired…. a new routine and the realisation that we are in this for a while… I’m sure we will all have waves of sadness and worry etc but as @penz and others have said it’s an amazingly positive space here and for that I am so grateful!
    Well done to everyone on the pocket list yesterday 👏 @ccco it’s just so shocking to see the unemployment numbers in all of our countries but this too will pass and hopefully we’ll live in a kinder less materialistic world in the future…. ♥️
    I “saw” some of my neighbours last night at 8pm which was emotional…. 🕯 thanks and praise and gratitude to all our frontline staff. @metatauta and others please stay safe.
    Tonight I go to look after mum and dad for the weekend… I’m nervous for them and for me but family is No. 1 💕♥️💕
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Morning/evening all,


    The applause was wonderful. I was surprised at the number of people across the UK who participated.

    London is emptier and quieter than any time in my memory but there are pockets where people are congregating with no concern for their safety. I saw a photo yesterday of a canteen on a huge construction site in London. There must have been 200 men all squeezed together eating lunch. These men are working with each other all day at close quarters ands then go home on public transport to their families. It is absolute madness to allow it to continue.

    The government have dodged every question regarding closing down construction and in the next breath insist on telling how social distancing will “flatten the curve” if we all comply…………

    And if Boris Johnson says the government are “putting their arms round everyone” once more I think I might puke.

    Another lovely morning but today is the last day of this fine spell as winter is coming back this weekend for it’s final kick.


    I’m very jealous of your lovely new house and enormous garden, I hope you and Mr B will be very happy there.

    Maybe you should buy Michael Mosley’s book about beating insomnia.

    Keep safe everyone 😜

  • Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

    Day 27, Emden Germany, NFD

    We’re going to have another sunny day here, the tulips are coming out and suddenly small yellow flowers appeared, I’ll have to look up what kind it is. The crows are flying on of off with building materials. Bathroom curtains are done, today I plan to do a bit of cleaning.

    @jaifaim what else can we do? When something happens to one of us, I don’t want me or my DH to look back on this time as a time of misery but as a time we were close and enjoyed being together.

    @penz we can try another day, just tell me when you plan to do a FD and I’ll join in. I have to stay positive about the outcome of all what is happening at the moment. I don’t want it to take over my life. I only listen to explanations from experts and don’t read any online comments. We need to stay physically and mentally stable, so we’ll try to do so.

    @metatauta you must be so busy at the moment, the pharmacies overhere have a lot to do but can’t provide everything the public is asking for. It must be the same for you. The pharmacy we always go to have large plastic screens and just 2 counters open. Another pharmacy doesn’t allow the public to come in, they’re using the small window they normally use when they are the only pharmacy at night or on Sundays.

    Have a nice day and stay safe everyone!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Quick second post, as our posts crossed – LJoyce, glad the infusion went well this morning and that you’ll be able to start your own kombucha.

    Stay well all!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good afternoon all.

    Thanks for asking – the infusion went well this morning as did yesterday’s FD. Today has been filled with unplanned snacking unfortunately.
    One highlight – My nurse brought me a scoby so that I can start my own kombucha – something to keep be busy for a little while.

    To those of you who have commiserated over my delayed travel plans. With the health crisis that is bombarding our world, it puts things into clear perspective. I think delayed travel is unimportant by comparison and I’ll be grateful if there is still a functioning world left to visit once we get through this.

    Anzac, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you can get to WFH next week.

    Lindsay, glad you are home, safe and well. You know how much Rosy missed you if she refused to eat – clearly no labrador genes there.

    Neil, I think those scales sound faulty. I though the only accurate way to measure body composition was in one of those expensive medical devices that look like a giant egg, that you climb inside of. I suspect that the home scale version uses mostly formulas based on averages. It sounds like the one you have can’t even get that right, given the BMI miscalculation.

    Quacka, how are you? I hope you are feeling a bit better that you were last time you posted.

    Cinque, I’m glad the kipper tacos were delicious, but you are right, it sound ghastly. But then I can’t cope with fish at the best of times.
    I do hope you found the energy to make that spanikopita today. I’ve never had warrigal greens – do they taste anything like spinach?

    Hello to Betsy, Crazy, Cali, Penz, Thin and anyone else who is reading.

    I haven’t been for a walk yet today so I think it’s time I got that done.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi all, hope you’re doing well.

    FD today, managing okay so far. Apart from a 1/3rd of a breakfast biscuit to take a tablet, if I’m having a “real” FD (i.e., under 500 cals), I usually have a LFD. If I start eating, I know I’ll go over 500 cals and end with a FD800.

    Good to hear from you, Anzac65, with an update. Hope you don’t have to go in to work next week and that the powers that be get their instructions straight! Grr to Maxx for tearing up the paper towels. I presume he didn’t then proceed to eat them? 🙂

    Glad you’re home and okay, LindsayL. Poor Rosy; she must have really pined. You’ll have to feed her up.

    Cinque, just realised what you meant a couple of posts ago – no, I didn’t lose another kilo. I was 600 gms down and didn’t believe it, and the scales the next day confirmed I was only 400 gms down. But after the past couple of days, I’m back to the 600 gms down, and am hoping for slightly more when I weigh in tomorrow morning.

    Neilithicman, weird about your scales. Did you input the correct height? My MBI immediately shot up when I realised I’d shrunk 2 cms and inputted the revised height.

    Don’t be too concerned about the “apparent age”, either. I did one of those using the heart Foundation app, and was appalled at the age, so I played around with it, putting myself as being at my weight goal, low cholesterol, normal blood pressure, etc., and was still several years above my biological age, purely because of the cardiac disease in the family. I am not my smoker parents, but that isn’t taken into account. Initially I felt quite insulted, because I know I’m fit and healthy, but then just shrugged my shoulders and now ignore it.

    CalifDreamer, yep, we are being strongly encouraged now to only go out for essential errands, and otherwise stay at home. Not yet mandatory, but I suspect that will be coming soon.
    Thank you for your kind words re my weight loss. I’m just aware of how much ground I lost when I got so stressed with the research phase of my study last year, and it’s painful to have to re-lose the kilos after all my hard work. Never mind, on the downward trail again now, and I’ll get there. When I reach 72 kg (which is 1 kg lower than I got to last year), you will probably hear the cheers even as far as California, because it will mean I’m finally officially “overweight” instead of “obese” 🙂

    Hoping everyone is doing well, and sending you my best wishes.

  • Women and prediabetes, question! Need advice please :)

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  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Dear team, I am in an Internet- free zone in the new house until 1 April – vendors’ISP didn’t get the changes set up! So in lockdown without benefits. Second day of isolation, so grateful we managed to get into our new house before it started.

    My sleep is in tatters – with you there, P 😕. Exhausted from unpacking boxes, makes me feel old. I have managed one circuit of the garden with the secateurs, dead-heading the agapanthus and reinga lilies. Unfortunately I am unable to start a winter veggie garden as there is no access to seedlings, so stuck until I unearth my seed packs.

    I am in agreement about insensitive smokers – I have never smoked myself. Stay safe, all.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning friends

    SO glad you are home safe and well Lindsay. Don’t worry about 2 kilos, holidays are for enjoying and you will knock them off in no time. I too am sad about the impact this must be having on the children

    Quacka I am so sorry you are so unwell and a double whammy that you can’t go and see your parents. Get better soon

    Neil I would send those scales back and say they are faulty. How can you possibly have a biological age of 52 when you are so incredibly fit? Ridiculous

    How is your Mum going? It must be so hard for you to not see her

    Sorry you had a horror shopping trip Cinque. Was it the crowds or the empty shelves that made it so terrible? Our Coles have closed half of the auto check outs to enable people to be a good distance apart so the queues are quite incredible. I am ok for everything except paper towels and dratted Maxx has now chewed two brand new roles! My fault for leaving them within grabbing distance but honestly….couldn’t he chew something less precious like some cash or my good jewellery? Ha ha. He is loving having me home but coming up with new and interesting ways to get my attention rather than tapping away on the computer. Sigh.

    I am supposed to go into the City next week but I’m getting mixed messages. On our daily call yesterday my boss (who is the big boss) seemed clear that if you are on the black team (which I am) you go in next week. But then today I was on a different call and one of the senior PM’s said that 80% of the yellow team who were supposed to be in the city this week were WFH. Another bloke said ‘you must not come in as you are not essential services’. They are also recommending that we drive in or get dropped off and picked up but this not practical at all. Anyway hopefully I can get some clarity at our 5.00pm call today. I do NOT want to go into the city and especially do not want to get on a train. I hate driving so there is no way I would drive all that way and I can’t ask Steve to do four trips every day. My dear friend who has CF posted me some surgical masks so at least I have them.

    Our remote access software is not coping with the number of people who are WFH so I guess that is why they need as many of us as possible to go into the City.

    Cali, there are some really terrible figures and stories coming out of the USA. And the president wants to reopen everything as early as Easter. He is terminally crazy surely? I hope you – and everyone – are doing ok.

    Really happy for your current success Betsy. I am maintaining – just – and as the weekend draws near I can feel myself pining for some really rubbishy food. I will resist though. And I’m loving being able to go on the long morning walks with the boys. We even do some jogging around the rugby field (or more like waddling for me!). I have been slowly building up Maxx’s recall with the gundog whistle and finally took the brave step of trying it out in the park with distractions. So far so good; he spins and runs to me every time. If he even ignores it once it can be ruined so phew – so far. We want to make this our emergency “GET BACK HERE NOW I MEAN IT” weapon against him ever running off to chase another dog and running towards the road or children.

    What on earth did we do with our spare time before we got him?

    How are you going LJ? I hope your transfusion went ok and I’m sorry your precious travel plans are now in chaos. Thank goodness you have only put down a small deposit

    Lovely to hear from you Crazy and what an achievement! Size 26 to 18 (or less) in just one year. I think your success comes from never breaking a FD. I must keep this in mind

    Ok, back to work. Please keep your fingers crossed that I can avoid going into the CBD next week

  • Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

    Day 27 Melb Aust FD

    Managed about 1000 cals yesterday, so not quite a FD800. Will keep under 500 cals today before tomorrow’s weigh-in.

    Yes, great to be part of such a positive group.

    Starting today’s pocket list –

    Day 27 Pocket List

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Watching a film called contagion, all the thing’s they are saying on the film made 9 years ago is what they are saying now.Social distancing, wash hands, don’t touch your face it’s weird.

  • 5.2 Fasting and the coronavirus

    There is a world of difference between fasting 24 hours to 36 hours and fasting for a week. While there is likely some strain on the immune system, the improvement likely far outweigh the strains. However I would be cautious about doing multiday fasts right now, at least until you know you are safe from being exposed to the virus. On the other hand, when you are fasting you don’t have to go out shopping for food as much! <– Interesting video about NEJM article on fasting.

    For myself I decided to start taking a multi-vitamin for a while just to make sure I would have enough vitamin D and zinc, as well as just cover the bases. I’m not a fan of it, but if probably doesn’t hurt just to take one a day, at least for now.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi all. Just a quick post, and apologies for not replying to all. Just wanted to stay posting, so I don’t slip backwards.

    We arrived home on Sunday after a chaotic departure from New Zealand. Instead of the lovely sightseeing day Neil, we spent most of it trying to contact Air New Zealand, which had cancelled our flight without notice. We only found out because my brother and SIL were driving our car out to the airport for us to get home, and checked the flight time. After 5 hours of trying to get through to the airline we finally gave up and booked with Qantas. When we checked at the airport the next morning, we found we’d been rescheduled to a 1pm flight via Auckland. No notice at all about the changed flight, although we have received 3 emails about changing our seats (on a cancelled flight) and this morning, a survey asking how we enjoyed our flight to Auckland (which we hadn’t taken). You have to laugh.

    It is wonderful being home – though next time I am going to a kennel and sending Rosy on holiday. She’s lost 2 kilos (which I gained unfortunately) and is skin and bone. Not the kennel’s fault – they said they had trouble getting her to eat.

    Just waiting for a Woolies delivery – I have no idea what I ordered. As I placed the order, the price kept shooting down, and then up again, as they ran out of stock, I guess. Still, we have the essentials, and my sweet sweet brother left a 4 pack of toilet paper (luxury, too) on the seat of our car. Such a lovely man. DD left us a vegetable curry in the fridge, and a lovely banana and cranberry cake too, so we were feeling blessed. Then this morning DS send us videos of the kids (5 and 2), singing ‘I love you’.

    Funny how kids are dealing with this in their own way. DIL took the little man for coffee before school last week – he raced around the coffee shop shouting ‘I am the coronavirus monster’ (til she took him in hand of course). Now there are no coffee shops, nor school. Miss 3 coughed on the way to kindy and asked if she had coronavirus. Miss 6 is a bit more introspective about it – DD found a poignant little poem she’d written about isolation (spelt phonetically, but the meaning was clear). Sad, children’s little lives are being impacted like this.

    LJ tough to have your travel plans put on hold….but you will get there, if not this year then next.

    Tough too Neil not to be able to see your mum for a month – but perhaps she’s in a safer place than at home, as she recuperates. And those new scales are probably not settled into their new home yet. Give them time.

    And Quacka, a double whammy of not being well, and not seeing your parents when you really want and need to. Hope you are okay.

    OK I will finish here as already it’s already taken me a couple of days to write. Take care all.

  • 4:3, low carb diet and lifting weights.

    The article about the Diamond Princess is lame nonsense. Several key factors weren’t even mentioned and in the week since it has been 3 more people have died and there are still over a hundred people that haven’t recovered. With people now all over the world it is possible the death rate is even higher than recorded.

    Here are the factors that weren’t considers or perhaps avoided.

    1) People were working hard not to become infected. The people were in a quarantine! People were infected in spite of that. The article assumes that was a low rate of infection, it wasn’t. If people were left on the ship for longer the infections would have likely continued to climb. Countries flew back their people because they were afraid in another week or two everyone would have been infection in-spite of the quarantine.

    2) The people that were infected were found early and moved into hospitals right away. In fact a number of infections in Tokyo came from moving those people. There were hospital resources to handle these people. That is vastly different than going to a hospital when one is already physically ill.

    3) Some people that left the Diamond princes were later to be found infected in various countries and those aren’t likely correctly reflected in the totals. In fact doing so is probably impossible at this point or at least would require a lot of research.

    4) The strain of the virus may be less virulent than what is currently going around. Not sure if that has been studied. There are two well known variants referred to the S-type and L-type. There are actually hundreds of mutations but the L-type is a better fit in to the ACE2 cell receptors and seems spread and kill faster.

    There are likely other factors. What the Diamond Princess did show is being on a cruise ship with this virus isn’t safe. However I think most people already knew that.

    Finally the article is making a nonsense comparison. Vehicle accidents don’t overwhelm healthcare systems, the novel corona virus destroy healthcare systems. That in turn will cause more deaths that are not counted as Covid-19 deaths. In some cases that indirect death rate may be even worse.

  • Michael Mosley Australian tour September 2019

    I saw Michael in Melbourne on September 27th. It was a great show, very good info.

  • Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

    Day 27, md US, NFD

    After seeing a decrease in waist size yesterday, I regrettably decided to eat my DH homemade pasta. Bad decision…Way puffy and bloated today. I’m worried I can’t turn this around and will try my hardest to do IF 2 days next week. My DH has been the program mgr for all things covid-19 getting this company completely able to work remotely so he’s been stressed and on call from a tech standpoint. And the past 2 Weeks eating and drinking wise has been sub par, so my hope is next week we commit
    And turn this around. Even with my 16/8… going to need this.

    Agree, thankful this site is so positive. 🙌🏻🙏🌼

  • Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

    Day 27 – Japan – WFD #25 (I think)

    While fasting isn’t always pleasant there are some aspects that I do look forward too now that I’m used to it. Right now I’m hopeful that it does also keep my immune system working well. The tension level has gone up in Japan as we are getting more confirmed infections. I’m not surprised as many weren’t being that careful around the cherry trees. I’m just lucky that the cherry tree pollen play havoc with me and keeps me away. 😀

  • Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

    Day 26 – USA – NFD

    Hello, all! I’ve been reading all the posts daily, but not contributing as I have been working a lot more since a co-worker quit a few weeks ago. Still maintaining, got the all-clear from the dr. so I can hula-hoop again, woo hoo! Unfortunately, I am not able to stay at home during this time because I work at a very busy retail pharmacy in a food store. We have not gotten any procedural advice except to keep disinfecting surfaces and washing our hands; gloves would be more germy than not when we’re handling 600 prescriptions a day, plus handling people’s money and transacting business within 2 feet of each other! I know it’s a risk, and the powers that be decided today to construct mini “windows” between us and the customers, as well as make the customers stand 6 feet away from each other as they wait for service. Everyone I work with has a great attitude and we all are still in good health. Let’s hope we will continue to be that way!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Neil, those scales sound demented!

    I had a good fast day yesterday and the most delicious breakfast this morning. Fish tacos. Very fusion, as I used tinned kippers haha, but also grilled pumpkin, eggplant, mushrooms, lettuce, and gherkin! I have no idea if this sounds ghastly, but it really did taste excellent.

    Well I thought I could do more at home while I was not going out at all, but I deluded myself, and now I am paying for it. However none of my groceries have gone off yet. And surely I will make the spanakopita today. Yesterday I picked a huge saucepan of warrigal leaves (cutting back the plant and tidying it at the same time) so that was an important first step, and I was sitting in the sun so I got my dose of Vit D too.

    It was lovely to hear of the UK action overnight when everyone came out and clapped like mad for their NHS. Such a lovely (and very British) thing to do.

    Cali, so many good humorous things being sent around. Especially about having the kids at home, haha. As an ex teacher I am finding it particularly amusing.

    Ok, off to tick some things off my lists, all ordered into priority 1, 2 and 3. I wonder if I will ever get to 3 😉

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Do share how life is going.
    Best wishes.

  • Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

    Day 26 UK FD

    Just a quick check in. Managed another FD today . Was at work so relatively easy. Just had to body swerve the chocolates and biscuits! Very close to the end of the month so major push for a good result. Just have to safely navigate the weekend!
    Stay safe and well everyone.

  • Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

    Day 27, NFD, Aus

    Oh dear @snowflake. Yesterday was someone’s last day at work so of course I just HAD to have a piece of chocolate mud cake. I then looked up the calorie count and concluded since I’d blown the FD I might was well have dinner and wine!

    Has anyone seen my mojo? I thought it was back at the beginning of the month but it’s well and truly gone into lockdown without me.

    We’re trialling working a split work force next week – half at home, half in the office(unless the Govt directs it’s compulsory before then). It’ going to be a challenge working on my little personal laptop – great for personal use, but I’m so used to my large dual monitor set up in the office. First world problems, though, right?

    Hope everyone who is in lock down (with the occasional outdoor exercise with appropriate social distancing!) is doing well. You all seem remarkably positive and upbeat about everything. I too don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t get outside withe my dogs – the pup would go absolutely spare!

    have a good Friday / weekend everyone.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)


    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who will find too many other things to do to get round to cleaning 🤣

    Today’s fast went well and I have been out for a walk/run this afternoon after work. Its been another lovely sunny warm day, but maybe the last one for a while.

    I’ll be sowing seeds at the weekend and getting the polytunnel ready. Funny how much I’m looking forward to doing things I had absolutely no enthusiasm for only a couple of weeks ago!

    I shouted at the neighbours from several feet away earlier on, and facetimed my Dad and a friend today too, so I have spoken to someone other than the hens today 😁

    Amazon, I’m guessing London must be very weird at the moment being so quiet. Did you join in the NHS applause this evening? I didn’t go outside as there is no one nearby to hear whether I did or didn’t…

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Well my new scales finally showed up, but I’m not sure I trust its measurements. I stood on both and the new one weighs me about 400 grams heavier (88 kilos compared to 87.6 on my old one) that’s ok, it said my bone weight was normal at 3.1 kilos, that my visceral fat was at a healthy rate at 12, that my hydration was normal at 49%, but then it said my bmi was 30.2, which is way off, with my height and the weight it recorded the BMI should be around 27-28. Then it said my muscle mass was low at 57.6 kilos. I do 300 sit-ups,150 push-ups and 150 bicep curls with each arm with a 15 kilo dumbbell each week, as well as cycling hundreds ok kilometres a week. There is no way I have low muscle mass. Then it recorded my body fat percentage at 32% I’m not sure on that one either, and most insultingly it listed my biological age at 52. Oh well, I’ll use it for a few weeks and see what stats change when my weight goes up and down. Bone weight and muscle mass shouldn’t fluctuate too much from week to week so it should be hydration and body fat that move.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi all. Lindsay, I’m glad to hear that you’re back home. Everyone in California is self isolating (or should be) so you’re just like us. It sounds as though that’s about the only strategy to slow this thing down that seems to help. While the number of cases in the world is quickly increasing, it’s important to note that the active cases are lower than that number, both because of deaths, but also 123,322 people recovered so far. That number will increase everyday too, soon at a faster pace as most of the cases we see now are new.

    Betsy, any loss is “real” weight loss and yours seems to be slowly but surely coming off.

    LJ, hope you felt well enough to have your infusion yesterday and fast the day prior.

    Cinque, hope you are feeling well and are doing Facetime or Skype with the grandies.

    Neil, you are accomplishing so much with your boys while they are out of school. Posts by some of our local mums having to do homeschooling for the first time are pretty funny. I laughed at this one:

    “Of course our kids are going crazy. Their teacher now drinks, swears, can whoop their butt and they can’t complain anywhere because she also sleeps with the principal!”

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening All..
    Fasting has gone well…kitchen closed a glass of milk later…

    I make veg soup, I don’t think the calories are too high..a bowl 200 cals tops …depends which soup you make and portion size… I used to always count every meal, lots of our meals the same so you have a good idea..depends how strict you are and were you are on your weight loss…enjoy your Line of Duty tonight.

    What a pretty church you have..the old ones are the best.

    Glad Heidi managed the walk..

    Good your mums a good chatterbox, I think when they are on their own they have to get all their words in
    ( like my sister 😂) hope your throat soon feels better, hate it when it comes and goes.

    Hope you are pleased with your furniture good weather to give it a good try out…a few people are saying it’s the second cycle when the side effects kick in…hope he’s not too bad.

    Weigh in tomorrow a few biscuits had this week..we never do 😬

    Jean x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Uh oh looks like I will have to weigh and calculate. Really need to do a batch of counted calorie soup.

    Jean I heard chief med adviser say the point of all this is breaking the transmission between people so if you are not near people that has to be fine. He also said allotments fine if you can be the 2 metre distance from other people. They have to have rules but I think you can interpret sensibly. I wouldn’t feel bad about 2 walks at all, and especially not with what you’re having to cope with.

    HH those perfumed things can make me feel a bit throaty too. Hopefully it’s just that.

    Nana Well done on your garden furniture. A nice glass of something in the sun soon hopefully.

    God I’m starving now. Dinner and back episodes of Line of Duty which we’re binge watching. We don’t usually watch things twice but desperate times and we’re enjoying it.

    Hang on in there Dave, Jean and any other fasters. Roll on tomorrow!!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening everyone, had a nice low day food wise. Garden furniture all finished now so turned to catching up with a bit of neglected housework. Then we had our daily constitutional walk. We’ve both got repeat prescriptions to collect tomorrow so will also visit the greengrocers and Co-op to get some milk if they have any.
    Jean poor Charlie not liking you doing a jig-saw. Glad Steve still feeling okay at the moment-when my sister had chemotherapy she sailed through the first session with no side effects but had them after the subsequent ones but everyone’s treatment is unique to them of course.
    Hedgehogs hope it’s the scent diffuser that’s affecting your throat and nothing else.
    Dave glad you had a nice walk with Heidi in the sun and hope the scales are kind to you tomorrow morning.
    Have a good rest of the day everyone.
    Nana x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Sarah- I’ve weighed & then calculated the soup recipes I make regularly. Enjoy your French, I admire you for doing that! Tell your grandchildren that you’re doing your homeschooling bit!
    Jean- enjoy the jigsaw, don’t feel bad about going out twice, you need it right now & can take Steve’s turn!! It’s good that you’re so close…
    Dave- nice for you to get out a bit further, the reservoir looks lovely! I think Minols said she was Chirch of Scotland, no women in the Catholic Church! Xena just ignores pugs, they’re beneath her!
    Hope the fasters are keeping strong, I’ll be fasting tomorrow.
    Nipped to Mum’s with her shopping, had a recap on the WhatsApp, think it might be a step too far for her…although she’s not seeing anyone she still had plenty to tell me!! Throat hurting again while I was there- she’s got a really strong scent diffuser, I wonder if it’s that, I’m a bit sensitive to chemicals 😬

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Minols is your church in Dunfermline? There are a few with the same name, Catholic and church of Scotland.So not sure which one is yours.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Sarah if you want to be exact weight everything.Had a lovely walk with Heidi, out for an hour in the warm sunshine. She seems ok not limping.i keep getting cramp in my calf so I will have to get the revitive out I think. Fast going good had one biscuit and two cups of tea so far. I had to laugh,in e way home from our walk we met a lady with a pug Heidi was keen to see it but the pug want sure and started making a funny noise eventually heid effect up to it and it day down then it rolled into it’s back with legs in the air 😁 Heidi didn’t know what to do so walked away.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Middle of the night here and a large helicopter has flown over. Very odd at this time as we have a flight curfew over Sydney between 11pm and 6am. In the last week it has been bliss with no rush of landing planes either end of the curfew. We are well away from the airport, but on the flight path.
    I spent part of yesterday listening to an art lecture and drawing a very detailed Matisse from the computer screen. An excellent way to free the mind. Also lots of playing music on the piano. Tomorrow I might start a sewing project. I greatly doubt the call of dusting and vacuuming will be strong enough. 😉
    Happy, they are closing caravan parks to non locals in Australia, especially WA, to limit exactly that. Spain had a huge spread of the virus from people going off to country areas. Medical services are very limited if they do get ill, and in more remote areas, the indigenous mobs are extremely vulnerable. More thoughtless behaviour. 🤨
    There’s a steady drizzle here. Lovely to hear it pattering on the tin roof. Good luck with the fasting girls, I just don’t have the will at present.

  • Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

    USA Day 26 FD

    Just popping in here today to add myself to the pocket list. It is my intention to try to stay the course today as since this pandemic crisis began, I have not been able to do so! I have no real good reason not to except that I am worried like everyone else. 3.3 million people here have now filed for unemployment and I worry about my family, as I am sure everyone is! Hope you are all safe!

    Day 26 pocket list:

  • Fat Busting Brits!!


    Sarah – I have calculated my soup once before and it worked out 150 – 200 calories a bowl. Carrots, potato, lentil, onion and bacon – makes 6 bowls full. It lasts 2 days and I’m quite happy with one bowl each day, H finishes the rest 🙂


  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Ps Jean such an undertaking and pleased first session done for Steve even if the side effects haven’t statted yet. Bless Charlie!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Fasting today and pretty darn hungry.

    Cakey and anyone when you do homemade soup or anything else home made for FD dinner do you calculate every calorie or guess and if so how. Worried about guessing wrong but fed up of Kirsty meals. I have a couple I do like omelette that I do calculate but just wondered if you can guess pretty accurately.

    Minols quote is opening lines of Tale of Two Cities…now doubting myself and wondering if it’s actually NN but think it’s the first.

    Typhoo happy wiping

    Right now for French…sorely neglected for sake of allotment a bientot x

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)


    This thread has an excellent pressure valve allowing us to let off steam and carry on.

    I’m sitting on the sofa wanting something to do but looking for reasons not to do anything. I’ve put some music on as otherwise it’s so quiet I can hear the downstairs neighbour talking on the phone (or maybe to himself). He’s not noisy, his deep voice carries so I can hear a rumble when he talks but not what he’s saying although I’m unlikley to understand it as his first language isn’t English.
    It’s weirdly comforting there’s someone else close by but at the same time at a distance.

    It’s been very busy here, two planes have flown over 😆

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Well the police are stopping people in the Lake District with camper vans and caravans, mad that people think it’s a good time to have a holiday!

    And I don’t think the government are helping by massaging the death figures, it will only give people a false sense of security…

    Amazon, I would rather be here alone, but the housemate isn’t too troublesome! We have enough space to mostly avoid one another 😁😷

    I am fasting today, as it’s about the only thing I can control at the moment!

  • Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

    Day 26 UK NFD

    I’m a Facebook dabbler @i-hate-lettuce and I enjoy the catching up element but it really does bring out the stranger side of some people’s personality- Just ignore them .

    Stay well all 💪

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning All..
    A lovely morning ..three rounds of the park weather beautiful only had a fleece on supposed to be 1 degree but so warm…Charlie crying and getting excited as we got close to the park he gave me face licks saying thank you…only about 6 people in the full park…no Oreo…

    I am fasting today….I gave gad a few biscuits this week, Steve fancying and leading me astray..must stop that.

    Goodness is that where all the food is…I passed Lidl this morning no one hardly in, I suppose Tesco would be the same…things are being put in place the TV has said, queuing outside might have put people off…

    Have a good allotment day it’s looking very good…

    A good day to finish your oiling of the furniture…lovely out…

    It’s 12 weeks of chemo, a 4 hour session at hospital, injections, steroids and tablets over that week at home then miss two weeks to start again… then three weeks of radiotherapy 5,5,5. sessions.
    7 days before side effects start ☹️
    Hope hubby gets all the shopping in…glad the throats feeling better…

    Glad you got the loo paper…early at shops I find a good idea..we are awake at 5.30 every day no idea why!

    I am fasting with you…a bit of jigsaw ( I am in Charlie’s bad books he doesn’t like us doing it!)….tiddle about and see what else I am doing…enjoy your soup later…

    Looks like a lot of juggling for you but nice to have the boy at church with you…a trying time for us all but I think we will shall fall into a routine what suits each of us…even doing some of hobbies what we never have time to do…hope your sewing can get out and you can do a bit too…

    A bit of patience is needed here, a be trying at times but we will get through it. We are both strong together, I feel I need my two dog walks to clear my head a bit and give me, me-time, naughty but keeping a big distance with people.

    Have a good walk sounds lovely, have a sit on the bench and I hope the therapy session for your son works on the zoom app..

    Have a good day everyone..

    Jean x

  • Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

    Day 26. FD. London

    I’m so glad to be on this forum. It’s so positive and friendly. Another beautiful day here, which may be related to lack of traffic and businesses closed down. Looking forward to today’s FD. I’ve discovered that if I chop up leeks and cook them in a bit of water, they suit me just fine. Tasty and filling. Hope everybody has a good Thursday. H

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Thanks Minols I will look after. I got a letter from my local vicar at St James church asking if I need anything,bit of a suprise as they have never been in touch before. The weather is YET AGAIN sunny and warm,it’s almost tropical☀️☀️☀️☀️. Decided to only take Heidi out once today,will try and go to the reservoirs it’s lovely there and there is a bench to sit on. I have just put zoom on my laptop,my son is going to use it for his therapist session hopefully.The dentist as just cancelled my appointment on Monday.I will get weighed tomorrow so will try to do another fast day today, I don’t think I will be lighter than before I went on holiday but you never know.

  • Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

    Day 26, London, UK, NFD,

    A very quick check-in from me today ……………. I am supposed to be working from home after-all!! Although I did find myself completing a project at 11pm last night …………… I must set some limits!!

    With the way some people are still flouting the lockdown & social distancing requirements after just a few days, I can only imagine that things would be chaotic had it been implemented earlier!!

    @funshipfreddie, I’m not sure if it will be a good time to quit, as an ex-smoker, had it been me, I’m sure I would have killed anyone in sight if I couldn’t have a ciggie!!!

    I feel as though I’m semi-fasting, perhaps I should just stick to 18:6 until I settle into a good routine, these days it’s proving very easy to excuse a headfirst dive into the cashew bag!!!!

    Onward & downwards folks!!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Minols- lovely to hear that you’re okay, must be very busy. Really feel for parents trying to fit in home schooling with reluctant, bored children! Saw a bit on the news last night following a few famies- lots of yummy mummies, daddies & children having a lovely time counting & writing, doing art & exercise classes, just to make the real world feel rubbish 😂
    Have done lots of cleaning as well as my 2 hr walk, doesn’t really show though!

  • Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

    Day 26 UK NFD

    Another lovely day in Cheshire. @i-hate-lettuce, I think we’re all getting stressed about what we can and can’t do. You are absolutely fine to go out locally, that’s what Boris has said. I walked to the woods yesterday, I saw about 3 people in total. If anyone challenged me about it I’d tell them to mind their own business 😀😀The govt just don’t want us all getting in our cars to go to the countryside etc. I left a local Facebook page yesterday as I was fed up of people moaning about others. We don’t need negativity.

    @suki2, I’m a fellow NHS volunteer. I’ve said I’ll do deliveries and phone calls. Waiting to be vetted. Speaking to my mum n dad yesterday, had to remind them again re staying in. They’re now “sneaking out on early morning walk” – mums words. Short of locking them in I don’t know what to do!
    @clemmi sounds like 5:2 is really working for you, brilliant news on the weight despatched.

    Keep safe everyone.

  • Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

    Day 26 2nd post.

    @jaifaim @suki2 – Just back in from a good MOAM walk, lots of birds singing and a solitary deer grazing out in the open! That’s how quiet it is round here.
    Re my Facebook comments, as you say odd how some people interpret straight forward advice from Government/health experts.

    On a positive side, the greenhouse is in full swing, the weather warming nicely. Have some bread flour being delivered this lunchtime just as I’m running out!
    The logistics for supermarkets to deliver everything must be huge, but at least the panic buying has abated and supplies settling down

  • Springing Up – March 2020 Challenge

    Day 26 Oxfordshire, UK – FD
    Another glorious day in sunny Oxfordshire. Dh & I have volunteered with the NHS to help out where we can. He is hoping to help with delivery type things and I will phone people. Waiting to be vetted atm. Like many of you I am an asthmatic, and although it’s under control I don’t want to take any chances.
    After our walk yesterday I’m taking things easy today with some yoga and household chores.
    @flourbaby – you’re right if it was ‘deadly’ to all, people would take it more seriously. But you’ve only got to look at the news with many countries around the world in this lockdown state to see how serious it is.
    @michelineme – well done on heading in the right direction. I hope you’re feeling better today.
    @cavanya – its such a lovely feeling when the inches fall away. 16-8 seems to work really well for you.
    @clemmi – well done on the loss so far. How are you coping with food shopping in France, are you still able to go out for that?
    @dykask – thanks for the link, I’m hoping to watch later instead of lunch.
    @ihatelettuce – sorry you got that reaction, especially from people you thought were friends. Like you DH & I reckon we see fewer people when we walk further from home than if we go locally. Saw about 6 yesterday, all well away from us and each other.
    @funshipfreddie – good luck with your lockdown. I imagine its easier in some ways if it’s all or nothing, but pity the poor dogs. Ours would go loopy if he didn’t get any exercise.

    On a lighter note, whilst chatting with my mum yesterday I was watching the elderly couple in the garden behind playing croquet. Every so often they sat down for a rest and out came their mobile phones. Made me smile.

    Day 26 pocket list:

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Jean – I had a friend doing the on again off again treatment…so glad Steve’s got you keeping him together. And doing it at this time without the temptations to overdo it might be a bit of a blessing for him. You – of course, must not overdo it, either!!


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