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  • If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

    i’m joining you, Annette!

    Today I tried on a dress that I had put in the give away pile a year ago because it really didn’t look good (shirtdress that gapped in the front). Today it looked great! So fun! I can go shopping in my discard pile. Can’t wait to try on all my clothes when another five pounds are gone.

  • If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

    Whose joining me on a FD on Monday?

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good Morning all, it’s 4am…yawn. Went to sleep at 10pm but woke up at 2am unable to get back to sleep, so here I am.

    We’ve had constant steady rain over Friday and Saturday which was lovely and will soak into the ground much better than a downpour which just runs off. Tomorrow we are forecast for a day of reasonably heavy rain so again I’m happy with that. Earlier in the week, prior to the rain, we fixed one of the downpipes on the shed, planted out some Lilly Pilly trees in the spare block, fertilised the entire garden and spread gypsum (clay breaker) around other areas of the block where we intend to plant more trees and ground covers in the coming weeks.

    LJoyce I love the photo. I was in my mid to late teens / early 20’s in the 80’s and had the longest, frizziest main of blonde hair. And the fashions, oh I can’t believe I wore some of the things I did, but didn’t we all. Lots to laugh about looking back now but I do hope the 80’s fashions stay back in the 80’s and don’t repeat themselves.

    Penguin, good luck with the house sale / purchase and glad to hear your health is going well and not causing too many side effects, allowing you to still continue on with your daily tasks. I too love Vera, Brokenwood Mysteries (although only watched a few episodes) and Shetland (was it Cinque who watched this?). Mr Gday is not a fan of British murder/mystery/drama, he prefers American shot ’em up shows so I don’t watch much British tv now (in fact don’t watch too much tv at all as I much prefer to read at night) but when I was single I watched all of them, the old ones and the new.

    Cinque, I’m with you, can’t wait for the warmer weather to appear. It was so cold late last week there was snow fall in nearby townships (30 kms away from us), which is a very rare occurrence. Most of it melted as it hit the ground but some areas further north east of here had quite a good covering. Isn’t it great getting to the shops early when there is no one else there. Not so much over winter as it’s too cold, but in warmer times I often head into Coles at 6am to do my food shopping. Only downside is that some days they haven’t finished stocking the fruit and veg section as it’s so early but I find they are more than happy to go out the back and get what is not on display when asked.

    Mr Gday is still on the wait list for further tests which is playing havoc with his stress levels. He is a stressor by nature and worries about every little thing in life so you can imagine what he is like at the moment. I keep reassuring Mr Gday that the specialist we saw was very positive about the outcome given he has not symptoms, is feeling well, no family history and his blood tests showed only one abnormality which was only slightly off scale.

    Weight loss update. I’m very happy to say that the scales are still heading downwards. In April, I reached my heaviest weight ever in my entire life, just nudging the scales over 80kg, hence why I was feeling depressed along with both of us being made redundant. I’ve hovered between 77kg and 80kg up until 10th July when I decided to give up the booze and go strict keto/very low carb. On that day I weighed 78kg. Today I weighed in at 73.4kg so more than happy with a 4.6kg loss in 4 weeks. I’m also in the middle of another extended fast, ate my last meal Saturday evening and will fast until Tuesday, not sure if I will break my fast with brekky, lunch or tea on Tuesday, will just see how I feel. I’m aiming to get to 65kg. When I used 5:2 to lose weight before I got down to 62kg but for now 65kg is my goal and from there I will re-asses if I want to go further or not. I must say that when I look at my Fitbit and it’s says 8.4kg until I reach my goal weight rather than the 15kg to reach goal weight of a few months ago I’m feeling very positive indeed.

    One other added benefit from being alcohol free is my Fitbit shows my Resting Heart Rate has dropped. For most of this year my RHR has been between 66-69. For the last month it’s been a constant 52-53. The same has happened for Mr Gday, a drop of about the same amount in his RHR since kicking the booze. I thought that was very interesting.

    I’m super excited as today I start my Cert III in Fitness course and I’ve just noticed the log in email has just lobbed into my inbox. Another plus is that weight loss (and muscle tone) should accelerate from now on seeing as I will be more motivated to stick to my fitness routine, no excuses to slack off now. My massage course starts on 1st September and yesterday I watched a 2 hour course overview session they sent me and I loved every minute of it. Later this week I will order the massage table. I’ve gone for a good quality, electric lift table, with detachable arm and head rests. As a registered massage student I receive a discount from this company which is great. It’s Australian made in Ballarat so I’m hoping the lockdown measures won’t hinder manufacture and delivery to SA so fingers crossed. The majority of the first unit is theory so I’m hoping by the time I’m into the practical work I will have a table.

    Excuse the long post, time for another coffee and then check my emails. Happy Monday everyone x

  • 🎆Auspicious August🎆 – Pandemic Obliterating Monthly Challenge

    D9 NFD UK Lake District

    Late posting today. Went for another swim today. Then had a lovely Sunday lunch with our son. Stayed within my TDEE.

    @emma-taylor sorry I confused you. My swim is in Lake Windermere. We started open water swimming about three years ago. It is a wonderful experience. Normally we have the lake to ourselves but we had to share it today with tourists. We do about 800 metres breaststroke which takes about 40 mins. depending on the weather. If it is blustery is takes much longer.

    @flourbaby. Thanks for sorting out the pocket lists.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening everyone currently 24°C here. Just got back from the BBQ and now enjoying a nice chilled glass of White zinfandel as I drove today. Had a lovely time especially as army grandson turned up as he’s just starting 2 weeks leave. Poppy was on her best behaviour and spent a lot of the time laying at husbands feet.
    FD definitely planned for tomorrow.
    Husband is watching or should I say sleeping through F1 highlights.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    21°C here been roasting all day, bowling tomorrow 24 tomorrow but possibly with thunderstorms 😲.Heidi lovers her cool mat as you can see on WhatsApp 😁. Roast beef now 😋😋.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening All..
    The weathers lovely now 19 degrees, it took its time arriving..
    Bit of a relax and decided on pizza tonight I really couldn’t be bothered cooking, we share so it isn’t as bad as it sounds..

    See what tomorrow brings I hate not fasting, I think it could be difficult with visitors but it’s another busy day..

    Scones are easy, glad they turned out well and Mum enjoyed them….I always like a batch in the freezer, for emergencies. Cakey never liked them that way but I think they are fine.
    I have the grass to cut tomorrow besides the other jobs before the rain comes on Tuesday.

    Charlie eventually ate his breakfast about 3pm…he has left his dinner!..still I suppose he will be full…

    Jean x

  • 🎆Auspicious August🎆 – Pandemic Obliterating Monthly Challenge

    Day 9 -2nd post

    @brightonbelle, @funshipfreddie – LOL, brats, in this case, is short for bratwurst, and is the term used for almost any sausage one would throw on the BBQ. Pronounced more like ” brott”.
    Mine was a cheddar-bacon brat (sausage)…very tasty!
    Granddaughters were very sweet, and not “bratty” at all.

  • 🎆Auspicious August🎆 – Pandemic Obliterating Monthly Challenge

    Day 9 Minnesota, USA NFD

    Goal today: eat between 1pm and 7pm, stay under 1450 calories (TDEE)
    Plan my meal for FD for tomorrow.
    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Not a bad day. Overcast until early afternoon but warm. Did a little gardening. Now sitting out in what for us is late afternoon with a beer, now the medics say I can have one. There is motor racing on the box tonight. I may watch the start and the finish, the going round in circles in between I don’t find particularly interesting. Recently on radio one of the Mercedes designers was asked “which is more important, car or driver”. answer “80% car”.

    Betsy the apartment is in a conversion of an old Georgian house, so about 200 years old and solid. It is in a quiet street on the outskirts, which is why we can afford it. If it had been in a fashionable area of the town centre it would have been at least 50% more and without any outside space. I know what you mean about noisy neighbours. In 1963/64 I lived in a small room in the back of the YMCA in Kowloon, sharing it with whoever was passing through. School holidays and weekends I worked in the Territories and slept on the floor in the back of a temple in a fishing village – much quieter.

    Cinque, they have made a couple of Discworld films. They were better than I expected, that kind of fantasy is usually best left in the mind of the reader.

    Time to think about doing the watering.

  • 🎆Auspicious August🎆 – Pandemic Obliterating Monthly Challenge

    Day 9 – UK – NFD – OMAD

    Yesterday went to plan. Today has been OMAD. Roast salmon, mozzarella & massive salad with balsamic & olive oil dressing. Followed by Greek yoghurt and chopped pecans; Latte & 2 cups tea with milk = 1100 calories. Fully satiated and done for the day. Sparkling water & herbal teas until bedtime. Hoping for a decent weigh in tomorrow.

    Sending Positive Vibes.

    Pocket List


  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon all!
    Jean- you’re so busy, glad you’ve had time on the beach though, Xena likes a paddle now too…I’m sure he’ll eat soon.
    Mel- hope you have a safe journey home, nice that you’ve got another holiday to look forward to!
    Dave- are you having a roast today?
    Hope everyone else is okay?
    Made scones after Church, took them to Mum’s for a cream tea: she’d been saying how my aunt had had one & hubby mentioned last night we’d had one, think it made her mouth water! I’m not normally good at scones but today’s were really yum! I think fasting will be definitely hard tomorrow; 3 days of eating too much!
    Enjoy the rest of the day, baking here again…

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    I’ve been to the Blue Mountains which is why I knew there was a Blackheath in Australia.
    A dear friend of mine grew up in Katoomba.

    Currently 34C here.

  • 🎆Auspicious August🎆 – Pandemic Obliterating Monthly Challenge

    Day 9 Canada NFD

    Happy Sunday. Looking forward to a slow morning after a super busy week. Only had time for a quick check in each day and missed adding myself to the ZBC and DTF lists but they have made a big difference to having a good month. I was so tired driving home from work last night I didn’t have the energy to stop and buy wine so it is a dry weekend.

    I’m so enjoying riding my bike, the exercise is great but being in the forest with birds and wildflowers and the occasional bear (!) lifts the soul. It seems that the pandemic has motivated lots of people to do the same as sporting equipment is sold out. Silver linings 🙂

    @basyjames I am so glad you and your OH have found your way back together, wow that is a lot on weight he has lost. I used to run and with my daughter as well, it is a fantastic thing to share
    @northerndawn I also find that sometimes I have a really bad sleep after FD’s but surprisingly it ruin the day.
    @i-hate-lettuce your deck sounds like a perfect place to relax after a MOAM walk. I love Sundays, favourite morning of the week even when I am not working
    @judyjudes planning meals is such a great thing to do
    @suki2 hope your MIL is okay
    @flourbaby I need to drink double water today, didn’t feel like I could drink any yesterday:(
    @northgeorgia 240 will come, hang in there

    Pocket List – Day 9
    @flourbaby LFD

  • 🎆Auspicious August🎆 – Pandemic Obliterating Monthly Challenge

    Day 9 – USA/GA – NFD

    OK, I’ve not been good this weekend with my NFDs. Overdoing the snacking, especially in the evenings, been slack with the water intake, and haven’t done a lot of walking at all. So the scales inched back to 252 lbs. today *sigh* Will try to rectify those habits today.

    On the other hand, this seems to be a new pattern in my slowed weight loss. Week 1: weight first appears as a low limit of a range; Week 2: weight appears to be the median/average of a range; Week 3: weight appears to be the high limit of a range and then disappears. Frustrating to be sitting at the edge of 240s Country and not get through customs! Here’s to hoping August, week 2, pushes the envelope further along!

    Good luck to everyone,

    Pocket List – Day 9
    @flourbaby LFD

  • Seeking Mutually Supportive Online Friend

    Hello Ladies, I’m also in the UK and early 60s and am back on the 5:2 train again. I had great success with this when it first made the headlines following the Horizon programme and I have no idea why I ever stopped! I got complacent I think and although I’ve tried other intermittent fasting regimes nothing else works as well for me as the 5:2. So, this is week 2 and so far I’m finding not eating at all on my fasting days a blessed relief! I’m staying off the scales other than once a week as I know it’s going to be slower this time round and not seeing the scales move, or the figures going in the wrong direction, is bad for morale!

  • 🎆Auspicious August🎆 – Pandemic Obliterating Monthly Challenge

    Day 9, London, UK, LFD,

    I’m looking forward to today’s LFD after the vino yesterday, I think it was too much in the heat since my head is banging this morning 👿, anyway, water, water, water!!!!

    @brightonbelle, that seabass sounds lovely, I had a crab salad yesterday followed by ice-cream, which was all I could manage in the heat, If only it had stopped there!!!🍷🍷🍷😉

    @suki2, I hope your MIL recovers quickly🙏, dehydration in the elderly is a big thing!! My mum often thinks she’s drinking lots and lots of water when in reality it’s the same glass being sipped throughout the day!!!

    @hedwig 🙏, you’re a spreadsheet super- 🌟, no apology necessary, life goes on, this challenge rolls forward, pop in when you can …………………………. We’re not going anywhere!!!

    @dykask, I don’t recall you updating us on the frog & planche challenge you set yourself? I’m working towards a ‘proper’ push-up …………………… just the one though😆!!!!

    Grilled Brats???…………………………. Sounds about right to me!!!!😂😝

    Pocket List – Day 9
    @flourbaby LFD

    ZBC List – Day 9 🚫🍳

    “If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.” – Elon Musk

  • 🎆Auspicious August🎆 – Pandemic Obliterating Monthly Challenge

    Day 9 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @betsylee – re the middle-of-the-night loo break. I know what you mean; so annoying. I don’t look at the clock, helps me get back to sleep quicker. I only know what time I woke up a few hours later after I check my Fitbit app.

    Odd weather here too, going up to 28C today. I think the sun’s forgotten it’s winter.

    @brightonbelle – re brats. I was thinking the same thing; grilling them seems a bit harsh 😱

    Happy S🌞nday everyone!

    ZBC List – Day 9 🚫🍳

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Currently 6.6 degrees, and I’m off to bed. Another short night – 5am waking 🙁

    I like to alternate fact and fiction, Amazon. It keeps the brain ticking and entertained.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Blackheath is in the Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney. Snow there is why our apparent temperature this evening is 5deg. The wind is howling and the rain is torrential. Excellent soup, red wine and fire weather.
    The land of Aus definitely gets winter, it just doesn’t last long!! P

  • 🎆Auspicious August🎆 – Pandemic Obliterating Monthly Challenge

    Day 9 UK NFD

    Going to try and get some yoga done before it gets too hot , controlled day planned Fast tomorrow

    @northerndawn Brats ? that’s what we’d call naughty children I’m hoping they’re some delicious treat ?

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning Again…
    He loved running on the beach couldn’t get over him going in the sea, usually frightened of getting wet…looks like another house, bungalows are scarce…..spotted another one…

    Hoping your nephew is more his self today and not in too much pain….you sound as if the BBQ went well wasps as well..we were painting late last night I have a few bites to prove it…

    Fasting might be difficult Monday..I did have a very low day yesterday just breakfast and a late sandwich.

    Have a good day all..

    Walk time

    Jean x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning All..
    A bit damp looking….
    Walking Charlie as Steve finishes the last bit of painting, last small trellis to do and some floor kerbs which keep the stones off the grass..see how he goes I may do them.

    Must tidy around as visitor staying a couple of days, more jobs tomorrow which he is helping to do and he is doing the gutter painting for us….
    Then big tidy up before photos get done hopefully Thursday if they can do it 😬

    Worried on Charlie he is not eating..changing things around but sniffs and goes..he will eat his treat biscuits!…no treats today!…he enjoyed his ice cream yesterday, the only thing he ate all day….
    He is bouncing about playing so he is ok..

    Welcome nice to have you and to join us, it’s a couple of weeks hard then it gets easier, don’t look too deeply into its quite easy….do your couple of fast days eating protein keeping off the carbs, the other days keep under your TDEE, (top corner of page on the right it will tell you what yours is)..I had every diet book going, visiting SW and WW classes….this is the best out of the lot..all the books thrown away..

    I am Jean with hubby Steve, we both fast together, Charlie is our rescue Dalmatian he’s 4, live in Yorkshire in a small village near Goole. Just house hunting to move to Bridlington by the sea which is scary. I have lost 2 stone, kept it off now for 2 years, I go up and down a pound here and there but in maintenance..just!

    Hoping you get to go camping and visit your parents , Wales is still got some rules in place, 🤞for you that you can catch up…
    Very hot for working. We are away on the 15th just for a week going near Skegness…

    We have had the fan out, thought Charlie might be frightened but he was ok..

    Turning page now…Jean x

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Morning/evening all,

    I saw a tweet this morning saying “it’s snowing in Blackheath” with an accompanying video of said snow, but the person who tweeted it can’t fool me as I know there is a Blackheath in Australia.
    It did serve as a reminder that the land I always think of as permanently 35C with wall to wall sunshine also has winter 😆

    What is it with bad legs? Wiwi and Barata I hope they get better soon.


    Some of the same people who would usually be in Spain are also behaving in a similar manner down South.
    I read a news article a few weeks ago about a couple whose garden abuts a path leading to a beach on the South coast and as the public toilets were closed people visiting the beach were using their garden and I’m not talking about emptying their bladders.
    I cannot understand how anyone can think it’s OK to defile anyone’s property, leave litter, block road by parking illegally so little Jonny can build a sandcastle etc.
    There has been an increase in littering here since lockdown began and our council workers have been doing a magnificent job in clearing it up.

    I use chick pea flour for my fritters.

    I decided I needed to do something differently that I had to really think about. MM’s TV show came along at the right time to inspire me.
    I spoke to my Herefordshire friend on Thursday and she is doing it too as she’s gained some weight during lockdown. We can compare notes if our plan to get together at the end of September works out.

    It’s day 4. Day 1 was easy, day 2 less so and yesterday I was hungry all day but really full after dinner and today I feel good so I think that’s the first tricky bit over.

    I have written a 2 week menu plan so I don’t forget anything I’ve got in the fridge.

    As for reading I’m alternating fiction with fact and after the current read is finished it’s MM’s Covid 19. I’m also wanting to read Tim Spector’s new book entitled Spoon Fed with the by-line why everything we’ve been taught about food is wrong.

    Don’t we know it…..

    Have a good one everybody 🤪

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Welcome to Nina too. Are you up for The Push on Monday? A few of us are feeling the need to pull our socks up! I am going home today after a week in a “bubble” with friends.

    Will be regularly posting from tomorrow so bye for now.
    Sorry so brief. 🥰

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    On the subject of wizards. CNN this morning has an item about Christchurch’s official, and paid, wizard, complete with photos of him and his nominated successor in black robes and pointy hats.

  • 🎆Auspicious August🎆 – Pandemic Obliterating Monthly Challenge

    Day 9 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Fabulous fun day and plenty of warm sunshine yesterday, good walk in the morning, then lazing in the garden, BBQ and a beer or two, excellent relaxing day!

    Looks like more of the same today, going to make the most of the sunshine.

    Take care all

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)


    I watched MM’s programme on Wednesday too. I know the dangers of too many carbs, but I’m not sure I’m ready for medium-term calorie restriction. Mind you, feeding myself would be so much easier if it wasn’t for the baby bird on the sofa…

    We’re eating homegrown tomatoes and courgettes too. I’m slightly obsessed with courgette fritters (made with spelt flour!), but trying not to eat them that way every day!

    Re: the R number. It isn’t based solely on the number of people having positive tests. I gather it’s a complex model that uses a range of data including hospital admissions and deaths, together with the results of repeat testing of individuals in the community (we had letters asking if we wanted to be part of the study, where a team come back repeatedly and take swabs). Its imperfect and lifting it out of the science into the government’s briefings doesn’t seem helpful.

    Wi and P,

    Thanks for the book recommendations. It looks like Hellship is only available as an audiobook over here, which is a shame as it sounds fascinating.

    Sorry to hear about your foot Barata, fingers crossed it heals quickly.

    We’re having a run of nice weather again here in the low 20s, which is just perfect for me. Although a bit hot for running, which I am determined to stick with despite not really enjoying it 😂 Yesterday you would have thought I’d been for a swim not a run…!

    I’m off this week and hoping to do a bit of walking in the Lake District seeing as it’s on my doorstep. I hope I can enjoy it although the reports are shocking – people turning up in droves, starting fires, damaging trees and wildlife and historical sites, leaving litter, aggressive driving and antisocial behaviour. Its shameful to think those people would normally be being ignorant and selfish in Spain…

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good afternoon. Just back from a nice walk in the rather brisk air.

    Betsy, I also have 8000 as my minimum, but seem to usually exceed it without trying too hard. The thing that made the big difference for me was listening to my fitbit when it reminds me to move every hour. Mine is set to remind me of that from 9am-9pm. By the time I add that onto one outdoor walk it seems to really add lots steps to my day.
    I did notice the covid numbers and was very pleased to see number that was lower than you’ve had in while. I’m hoping that some lower numbers will reassure people that the pain of stage 4 is worth it.

    Cinque, Good luck with the decision about which form of the fast diet to do.
    I haven’t counted calories on any of the days I’ve been doing fast800, I just guess and am happy if I average 800. I’ve been limiting myself to fresh veggies, chicken, eggs, fresh firm ricotta, milk and a little fruit, but no more than 1-2tsp added fats per day and no grains at all. (I am eating plenty of potatoes though, which I cook, chill, then reheat to create resistant starch.) I know roughly the kilojoule count of everything and think I’m around 600-1000 each day, but averaging 800. I have also added psyllium back into many days, just so there is enough bulk going through my digestive system as the volume of food I’m eating is significantly less than a normal NFD. I’m also having 1/2 glass of kombucha each day.
    Most days I have either a very low-cal veggie lunch or I make a smoothie with a tblsp psyllium, a cup of almond-coconut milk, 1/2 a piece of fruit, a little stevia and ice. I dilute it with extra water so it’s quite filling. My main meal is dinner and I’m eating no breakfast and no mid-meal snacks – just cups of tea. It’s very limited, but I need it to be that way right now as lots of choices has been my downfall.

    Take care all.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Not all of us today, P. Lovely day here, 18 degrees, t-shirt weather. It means a cold night, though. Your rain arrives here tomorrow night 🙁

    Good to hear your leg has improved, Wi, and your cold gone, Amazon. I have a soft tissue injury below my ankle (cause unknown), and know from experience that it will last weeks. So no walking at the moment, but it doesn’t stop me gardening!

    I have just put “Blindness” on hold at the library. Two of our great magazines stopped publishing during lockdown and I so miss the book reviews. They are both going to re-start under new ownership, fortunately.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning all!
    Nina- welcome! Nice to have some new ‘faces’! I live in Suffolk, so not too far from you, we have a 2 yr old lab, she thinks she’s a German Shepherd, quite fiesty! Are you doing fast800 or 5:2?
    Kay- nice to have you back! Hope you & Neil get to Wales! & that Tara enjoys it 😁
    Jean- sounds lovely to have a day out at the beach, & nice you’ve found another area to look at…
    Dave- glad you enjoyed the cricket, sounded a great test match, was your steak good too?
    Mel- enjoy the musgoes! Not heard of that, but I like the sound of it! Safe journey home!
    Nana- have a lovely day with your daughter today!
    DF- hope you get to put your feet up a bit, but I guess that you have alot to catch up on, or is Steve up to helping out?
    Minols- hope that your service goes well today!
    Fiona- hope you’re having a good weekend with your fur babies!
    Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone!
    Nephew’s had surgery, not until about 5pm though, poor love! Neighbour was feeling better thankfully.
    Had a lovely bbq, a few wasps about, hubby flaps like a windmill! Mum really enjoyed it, she’s so much happier now, very forgetful still though. Hubby was so patient listening to her explaining all the TV programmes she watches (all re-runs, she doesn’t actually watch much but it seems to be a regular topic of conversation!) Xena was straight back into the habit of walking her home! Turned cooler in the evening, I was chilly! Supposed to be hot again, so will take Xena out soon!
    Have a good day…

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning,
    I started today without internet AGAIN! But I headed off to Northland (shopping centre) and left iinet to sort it out. And they did.
    The streets were like the Sunday mornings of my youth, decades ago. Empty. I was the first car to park on the roof above Aldi and the veggie shop. I got everything I needed (including the good halloumi, and FRESH MILK!)

    Even though it is fast day and I am wondering if I might try a couple of weeks of Fast800, I’ve cooked the beetroot that has been kvassed (can you decipher that?) and made 6 meal sized ramekins of mince and beetroot bake. I had to, I had all the ingredients! They are in the oven now.
    They are very ‘Eastern European winter’ as they are lined with thinly sliced potato, then a layer of mince cooked with caraway and cinnamon, topped by the beetroot and I snuck in a good sprinkle of chopped parsley, then topped again with lemony sourcream sauce. I’ve made them before and they are a lovely meal. And I feel very productive. They might be 800 calories each, so maybe I could have one meal a day when I have one of them.

    But that does mean the day is rattling along nicely and I have been too busy to think of my stomach.

    Betsy I hope you are having a good day. Haha re Wilbur. I started off doing exactly the same, but Miso got so fat that now I just say “If you were really hungry you would eat the crumbs!” She would like to move to your house!

    LJoyce, Oh dear that nephew cat! Miso will vomit after eating if she has a hairball (usually on soft furnishings!) and then tell me how hungry she is. She is a shorthaired cat so we weren’t expecting hairballs, but luckily that is all it is and she does pretty well on the specially formulated feed.

    Woot Woot! Your milestone. Lovely work. I know you need to wait for it to settle, but here are flowers for today, in anticipation.

    Penguin, I love the discworld Death, and his granddaughter. Haha re the pineapple and cheese, he would fit in well at that salmon mousse dinner party.

    That apartment sounds so nice! I want to live there! All my fingers are crossed for you.

    Well, I am going to sit and consider whether to do the Fast800 for a couple of weeks. Or maybe even one week to see how I go. I am hopeless at counting calories, but I am hoping if I read the book carefully and study the recipes I can get a close enough idea.

    Gday, how are your going this side of your 60 hour fast? And how is Mr Gday? We are thinking of you (blithely speaking on behalf of everyone here).

    We have had a terrible day for Victoria, with our highest covid death toll. But otherwise the signs are good. The next few days will tell, but it looks like the numbers of people catching covid19 are falling.

    Cali, I have been thinking of you as the numbers were rising here, especially when I spent most of yesterday thinking powdered milk was better than facing the shopping centre. I could feel the worrying situation really effect the way I was feeling and thinking, so much more than previously. I do feel a lot better after this morning’s shop and this morning’s figures. But I am sending so many good wishes your way.

    Well the oven pinged and my ramekins are golden brown and smelling so good it is a pity I can’t eat one today.

    There is a bit of sun outside so I will go for a little walk before attacking Dr Mosley’s book. Good wishes everyone!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good afternoon everyone.

    On the computer, so a good time to post. Just checked my bananas, and they still need to ripen a little before I make them into banana cake, so I can spend longer on the computer.

    Looks like a couple of posts crossed with mine again. Cinque, hope you were able to safely go out and buy some milk and vegies. I tend to try to avoid the shops at the weekend, but if you’re out of something, that’s a different circumstance.
    Pleased to note today that our Covid-19 figures are down below the 400 mark for the first time in several days. Hope that’s a sign of a downward trend. Greatest recorded number of deaths, though. So sad.

    Penguin, yay for England beating Pakistan. Comment re having a ground floor apartment – how noisy would the people above you be? That was always an issue when I lived in China, as nearly all city living was in apartment blocks. If the upstairs neighbour lives to a different time frame to you, you could end up being woken earlier than you like, or at the other end, be kept awake too late. Just a thought to keep in mind.

    LJoyce, great that you have lost those couple of pesky kilos and are now back into your “happy” range. And well done you with the walking. I’ve set 8000 steps as my minimum goal, but generally get into the 9000s or 10000s. You’re doing even better!

    Re Wilbur’s weight, last time I was at the vet’s I was told to try to not feed him as much as they felt he was too heavy. Well, he’s also 15 years old, so I’m not trying too hard. My previous cat, long ago, was a Burmese, and she was a tiny thing about half Wilbur’s size, so I’ve had both. She also self-regulated her eating and never gained any weight. She lived mainly on dry food, with some meat and some fish each about once a week. My vet at that time recommended me feeding her like that – said the dry food was designed to be a complete food. I guess that’s what Cinque feeds Miso. I gave her meat once a week to chew on, to remove plaque, and fish every so often as she just loved it.

    Stay well and safe everyone!

  • 🎆Auspicious August🎆 – Pandemic Obliterating Monthly Challenge

    Day 9 Melb Aust TDEE

    Early afternoon, and just having my first “snack” of the day (270 cals). So much easier not to eat earlier in the day! 🙂

    Day 9 ZBC

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning, hope you are all having a nice Sunday.
    After a couple of days of gloomy weather the sun is peaking out occasionally today, so a walk awaits.

    Penguin, I really hope you get a sale on your property while your favourite is still on the market.
    Congratulations on the cricket win – always more rewarding when you don’t expect a win.

    Cinque, I’m having to really manage my water intake. I’m finding with the reduced amount I’m eating it’s even more critical – probably because I’m getting less water from food.

    Anzac, I think having the colonoscopy is a good idea as it may identify the problem, or at least put your mind at rest. The preparation is definitely unpleasant, but worth it to get some answers.
    The last one I had, they did an endoscopy too (at least there’s no extra prep for that). I did get some answers and they weren’t dire as I feared. Sometimes ruling out the serious things can be as important to your stress levels as actually identifying the problem.

    Betsy, I think Wilbur’s size is probably normal. I’ve never met a ginger cat that wasn’t a large male. Or maybe they’ve just all read Garfield and think they need to emulate his food obsession.

    Cinque & Betsy, My nephew’s cat is little and lean – she’s also bulimic! She eats until she’s so full that it makes her vomit, then comes back for more. They have to carefully ration her food across the day so that she doesn’t eat too much at once.

    Well I reached a milestone this morning, I am finally back into my preferred weight range, just. I was 77.9kg this morning and I think it’s been nearly a year since I was that weight. I know from the last 4 weeks that this will bounce around for a bit before it allows me to stay under 78, but that’s ok. Normally the daily weighing would be something I could not cope with, but surprisingly I’m finding it useful at the moment and I’m coping with the upward fluctuations. I have decided that I am sticking with my current regime on the fast800 and will continue with my limited food range. Once I’m closer to 75kg I will ease back into a normal 5:2 maintenance regime.
    I’ve also been happy with my activity levels. Over recent months I’ve managed to build my average steps up from 8500 per day to 11000 per day. When I do the higher step count it used to increase my joint pain and inflammation. However, I’ve discovered that if I don’t do a really long walk, but spread the activity across the day and evening I can do a lot more without adverse consequences the next day.

    Hello to everyone I haven’t mentioned. Have a lovely day all.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    The climate changes extremes we are all experiencing add another stress layer to the pandemic, Wi. Like you, when it’s hot here, not only do we have to cope with the heat and drought, there is the fear of fire and smoke. At present, we are experiencing extremely cold and wild wet weather. In Tasmamia, one place had a minimum of minus 14 this week!
    I’ve just read a book about an epidemic on board an immigrant ship, travelling from Liverpool to Melbourne in 1852. Awfully close to the current situation. I would recommend it as a well researched history for anyone who’s family migrated in a ship. “Hell Ship” by Michael Veitch. Human behaviour doesn’t change. 😐
    Keep cool, all of you “up north”. We southerners will rug up! P

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    And one more post!

    DF…so nice to see you back but so sorry to hear about Steve. Heres hoping he makes good progress now. Thank goodness you can still work at home, although also hope you have your own time too x

    Sounds like a fab holiday. And now back to usual fast pace! A lot of writing to be done and zoom meetings still! Things are ever changing, masks mandatory in churches..

    Nana, well done for maintaining! Another bbq tomorrow..enjoy.

    Jean, nice to hear Charlie enjoyed the beach. Ellie used to enjoy the flat open space to run on, less so the sea! Keep looking at areas and bungalows, the good thing is that you arent under pressure.

    Mel, sounds you are having a fab time. Back home soon to regroup before next one 😉

    Dave, did you have steak tonight? Are you feeling any better? Could it IBS?

    HH, any news on your nephew. Really feel for him. His anxiety must be through the roof. Really hope it doesnt end up in emergency surgery.
    The nosy neighbours…didnt you start by saying they had liverpool accents 😀
    Or maybe Jean type accent, or Peter Kay accents. I shouldnt laugh, Im just as bad!

    Who have I forgotten??? Sorry Im out of practice x

  • 🎆Auspicious August🎆 – Pandemic Obliterating Monthly Challenge

    Day 8 Minnesota, USA NFD

    About to go to DD’s house to grill some brats and see the granddaughters. I mean to stay mindful, but may have a glass or to of something cold and relaxing! Quite warm and humid today, with possible storms tomorrow.
    Enjoy the weekend, everyone.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    And, I don’t know how, but England beat Pakistan.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    That was the one about the Rugby coach whose team had lost 50 games in a row. My only problem with it was that they played in the colours of my old team!

    Cinque, I have read most of Terry Pratchett’s Disc World books. When the wizards summoned Death he arrived with scythe and a piece of cheese and pineapple on a cocktail stick.

    No Betsy, this is a different place. The first one was all we could find at the time, but it needed a lot of work: a solid internal wall knocking down, a new bathroom and heating system. What it had going for it was location. It is still on the list, but now sitting about third. The new favourite is a ground floor apartment, in a conversion of a large old house, with a small private garden. It has a large old fashioned living room and is ready to move into. The location is perfect. We had a promising viewing of ours this morning, good feed back so fingers and toes crossed.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Heidi is in heaven,she is on her new cool mat with a fan on her 😁

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi Nina,I have a 14 year old German shepherd called Heidi.I live in Manchester.Make sure you keep coming on here, it’s a great help.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening all,

    I worked til 2pm today and went home to enjoy the sunshine…sadly there wasnt any!
    Caught up with a bit of recorded tv this evening. We were going to go up to our local pub tonight, but as its outside only, and it looked very grey, we didnt bother. We will try and go up tomorrow evening as we really want to support them. They are only opening for locals and only outside for 3 evenings a week, 5 til 8 and all socially distanced, cleaned etc.

    We are both off for a week from Sunday and the plan is to visit Neils mum in South Wales and then my mum in North Wales and somewhere on the road trip visit Neils dad in South Worcestershire.
    The problem is that both mums are currently shielding and under Wales legislation, we can only visit outside at 2m.
    I think the update from Welsh parliament is due on 16th Aug, which is a bit of an issue!!
    And where to stay?! We are prepared to camp, but everywhere is full or at highly inflated prices..

    Well sun is shining now…typical..oh well…oven fish and chips for tea with side salad, but I have had a couple of cans of cider. Obviously not a FD!!!

    Kay x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Welcome to the group Fiona, Sarah and now Nina.

    We are a friendly bunch. Some of us have been here for ages and we can confirm this way of life does work!

    The issue most of us have is sticking to it 😀

    Living in North Cornwall
    Partner – Neil
    Dog mummy to Tara a 14 month old shar-pei, who we rescued almost 10 weeks ago. Our 2nd rescue shar-pei
    55 years old (cough), still working part-time self employed but hoping to take early retirement 😀

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening everyone, a much nicer day today not so hot and a nice breeze. Just had a nice BBQ together with a nice chilled Amstel lager. Daughter rang and invited us over tomorrow afternoon for a BBQ to celebrate son in laws birthday which will be nice.
    Jean sounds like you’ve had a nice day and no neighbours to bother you at the moment.
    Mel sounds like a lovely last days holiday. Still got 7 weeks until ours.
    Hedgehogs hope your nephew is sorted out bless him. Yes only a short walk for us this morning and looking at the forecast for tomorrow it will be a short one. Enjoy your BBQ.
    Dave glad Heidis paw is healing nicely and enjoy the steak tonight.
    Hello Nina and welcome we’re a friendly bunch on here and as you also are a dog owner it helps .
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    The Brokenwood Mysteries start in about 10 minutes. In think we saw the tail end of the series but they have restarted from scratch. Don’t like to eat and watch but it is on early and my veg risotto should be done!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi everyone
    Just starting out on this journey, from reading all the posts looks like great support from everyone. Weather has been a bit cooler here in West Norfolk with a blustery breeze, making walking Freddie, German Shepherd, more pleasant today.

    Have been reading and trying to get head around everything watching the programme the other night definitely helped.


  • Seeking Mutually Supportive Online Friend

    Hi Ladies, am just starting the fast diet and also a few months off hitting the big 60!
    How are you both doing? Also live in the UK.

  • 🎆Auspicious August🎆 – Pandemic Obliterating Monthly Challenge

    Day 8 Second Post

    @funshipfreddie, Mine was only a comment re your suggestion. In general, I don’t have a lot of problem dropping off to sleep (unless I’ve been on the computer too late), and according to my Fitbit, generally have good quality sleep with not a lot of awake time, which seems to be unlike many of the other post-ers here. But, if a song does get into my head – aghh!
    Also, I find I can’t go to sleep too early (e.g., 10 p.m.). I’m likely to wake at around 2-3 a.m. (loo break) and stay awake for a couple of hours, dropping back to sleep around 4-5 a.m. If I go to sleep at midnight, I’ll wake between 4-5 a.m. (loo) and go straight back to sleep. Strange!

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    We are back in our heatwave, and I am sitting by a ventilator.
    My leg is much better already, though today I didn’t manage my 10k steps as it got very hot even by 8am.
    It’s too hot outside even in the shade.
    Good thing is that feeling hungry is off the spectrum.
    I am not sure how much more of this cabin existence I want- too cold or too hot and only 3 or 4 months in-between. Unrelenting heat actually makes me panic-the fear of fire. I guess it’s like this for you, Purple for the too hot.
    All the moisture has gone from the earth and my garden is dying even though I water it.
    I have been reading a book called “Blindness” which won a Nobel prize for literature, showing the breakdown of society after everyone goes blind. It’s too close to the bone as the parallels with our present situation are too obvious.

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