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  • Hello all!

    Need help to plan meals on my working week, 7 nights from Mon evening 20:00 to next Mon 06:00. 10 hrs each night. I am usually in bed att 6:30 to 07:00 and get up at 14:00-15:00. Leave for work at 19:00
    How to divide the day/week into fast and eat period?

    This is simple:

    On your designated fast days, eat only 500 calories from when you get up until you go to sleep. Many eat their 500 calories a few hours before bed. I like to eat right before I go to sleep.

    On your non fast days, eat up to your BMR calories while you are awake.

    Roger1966, as long as you don’t have to rotate shifts, I think it is pretty straightforward. When you’re going to fast, go to bed at 0630-0700, get up at 1400-1500, eat 500/600 calories until 0630 or 0700, go to bed, begin a normal day’s eating when you get up again at 1400-1500. A normal day’s eating is up to the number of calories you need to maintain your weight (see the TDEE calculator under the ‘how’ tab at the top of the page). You do not need to count your calories on a non-fasting day, but it can be helpful to keep in mind that ‘normal’ eating is eating that would maintain your weight, not the eating that most people do that leads to weight gain. If you have to rotate shifts it could get a bit more complicated.

    Thanks all for the help, as stated in my bio I am am type 2 diabetic working shift since some 20 odd years(wich in it self raises my bloodglucose level). Way to little is mentioned about shiftwork in these forums, since it is what keeps the so called real world spinning…

    Roger1966, shift work is indeed physically stressful and certainly does help our world go ’round, so to speak. It’s been many years since I worked nights, but I do remember.

    What gets discussed on these forums is only what people bring here… a couple of weeks ago, a woman posted a question for her husband, who rotates day and night shifts — maybe some people who do shift work will also respond to your query — although somehow it seems to be under the ‘Recipes and Meal Plans’ section, if you don’t get responses, maybe try again under ‘Weight Loss’.

    If not, feel free to read the different threads, and if you find any kindred spirits, feel free to join in. There are some people with type 2 diabetes who post here. I don’t, but have other medical problems, and have had a lot of success with 5:2, I wish you the same 🙂 Be sure to check out the information under the ‘why fast?’, ‘how’, and ‘faq’ tabs at the top of the page.

    My plan is to keep my usual fast days, but instead of having all the calories at night, I’ll eat them all at the end of my shift in the morning before sleeping and skip the evening meal before my shift. I have a run the week after next, so will let you know how it went.

    Roger1966, Keep it simple, fast over 2 sleep periods and 1 shift period (if that makes sense). I work a basic 5 nights 8 hours (same nights each week). I start my fast at 2am, end of lunch time at work, sleep, have my evening meal at 5pm with the family and a ‘snack’ at 2am again. Then I have my normal family evening meal again at 5pm to end the fast period.
    Its a long fast but I find it quiet easy as there are 2 periods of sleep. Once I tried starting my fast at 9pm before work and went through 2 shifts and 1 sleep, that didn’t work at all!
    I don’t know how this would work regarding the type 2 but I don’t see a problem if you manage to spread your calories out over the ‘day’. Just remember that on fast days to eat as clean as possible.

    I would be interested to hear how others cope with this too.
    My shifts alternate between days and nights. I started my first fast today and was in class all day. Tomorrow I start my night shifts, 8:30 pm to 8am. I plan to do my next fast starting Wednesday morning to Thursday when I wake up and see how that works.
    I tried the 5:2 before and didn’t manage to keep it up partly due to my erratic shifts so I’m determined this time!

    Hi Weelise

    Hope you get some helpful replies. You could also type ‘shift work’ into the search box at the top of this page – there are loads of posts on the subject.

    However you tackle it, best of luck with your 5:2
    Bootsy (a very relieved EX shift worker!)

    Hi Roger,

    Their is high chance of falling sick, if you are not taking your diet at time. Specially the people working in night shifts should have some good amount of sleep (i.e, 8 – 9 hrs) along with good diet. Have your diet like you take it in your day.

    Good Luck!!!

    I’m not sure if I agree with you surela.
    First of all if you’ve ever worked a night shift you’ll know that 8-9 hours sleep is near impossible, even a luxury when I’m on day shift as I start at 7am!( and I’ve been doing nights on and off for 15 years)
    Also as I’m on nights for the next 6 weeks or so, my days off are on the weekends, therefore my social time and from what I’ve read so far that’s not an advisable time anyway. I am very aware that generally working night shift is detrimental to your health but there’s not much I can do about that, comes with the job!
    But thank you for your response

    Hi Weelise,

    I have worked in night shifts for 3 years, I planned my daily routine as I do in the day time.

    Also please go through the following

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