Where’s my Dad gone?

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  • Where’s my Dad gone?

    My father has lost a grand total 36 pounds on The Fast Diet (so far). This is an astounding, life-changing achievement and I am hugely proud of him.

    Here’s what he says about it (and I really think he’d say this even if we weren’t related!): ‘The point is, it’s just so easy. It’s not like dieting at all. I have a selection of four or five different dishes which I have on Fast Days… and I like all of them!  And my need to snack on non-fast days has disappeared too.  In the 6 months since New Year I can only remember being hungry once.’

    I remember years of bugging him to lose weight, worrying about his blood pressure, his knees, his heart. Now, there’s a true lightness in his step and he looks fit as a fiddle. Here’s his Before and After pics (he had to be persuaded to let me have the Before…)

    My folder 2004 part 2 1159photo

    Fantastic, Mr Mimi’s Dad – Those photos look so good together – thank you for displaying them both. What a brilliant achievement! Hooray, hooray!

    Hey, I’ve just remembered: since the New Year, I’ve lost 30 pounds myself! So, Hooray, Hooray! from me to me too!
    (I always avoided cameras in my ‘Before’ days, though – no brave ‘visuals’ from me, I’m afraid.)

    As I’ve said elsewhere: ‘You know you’ve lost weight when you trip over the hem of your pyjama trousers, because the waistband has slipped down to your hips!’

    Thats so great to see and very encouraging to read Mr Mimi´s Dad´s comments.

    I have to say that seeing the photos of Michael earlier is really helping me keep at it today.

    Thanks for posting them

    Wow – well done Mimi’s Dad. I wish my Dad would do the same but he’s so obstinate 🙁

    Wow Mimi your dad looks great, a different person and thanks to you I’m following right behind, after reading one comment by you in your column I sent for fast diet book in April (must have been in hibernation before) because I didn’t see program or any other publicity, read book and got stuck in 5:2 for first week then onto 4:3 simply coz I found it so easy + sustainable + very enjoyable, I’ve loads to lose starting as M/Obese but I am in for the long haul.
    10 weeks later 22lbs lighter + the loss is amazing because it feels (clothing wise) that its closer to 30lbs
    Many thanks to you Mimi + Dr M I think you’ve probably saved my life. Sue

    He looks so much younger.The before and after photo of Micheal has kept me going when I have had a bit of a wobble on a fast day.I hope to post before and after photos in the next couple of months.
    I can’t quite believe that I have now lost 19lbs in 21 weeks.My shape has completely changed, my attitude to food has shifted and I feel so much better.

    Annette and SueQ – thank you so much for your posts. I hadn’t actually realised quite how moving this would/could be. I am genuinely delighted that 5:2 seems to be making such a difference to so many lives, both close to home and far further afield, and I know Michael is too.

    Mimi and Michael,
    It makes a huge difference to ‘see’ the evidence and to look at those photos for more encouragement.I was stunned at the difference in Michael, he looks so much younger now.
    I ran my first very slow half marathon in early April. The finishing photos show a fat person struggling over the finish line. I am doing another half in Sept and there will see a much slimmer person crossing the line…and hopefully a faster one.I should be…carrying much less flab.
    Photos make a huge impact.
    I kept very quiet about the 5:2 when I started in January. I was skeptical that it would work.
    Today I am not only back in my favorite size 12 jeans, but there is no muffin top either!I am genuinely delighted. Thank You Michael and Mimi.

    Thank you for the pictures of you dear dad. I can’t think of a better proof of belief and conviction than to have our loved ones “try it”. So happy for you to know he is improving his life quality and will be around to enjoy life with his very intelligent and loving daughter and grandchildren. My husband and I did it for one another. We want to be healthy and vital for as long as we can to enjoy our lives together. It is after all, about love.

    Mimi, could you post a current sideways-on photo of your Dad so we can compare like to like?

    Thanks for the lovely comments about my New Dad. He’s still going strong on the Fast Diet – 40 pounds down now – and he’s meticulous about doing it twice a week, no ifs no buts. I’ll grab a ‘side-on’ shot when I next see him! One of his best friends is a cardiologist, who is now using him as an example of what can be done to lose weight and improve health and fitness at the grand old age of 75!


    He looks fabulous.

    I am only on day 2 but have taken the pictures to show my husband, I would like him on the diet he is waiting to see what I do.

    You should show him the forum of replies.

    Well done.

    Nice to read how well your Dad is doing Mimi. When I first read about his progress, it helped me to bite the bullet and make a start on the 5.2 diet.
    8 weeks in and a weight loss of just over a stone, plus 2 inches off my waist, I`m delighted at the way things are going ! Never thought , at 78, I could make such a life-change.

    Mimi, your ‘after’ dad looks as if he is the fitter, younger brother of your ‘before’ dad. This is a terrific effort.

    A very inspirational post for everyone on the 5.2
    Thanks for telling us Mimi and for the photo’s Mimi’s dad.

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Thank you for posting this. I hope to put up a set of before and after pics in the future of my husband who has joined me in this new lifestyle.

    Well done Mimi’s dad. I bet he feels great.

    Mimi, can we have an update on your father? Preferably with a recent photo. Thanks

    agree with Yael. so pleased for him and i wish my dad would do the same!! 🙂

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