When should I redo stats?

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  • Before I started HIIT I noted down all my stats (MHR, RHR, VO2 max, Glucose Tolerance Test, weight, etc).

    I’ve been doing HIIT for about 4 weeks now, but how long should I continue before redoing all the tests to see if HIIT has had any effect?


    You can record whenever you like. Just remember that if its short, say every week or 2, then sometimes things will go in the other direction briefly, but other the LONG RUN they will be going down. On the other side of things, recording every month or 6 weeks is often quite popular because people like to see the improvements they’re getting with every “weigh in.” 6 weeks is the usual amount of time for the body to start changing enough that it can be seen.

    So whichever way you decide to do just keep it the same. Same time of day, same place to stand on the scales, same places on your body to measure etc etc. I find morning is good because then you haven’t drunk or eaten anything, so its a nice neutral place to be as close to the same conditions as your last measuring session.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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