What's a recommended Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamins B and D supplement?

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What's a recommended Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamins B and D supplement?

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  • Hi,

    I’ve lost 20kg and even though I’m trying to follow the recommended guileless in the Fast800 book, I thought it’d be wise to take a Vitamin supplement, such as Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamins B and D as recommended in the book. I’ve lost 20 kg and I’m quite happy about my weight loss, which I’ve combined with a good level of fitness. Now I’m losing my last 2 or 3 kilos. Any recommendations? (I’m in the UK)

    Note that Dr Mosley suggests a supplement containing these minerals and vitamins, rather than those micronutrients alone.

    Magnesium is the most difficult to find in a multimineral/ multivitamin supplement: often the dose is low, or it is in a form that is poorly absorbed (eg. sulphate).

    Given that your diet has been imbalanced and poorly varied for some time, I would suggest discussing your choice of ‘complete’ supplement with your family doctor, pharmacist or dietician.


    I guess I’ll have to go to my NHS doctor had tell him. Maybe I should have a blood test done. I had one done something like 4 months ago shortly after I begun my weight loss (I had lost 6 kg or so and was already feeling much better).

    I guess you’re right, Thanks a lot.

    I agree with Firefox about checking with a doctor. Potassium can be dangerous to supplement because there’s a fine balance of potassium, magnesium and sodium that your body needs. Doctor’s usually recommend against taking potassium supplements without a blood test showing that you are actually deficient in it. I’ve come to the conclusion that unless bloodwork shows I’m low in a nutrient, it’s better not to take a pill, but eat a balanced healthy diet instead.

    Congrats on your weight loss! Are you going to continue with 5:2 for maintenance?

    Congrats on yr results! For magnesium I’ve started using it in spray form by the Better Yiu company. I also have it in powder marine form. Both are 100% pure. I take this in the evening for better sleep. Magnesium is best found on its own and the other vits as combined b

    In the USA, our soils are significantly depleted of essential minerals. Most food production businesses (notice I don’t call them farms) may put fertilizers into the soils for better production, but don’t often spend the $money$ resting and replenishing their soils. Plants absorb and metabolize soil elements and pass them on to us. Take Potassium (“K”), for example. Apparently, people should consume 4,700 mg of K per day. Foods highest in K: beet greens ( rarely find this in my grocery stores), white beans, lima beans. (Notice the ubiquitous banana is not listed?) One cup of each of those equals ~ 3,500mg of K. You still have 1,200 mg to go. Eat a cup of avocado and a cup of sweet potato and you’re finally there – for one day! If you relied on a salad of the healthier, leafy greens, you’d have to eat around 8 cups (don’t drown it in dressing). So with this kind of information, I see no problem in a person – w/ a doctor’s OK – taking a mineral supplement of about 50% of the RDA. There are some nutrients that are just too hard to consume, on a regular basis, or the corollary is that you end up overeating. And that’s just for potassium!

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