What keeps you motivated?

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What keeps you motivated?

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  • Just realised I may have to change the goal post! My small goal was to get under 10 stone and complete 10,000 steps daily.

    I have now lost approximately 9lb. I was 10 stone 7lb and started to skim 10 stone but could not breakthrough this wall. With the help of the Fast Diet I am now 9 stone 11.5lb and even touched 9 stone 10.5lb recently!

    My other motivation is my pedometer (Fitbit) which is keeping me active with 12,000 steps most days! 🙂

    Weight loss and the fact ive started to feel healthier despite only losing 6lbs so far.


    Feel better, look better and stay off expensive harmful meds.

    well done on your great results, my motivation is fitting into sizes i havent seen since i was a teenager, feelings of high energy, great skin, and better health xx

    My goal was to lose 28 lb and go from a BMI of 30 down to 25.Now a BMI of 26 and still the pesky 5 lb to go….but also gone from a large size 14 to a 10/12.

    Blood pressure was high in January and now is normal. GP is very impressed.

    I’m into week two and above all are loving the look of my skin. I’ve lready had comments on how fresh faced I look – RESULT! Noticed clothes are slightly looser though early days for any significant weight loss. Keep it up everyone, I think we are onto a winner!!

    I keep motivated by planning meals for fast days. I’m also watching what I eat on the other 5 days and it’s stopping me pigging out on unhealthy snacks! I tried on a pair of trousers that were tight round my middle and found that they now fit perfectly after only two weeks on the diet. This is the BEST motivation for me as a woman to carry on with it. I need to lose 2 stone and I agree that we are on a winner with this very workable plan!

    My goal was to be healthier (that visceral fat business on the documentary was scary), normalise my hormone levels and have better skin.

    All achieved very early on.

    My new goal (since I’ve now proved it’s possible) is to get somewhere near my ‘ideal weight’ and maintain that level.

    My inspiration is all the evidence that the ‘healthy’ goals are met and the fact that I keep on dropping a size every few months. And I’m now in a (baggy) size 12, which I’ve never seen the inside of in my life before.

    I can eat anything I want… tomorrow.

    Everyone else’s diets have rules. Can’t eat this, can’t eat that, had to give up this.

    Not me, and I feel great!

    I agree GolfinGoldy, when sitting on the sofa on a fast evening and feeling peckish I just think, well it is almost tomorrow not long to go.
    My main motivation is how much better i feel not eating so much. I used to eat too much food (because i enjoyed eating) but always ended up feeling stuffed afterwards. This diet is helping me retrain myself to eat sensibly and listen to my body.

    Still have a long way to go but it isn’t feeling too hard to do at all.

    Moving around better. Continuing to lose weight, 15 pounds so far. Feeling better within myself. Some people commenting that I’m losing weight/my skin looks good. After 6 weeks I am feeling comfortable and settled into this plan.Just doing it and not having to tell everyone I’m on a diet. As well as weight and measurements my sister is taking photos of me in the same clothes and keeping them in my Fast Journey file.Enjoying clothes fitting better.Enjoying planning my meals, shopping for them and sitting down to eat. Feeling more in control most of the time. Am getting my zest for Life back. Proud of myself for the first time in ages.Head in a good place. Does my heart good to see fellow 5:2’ers sharing their journeys on here too, getting back in the saddle when things have been tough. We are Weebles, we might wobble but we get up again. Here’s to us all!

    It is kind of weird that a common theme seems to be that a lot of people (myself included) enjoy planning meals on fast days. You would think it would be a chore but I really enjoy it, it’s a challenge. It also has the effect of my OH eating more veg than he would normally so that’s a good thing too.

    My motivation is simply feeling healthier. I see food over the course of a week now, not day by day, thinking that treats here and there will be balanced out by fasting days. And, regulate my food on regular day’s anyway because my glucose levels (I think) are not spiking sending me into hunger fits and cravings. So on eating days I find myself not thinking about food as much. Trust me, I use to think about food a lot.

    Very encouraging everybody.

    On my fasting days when I pass by the the donuts at the office I say to myself; I can have those tomorrow.

    Shouldn’t motivation also be pleasurable?

    My fast is on the weekend, which breaks the weekday focus & discipline that it requires.

    The weekend then becomes more about rejuvenation & strengthening.

    Although, it’s mostly the physical that has the focus & intention; my mind, my emotions & my spirituality receive a boost also.

    I can then explore these other dimensions with more time & determination.

    That’s pleasurable.

    For me. ✔

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