Weight Loss: More With Exercise? Let's See!

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Weight Loss: More With Exercise? Let's See!

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  • Hi all, I’m conducting an experiment to see how much more successful my weight loss will be by incorporating (for a start) my ballet/pilates (Fluidity) workout in my 5:2 plan.

    I have been losing 1 lb. a week and so far, have lost 14 lbs. with no exercise, just school and housework. However, I’m curious to see how the workouts will affect my weight loss. Will I see more than a pound on the scale after my end- of-week weigh-ins? Will it be more than 2 lbs?

    This was the start of or shall I say the resuming of my workouts. I’ve had several excuses why I haven’t been working out and they’ve all amounted to crap! No more excuses for me.

    So, with that said, today was Day No. 1 and my next workout day is Wednesday. My routine will be on fast days Mondays and Wednesdays, for 20 minutes a day. I will probably incorporate another day later on, but let’s not jump the gun. One routine at a time. I bought mine about 6 years ago and it comes with different levels of dvds and a ballet bar. It’s a good program, provided you are consistent.

    Anyone want to join me in a 4 week experiment? Feel free. You do your own thing and calculate your losses and let’s compare notes.


    how is culinary school?

    have u come up w/ any sumptuous fast day foods?

    I love it!! I’ve been cooking for over 40 years and am finally doing what I’ve always loved. It doesn’t feel like work because I’m doing what I want; finally. I’m certified in Nutrition and Sanitation. Who’d thought? You’re surrounded by food all day and believe it or not, YOU DO NOT WANT TO EAT!!!

    Sounds like you’re interested. Ask me anything you want.

    not the school
    glad u luv it

    just curious if a very good cook/chef

    had a great recipe/s?

    i luv different foods/meal that r fdl & interesting

    even-though u r right not as hungry anymore šŸ˜€

    I’ve no idea about the outputs of your chosen exercise, but in simple terms exercise requires energy and reduces hunger, so you should at least benefit to the effect of the additional burned energy.

    e.g. if 5:2 is taking 2-3000 cal a week out of your diet and dance is taking another 1000. Then I’d expect another 1/3 of a lb a week off. You will find that your ability to burn energy is lower on fasting days though if your training is at a very high intensity for longer periods. You’ll simply run out of steam.

    roughly 1lb of fat is 3,500 cal

    Did I ask you for an explanation or the science of exercise? No! I simply said I was adding it to my 5:2 plan.

    Geez, it ticks me off when people respond to a statement with some information they’ve gathered off the internet or a book to perhaps, make them seem “smarter”?

    Why not read the question/statement first before “scholaring” a response that’s irrelevant.

    Sue Denim: That response was for you. I know what my calorie expenditure is and to top it off, believe it or not, also know what type of exercise I’m doing. Hon, I think perhaps your fasting has affected your brain.

    In your post you asked 3 questions:
    “However, Iā€™m curious to see how the workouts will affect my weight loss. (Q1) Will I see more than a pound on the scale after my end- of-week weigh-ins? (Q2) Will it be more than 2 lbs?…(Q3) Anyone want to join me in a 4 week experiment?”

    To answer the first 2, you need to understand the energy required for your exercise. Without that nobody can guess an answer to Q1 or Q2. That was the entire reason I posted an explanation. Its also much more complex, but you clearly are not interested in that.

    You may have worked out how many calories of exercise is needed to burn 1lb of fat. So you probably know it is highly unlikely you can achieve this with 3, 20 mins works outs of moderate exercise, unless there are other benefits associated with this exercise. e.g. being more active as a result, eating less as a result, having a higher metabolic rate etc.

    Thanks Sue. Very useful to know what I need to burn in calories to achieve each lb. I do find that after running I am very hungry, so I will need to guard against eating the equivalent of the calories burnt.

    Annette52, its not as bad as it sounds.. In theory you need 3,500 Cals to burn 1 lb of fat. That is a huge amount of exercise. If you are absolutely flat out for an hour you will be very lucky to get near 1,000 cals per hour. 6-700 is really going it. So you could be looking at 5 hours for only 1 lb.

    But, with things like running you should find (particularly if you finish on a peak e.g. some sprint/ elevated intervals) that your metabolism stays high for a couple of hours after, so you may not need quite so much as you first think. Moderate to light exercise (while having many other health benefits) is never going to give you much in terms of weight loss.

    Before I started the 5:2 (18 months ago) I always struggled to get close to my target BMI, I used excuses about being fit, powerful etc but the simple facts are – too much in vs. not enough out. Since the 5:2 I have massively improved and am much more competitive now.

    @etherial ….I know exactly what you mean. When I was at college training in Hotel management I had to do chef training. What with all that food, the pressure of getting it right and ‘out there’ and the heat of the kitchen, I was at my thinnest ever. Even now, many many years later, if I have to cook a big meal, like xmas dinner, by the time it’s done I have gone completely off the idea and can’t eat.

    Thanks Sue. I am almost 53 and took up running a couple of years ago inspired by those brave folk running a local Half marathon. I decided that my ambition was to get round the course, uninjured. I am not fast, but as my weight has decreased and shape has changed, I have improved.I use a watch that calculates distance/pace/calories.I ran my first half last March, well I ran most of it!My second(different course) was in September and I managed to improve my PB by 20 mins and ran the whole thing.Now the weeks are ticking by for no.3 and I want to improve my PB by another 20 mins.I try and do a sprint at the end of any race.

    I don’t own a car, live in a city and walk everywhere.I walk 45 mins uphill to work and 45mins downhill home x5 times a week.I go dancing one evening a week and probably run for up to a couple of hours a week.

    I have been hoping that the runners afterglow has continued to burn calories.

    If you are getting the munchies after exercise, it could be dehydration?

    I always take water if I am out for an hour and then always drink water when I get home too, but you may well be right.

    Sylvestra, fun, right? You can taste, but once one dish is finished and in the oven or frig, you’re on to the rest! The meal I benefit from is breakfast. It has to be something that will tide me over to a late, light lunch, if I ever get to eat one.

    I haven’t resumed my workout program yet and I hate being a lazy lima bean. Perhaps this week I’ll try again. It’s soooo hard once you get away from it. Maybe I’m not doing what I like. I’m thinking if I liked it so much, then why is it so hard to get back into it?

    My answer: Because while I like it, it still has some difficult, sweat inducing moves. I’m guessing if it didn’t, then it wouldn’t produce any results.

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