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  • Hi, I’m starting the fast tomorrow which will be my first fasting day. I’m looking for a buddy, preferably someone whose fast days are on Wednesday and Saturday (although other days are fine) just to have someone to talk to on fast days when things are going rough. Here’s a bit about me:

    I’m starting the fast diet on 23/12/15 because of an alarming five kilo weight gain before Christmas. I hope to lose around 6kg or 13lbs with this diet and I will be on it for 3 months. I’ll be doing regular exercise and eating about 1500 calories on normal days, however for the sake of speed I might not eat anything or just 100 calories or so on fast days. Hopefully I can get back to my previous weight during this time.

    My email is expensiveferrari@gmail.com but I will be on this site frequently. Thanks everyone and best of luck!

    Wow 13 lbs… is so doable! I have used 5:2 and 4:3 for a couple years. I lost 13kg but with a big move to southern Florida, I have let 9kg creep back on.
    I was just looking at some photos of me out in New Mexico 2 years ago and my skinny jeans were baggy. I need to get back into those jeans! I would love the support. I use to use the Spark People site, but I think I would just love to simplify. Checking in with one person might be just the perfect thing.
    I did not over do anything over the Christmas holiday… I am proud to say. So this Saturday morning, I am on target for fasting. I usually eat one meal around 3pm. I will probably be fasting Sat, Mon and Wed for now.
    So I game for buddying up if you are.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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