Weigh Gain with 3 day fast

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  • Hi there, I’m a bit perplexed with some weight gain since the new year. I returned to fasting last October and steadily lost weight, by Christmas I was delighted with myself. Gained a bit of weight over the holiday but got back fasting in January. The weight loss was pretty steady but slower than before. I was due to go away for a weekend at the start of Feb, so to see if I could drop a few more pounds I introduced an extra days fasting for two weeks in the run up. So fasting days were Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It was hard going and definitely sparked the binging impulse in my brain-thinking of food all the time, fantasizing about salty, fatty, sugary food. However, on breaking my fast and eating whatever I wanted to satiety (which wasn’t all that much as my stomach couldn’t take much) the rest of the day I would have a much diminished appetite. Despite all this, I’ve definitely gained weight on my tummy. It’s so frustrating as the three days fasting was bloody hard work – I do a total fast.
    I would love to hear from anyone who has experienced this, it seems so counter intuitive. Was I just over-compensating without realizing it…I don’t know how it’s possible though!
    Thanks B x

    Hi BridgeyBee

    I share your frustration. I don’t have any experience in regards to regular full day fasts other than prepping for a hospital procedure. I had to go about 36 hours without food. As I always monitor what I weigh and what I eat in my endeavour to lose weight I knew what I weighed pre fast and on weighing post fast my weight was up. My whole food intake for that week was very low due to being ill. I didn’t lose anything. I remember feeling incredulous and somewhat disappointed.

    I don’t know how old you are but have you had your thyroid function checked. I know when my thyroid function first started diminishing (pre diagnosis) I was gaining week on week when on a low calorie diet. I’m medicated now and have stopped gaining but still can’t lose. For some of us weight loss is a complicated business and more than creating a deficit in energy in versus energy out.

    Hope things improve for you soon.

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