Week one

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  • I tried to do this diet a few months ago and due to moving house and other stresses I wasn’t able to do it!

    However, almost at the end of week one and I’m down by 5lb! Super pleased with myself and I’m sad I wasn’t able to start this sooner!

    Anyone else had a good week?


    Hi Amy, well done! ☺️ It’s my week one as well, and I’ve also done it before (a few years ago). I’m down 1,5 kg (3 pounds or smth.) since last week, which I’m happy about, after seeing my weight doing nothing but increase for the past 2 years.
    How are you finding the fast days? 🙂 x

    Good job, you two! And once you lose the weight, consider the 5:2 to be a way of life.

    Thank you!

    I find my fast days aren’t too bad, I try to have my last meal around 6pm so I don’t get too hungry and I tend to make sure I do them during the week whilst I’m at work keeping busy!

    How about you?

    Thanks, @fasting_me 🙂 Definitely.

    Oh, that’s good @amy! And good idea – I work from home so I have to try and keep myself busy while not getting tempted to go look in the fridge when I’m bored – or “hungry”, as my stomach tries to convince me. But I do think it’s wiser to do them on week days, nevertheless!
    I had lunch and dinner on my first fast day on Monday, but only a dinner on my FD yesterday, which I tried to push back as much as possible – ended up eating at around 9pm, with no stress and no scarfing down the food! It was quite a surprise!

    I’m planning a third fast day on Sunday, just to kick things up a notch. May increase the calories to 800, but not sure yet. 🙂

    My biggest problem is the NFDs right now… I feel like I am hungry all the time. I hope it’ll eventually die down.

    How much do you want to shift? x

    About 4 stone all together. I got put on medication and it made me put on about two stone in a short amount of time and all my clothes don’t fit me and I wear my bigger clothes.

    I find water helps a lot to keep me full during NFD and FD. I drink 500ml-1L of waking up and it helps a lot! It will die down soon just try to drink water as it is low in calories!

    How much do you want to lose? X

    Oh, understandable! Actually, I’ve also put on 2 stone from medication, over the past 6 months. It’s so frustrating…
    I want to shift 6 stone, at least. Then I’ll get back to the weight I was at in 2014, when I’d just done 5:2 and lost 2 stone. 🙂
    And you’re right about the water! When is your next fast day? x

    I have lost only 0.8kg in week 1. Starting week 2 today and I find fast days are easier to go thru today compared to the first time I did it. Hope to lose 1kg this week.

    Good job on the weight loss and sticking to the program.

    To keep from feeling hungry on Slow Days, drink water [as Amyb says] and eat foods that will keep you feeling full: tree nuts, lean protein, and cut down on the carbs a bit. You will find as time goes on that less food is all you need, since your appetite will decrease. That said, every once in a while I get really hungry on a Slow Day, or have a craving for snack food. So, yeah. It happens. And then there is a Fast Day to set it to rights.

    Keep on Fasting!

    I started this week too. Fasted on Monday and Thursday, didnt eat anything at all until dinner time at around 6pm. Hunger wasn’t that bad, thanks to black coffee, keeping busy and walking the dog. I have not lost any weight at all – still stuck at 65kgs

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