Waiting for my results of my HGH levels

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Waiting for my results of my HGH levels

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  • this might be in wrong section, I apologize for this, but after the results it might be in the right section, please everyone bare a little bit with me because until I get my results Im very anxious.
    I am like this with many things in my life not just test results, it is in my character, now good or bad this is how I am!

    ok, lets get to the point!
    I am a female 34 years old, normal weight, everything is perfect with my health except my hormones.
    In the past I was diagnosed having PCOS, I used to suffer from almost all the bad things in period time.
    My most negative thing even today is hersuitism (very mild) and acne. My thyroid and everything else are excellent.

    DIET: I am a vegetarian with 90% raw food and 10% cooked food, and I eat some eggs, and lately I stop milk, I want to try to see if fully organic food will cure my PCOS, as I have read it worked for some females. Again Im not interested debating this one, I want to learn my body and see what works for me.
    I use filtered water, and with my second coffee I add 1 teaspoon of black sugar. I have limited my sugar intake 80-90% of what I used to get, I saw very good change.
    I drink my first coffee with no sugar of milk.

    I decided to do every single day the 16-14/8 fasting. Meaning, sometimes it is 14 hours without food or 16 hours without food. I read that since I am a female it is ok to go for the 14 hours and I see that my body likes it a lot. Im not interested to debate if this is good or bad, from my research I want to do this, period. In the past I never used to eat breakfast, I wish I knew about fasting back then to learn how to drink my coffee without sugar, I would have done this on my own without even knowing it, such a waste those years……

    I am in my second month without any problems in general. The only problem that I had was in my first period which I had huge cravings for foods, few days before my period came I had to eat at any time, my body otherwise would shake. The second month I have NO shakes, no problems, no hunger, nothing, my body seemed to adjusted very well.

    Now, the reason why this thread might fit to this section:
    Like all of us have read it says that it raises the HGH, out of curiosity I did an 18 hour fasting and I didn’t even drunk coffee and I took a blood test, Wednesday I will have the results.
    The thing is, Im afraid with the results and Im scared that I will not see in hgh any change.

    Do you have any knowledge or researches in any case if this happen why would the hgh during fasting might not rise?
    Like I said, I could have wait until I get the results instead of doing hypothesis here, but Im just sooooooo curious! Im sorry if Im wasting anyone’s time here.

    If the results come out with my normal level of hgh, does this means the fasting doesn’t work?
    does it mean it might be the time I took the test? the 18 hours?
    Please any info would be highly appreciated.

    When I will learn the results I will post them.
    When I did test all my hormones 4 years ago, which I was 30 years old my HGH was 0.4 or 400 like I see in some other websites talking about HGH.

    Why is for me so important? because I highly believe, or even speculate that it is one of the greatest benefits of fasting, HGH aside of getting people taller (i know in the young ages) it has amazing healing properties.
    Wouldn’t be bad if my body wouldn’t respond to it?

    Thank you for reading.

    Not really sure why you are wanting increased levels of HGH? Are they abnormally low? Do you believe increased HGH will help with your PCOS? From what you have written it doesn’t seem like you are actually fasting? You just limit your food intake to a 8 hour window or did I not understand what you are doing correctly? Is this what you’ve been doing for 2 months? The benefits of dietary changes happen very slowly so 2 months may not be long enough, but once again I have to ask, what exactly have you changed in the last 2 months? What makes you believe that your HGH will increase as a result of eating only in a specific time window? Did you read this somewhere?

    You make a point about saying you have black (brown?) sugar. Brown sugar is just less refined and has molasses content. Its functionally the same as white refined sugar. Just as bad for you.

    If you are wanting to fast not for weight loss but to flip into ketosis and utilise fats rather than glucose for energy then a 16 hour fast isn’t going to get you there. Your liver has enough stored glycogen to last between 24 to 48 hours. So you never stop burning glucose even if you don’t eat anything for 16 hours. If you want the benefits of fasting then you have to actually fast. I used to do this 2 days a week when I was wanting to lose weight. Now Im in maintenance and do it one day per week. That means I have my last meal at 7pm on Sunday and my next meal is Tuesday morning at 7am. 36 hours. I flip into ketosis at the end of 24 hours. This has taken my 9 months of fasting. Initially even when I would fast for 60 hours I would only just be entering ketosis by the end of 60 hours. So it takes a while for your body to change.

    Good luck with what your wanting to achieve.

    I got my results!

    it does increases HGH, it went 2.3ng/ml!

    fasting for 14-16 hours can increase your HGH like you are a teenager again.
    No need for any injections, fake synthetic and expensive HGH, fasting for those hours everyday it makes your body produce the best youthful hormone of our body.

    I wish this was helpful to some people, good luck!


    yes of course I have read this like here:

    what you see at the chart is simple: the first 10 is the beginning, the second 10 is 12 hours and the third 10 is 24 hours. See how between 12-24 hours the HGH rises?

    To put it in plain words: there are people today who spend 1500$ for HGH injections each and every month to feel rejuvenated, to body build, to be an athlete for the Olympics which is suppose to be doping, well fasting is like natural doping not against the law), to reverse aging by 10-20 years and to slow down aging. That HGH is a synthetic one and very harmful, it has side effects.

    Now since 14 hours is a very normal non eating window, I mean 16 hours was a little bit harsh for me doing it everyday, 14 hours is much better, imagine doing this everyday and everyday your body produces naturally HGH like you are a teenager.
    Technically it could slow down aging so much that it should increase lifespan and youth without any cost whatsoever.

    My diet didn’t effect my HGH, I am a vegetarian, I mostly eat raw foods like 80-90% and my HGH raised up perfectly fine.

    From people that I have read doing this even for years and they do their annual checkups there is no side effects, of course, if you eat crap, and you get cancer don’t blame it on the fasting 😉

    the body does clean itself for those 14 hours, and I have read that fasting also enables the longevity genes. I might not do yes the 24 hour fasting, but I will get there little by little.

    Im not interested in weight loss, I am not fat and I don’t care at all about it, Im sick and tired about this weight loss thing reading it EVERYWHERE, eat good people and stop the junk food to be thin and healthy. Please don’t bother me with the weight loss, or glucose or problems like those, I do not have them.

    So this is what I do for those 2 months, and I see that I have good energy and I fee very happy!

    I m not sick, this is NOT to heal any sick person, this is just a test and to see whoever is interested that even 14 hour fasting does indeed increase HGH.


    Even though at present I’m lucky enough to be able to eat only healthy food and currently have no health-issues (I lost 11 kgs and regained my normal weight by using Dr. Mosley’s fast diet) I am aware that not everyone can afford eating only fresh food, not everyone and not in every stage of their lives has time and circumstances to prepare home-made meal and it is not always possible to live healthily, simply because this does not fit in one’s time, budget and work-schedule.

    In addition, there are some who acquire a hormone-related condition because they were fed with junk food as kids, which then can create a vicious cycle that leads to obesity and serious diseases. Obesity and poor health is linked to poverty, not to wealth. To blame the overweight means blaming the victims.
    Third, there are many foods on the market approved by some mainstream health organisation, so whenever people buy them they do so hoping it will keep them in good health.

    And yes – in case that is your question – fasting is beneficial not only for weight loss but also for improving health. Fasting, among other benefits does indeed raise the level of growth hormone which triggers developing more muscle while losing body fat.

    Fasting is difficult for many of us, especially for beginners and those who are already overweight. It gets much easier when someone is already in the weight-loss cycle and is within the normal weight zone. Dr. Mosley has done an invaluable service when introduced and popularized a variant of fasting that is more doable than its traditional forms. In this way with less extreme efforts many can break the vicious cycle maintained by the factors of overweight, hormone and impaired health.

    This website provides support for both those who seek improvement of health and weight loss. Weight and health are closely related, hence there is no reason ‘to be sick and tired of’ reading about weight and health-related topics on the same page / website.

    If the weight-loss benefit of fasting does not concern you, great, but to take it for granted is not a good idea. To be healthy and thin (and young as you are) is a gift, not something one deserves.

    I have been doing 5-2 fasting for 3 and a half weeks now, instead of having my HGH tested, I monitored my weight, skeletal muscle mass and Body fat % closely using an Inbody machine at the gym, and I have experience the following effects which I believed are signs of increased of HGH.

    Increased muscle mass over the 3 and a half weeks.

    Body fat % degreased.

    I feel more willing to exercise, and I could lift harder.

    This might add a little too this debate. I recently started fasting as purely a weight loss tool. I am 55 and training for a triathlon, but have a little time on my side before people start worrying. For a while now I have had that stuborn 10LB to 14Lb that just will not shift, big one is my appetite is huge when training and feeling good, getting the balance is hard.

    I jumped in the deep end with a 3 day water fast, probably too much and have done easy one and two day fast since.
    I have found by doing either when I get to the 24 hour point I go for some kind of workout, last night I actually did a 3/4 mile swim(on a 2 day). Everytime I feel fantastic, just cannot put into words, feel strong, awake, mentally alert.. just good in everyway.

    I strongly suspect there is something in this HGH, and for the record I will continue fasting for maintenance without pushing it, no need, and the for the fact there is so much more to fasting than just weight loss, something I am looking into a lot more these days.

    Oh, and I am close to be my perfect weight at last

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