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  • Today I feel like I’ve been thrown though a loop. I just did my third fast day yesterday – was pretty fine all day, but hit a MEGA wall at about 5. Pushed thorough but got a late night and didn’t sleep well, and then woke at about 5am. I was SO hungry! By 7 I was downstairs, eating left over noodles and chicken!! I feel like I’ve already negated my fast day! But I know, in reality, that this is a process and everything isn’t lost.
    What I’ve found overall so far is that fasting is helping me to recognize portion sizes more, and really appreciate what I’m eating. It’s not completely horrific to fast, and I appreciate choosing to abstain for a day. I don’t find it easy but am pretty sure it’ll get easier. I do find that I’m more constipated which is a pain, tho I stay very hydrated. I really hope that I will be able to stick with this and see some truly sustainable, positive results.
    Feedback and encouragement welcome!!!

    Hi Alice,

    Those walls are horrific aren’t they! I just did my 5th fast day and it has got a lot easier. I find I get panicky when I am really hungry. It seems to take me over completely and I can feel desperate at times.
    I am looking upon these early days as retraining my body so there will be difficult times. It’s a learning curve for my body and my mind. Like learning anything, we make errors and it feels strange compared to what we have always done before.
    I am lucky as I only have myself to think/worry about so if I don’t buy food,I can’t be tempted to eat it. But I have a plan for what I am going to eat. I know what I will have for breakfast after a fast.
    I hope you get through this early stage ok and carry on. It WILL get easier! x

    Thanks drilakila. To be honest, my greatest challenge (apart from that panick you mentioned!) is that I have been MAJORLY over eating on non fast days, so have not been loosing weight and am not feeling physically happy. I feel like that’s my biggest hurdle to get over. It’s as though in an lush through the pain and fear of hunger in fast days, but its then spinning that out over the non fast days so that I’m not eating (at least) double what I really need to eat!! It is most discouraging and confusing!
    Perhaps this is also something I just need to get used to and find a system for…any experience in this??

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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