Type 2 Diabetic

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  • I have had this condition for nearly 30 years and wondered if this diet regime will help reduce the medication I take in tablet form when I start to lose weight. As some of the meds are the reason for weight gain I am hoping this will be the case – anyone else out there with this condition would like to know of changes experienced and particularly on fast days.

    Really depends if your pancreas is still able to produce insulin after 30 years. Id try and watch Jason Fung or Low carb Downunder videos on youtube to get info on the topic. If you still have pancreatic function I cant see why it would work. Do this in consultation with your doctor as you slowly wind back your medication.

    have you considered any alternative solutions? I am trying glucosa factor since 2 months and i already feel the difference…you may check it out https://newworldmedicinals.com

    Since you are on a lot a medication you should find a doctor you can work with. Fasting can have large impacts on the impacts of the medication. I think bigbooty has some good advice. There are also a lot of blogs by Jason Fung. https://idmprogram.com/blog/

    I typically experience a big drop in my blood sugar typically around 22 hours into a water fast. That can vary a lot and even more between different people. However something like that could be very dangerous if it is coupled with medication that is also driving down blood sugar. On the other hand there are many stories of people curing type 2 diabetes with fasting, but often it involved much more intensive fasting than the 5:2 diet.

    There is also a blood sugar diet that some people follow. I don’t know much about it.

    A diabetic in our family group has tried the 6 week Blood Sugar diet. He has done it twice and both times gone into remission and both times his diabetes returns afterwards when he goes back to his old ways. You may find the fasting helps but you may need to change your lifestyle if you want a long term result – such as trying a Mediterranean Diet or whole food plant based eating? Hope this helps!

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