Thriving on just juiced fruit & veg for 60 days!

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Thriving on just juiced fruit & veg for 60 days!

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  • Did anyone else in the UK see that amazing documentary on Channel Five last night, Wed 10th July, 8pm-9pm: ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ ?
    Terrible title but wonderful story: ‘Joe Cross, a seriously overweight Australian with a debilitating autoimmune disease, tries to improve his condition by quitting junk food, drinking only fresh fruit and vegetable juice, and weaning himself off steroids on a road trip across the United States’ – (programme blurb from TV listings magazine).
    Not only did he manage to turn his life and health around but, in a truck-stop in Arizona, he came across an American truck-driver who had the same disease, weighed over 30 stone (420 pounds /190 kg) and who eventually asked him for help.
    Both their stories were so inspiring. The show certainly put the hunger trials of 5:2 Fasting into a different perspective.

    It’s due to be repeated on TV tomorrow – Friday, 12th July – at 11.10AM and is also available on Channel 5’s ‘On Demand’ online replay platform for the next 12 days (where it appears to be a much longer version – 120 minutes – compared to the original 60 minute broadcast – and you have to endure all the commercials).

    If you watch it, I believe you will be both amazed and smiling by the end of the story.

    this is turning out 2 b a great lunch break

    thanks jeanius

    link did not work.

    however, it is on netflix

    Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

    2010NR 1hr 37m

    Average of 863,585 ratings: 4.2 stars

    Focusing on two men whose bodies have been trashed by steroids, obesity and illness, this documentary chronicles the rigorous healing path — including a two-month diet of fruits and vegetables — that both attempt in a bid to rescue their health.

    I think Joe Cross’ story is really inspiring and I see that he now tours the world, promoting a healthy lifestyle. His website is full of really helpful information about food and exercise, written by a team of nutritional and fitness experts. Under the ‘Eating’ tab, for instance, it includes an ‘A-Z list of the Health Properties & Benefits of Fruits & Vegetables’:

    plus, a list of ‘Food Remedies by Health Condition’:

    There are also some great recipes – many juices but also salads, soups, main dishes, snacks and desserts.

    wiltldnrUSA, I’m sure you’d love this site! Thanks for the tip about the ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’ film being available on Netflix. (I assume the Channel Five link may only be licenced for use in the UK.)

    For the past several weeks, before seeing the documentary about Joe Cross, I had already been whizzing up two smoothies for myself each day: firstly, a fruit/nuts/ & seeds protein drink for breakfast [**] and, then, some kind or another of a vegetable mix, green or red, for lunch. It pleases me to see my own instincts affirmed by Joe Cross’ website.
    I do have a juicer but prefer to just use a blender (as cleaning a juicer twice a day involves just too much faffing about, in my book). Blender-ed drinks keep all the fibre, so they are much more bitty than the juicer-ed versions – some practically need a spoon! – but I don’t find that a problem, I just add more water.

    [**recipe adapted from the Wholefood Protein Shake as demonstrated by Dr Mark Hyman – see link below:]

    thanks jeanius i put it favrites this topic
    really always enjoy what u and others find

    i better try go 2 sleep it’s seven in morning

    i don;t like it when i can’t sleep

    my doc told me 2 get melatonin i did 3mlgrm

    it does not work a

    i don’t beleive in sleeping pills

    glaad 2 know i can use a normal blender


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    oh well i’ll go make my dinner & listen 2 a free book from my lbr
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    now i wish i were a newbie 2 many 2do

    Loved that story and still think about it a lot. I have invested in a thermomix and will try juicing in that to retain the fibre to help regulate the blood sugar.
    Now to try and find juices under the 500cal for fast days. 🙂
    Anyone that has done this with thermie and calculated calories for juices please share.

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