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  • I am one of those people who was having a terrible time losing weight (for the last 2 years). I tried a number of different things and most times I’d GAIN weight, not lose. I’ve been doing the 5:2 for the third weekend now, though the 1st 2 weekends shouldn’t count, because I hadn’t read the book and did it all wrong. This is my first weekend doing it correctly, i.e., consuming fiber and protein within my allotment of 500 cal on fast days. I’ve also been keeping my calorie count on non-fast days in check, because I believe I was easily eating way more than 2000k a day… so I’ve lost 0.6 lb in a week and lost 4″ all over (which is a lot more meaningful than the weight). I know it’s not a lot, but NOTHING else was working, so I am really excited.
    I’ve been fasting Saturdays and Sundays, which so far has been easier because I have no plans. But soon I will need to switch to a weekday + Sunday because I have some events to attend that involve food.
    Also, I am surprised at how my energy and mood have been great, even on my fast days. I’ve done so much today already! I always found kind of annoying when people said “oh, my energy soared!” but it’s true! And I feel vibrant and positive to boot.
    So, I hope you guys keep up with the program, it’s really worth it. I feel like my body is thanking me and the health benefits will be tremendous, so it’s really worth it and it’s something I can maintain for life.

    Hi Terry. .congrats that’s awesome. I have been doing it for a few weeks now and have not lost anything yet. Perhaps I am doing it all wrong. I need to get the book. .but you sound like me in the battle for weight loss as for the last few years I have been stuck ato 70kg and can’t lose if. When I do it only stays off for a few weeks and then goes up again.
    Can you tell me what you eat on fast days and non fast days please. I really want this to work for me. Today is a fast day and I’m having a real downer day.

    Hi, Sanj2710,
    Don’t rely so much on weight. Our weight can fluctuate a lot due to water retention. Are you losing inches? It’s a good idea to keep a diary. I weight and measure myself once a week, on Sunday mornings, before I eat anything. You can keep your measurements and weights on this site, or on a notebook like I do. Then you can follow your progress. Like you, I started about around 70 kg. Haven’t lost much, but just to see some change makes me super happy.
    Now, it’s a great idea to get the book. It’s a fast read, and has tons of tips, not to mention the science behind it. I love to read about nutrition so it was great to learn more about our bodies and how it processes food and all that. I highly recommend. I just ordered the book with recipes and the one for exercise.
    Speaking of exercise, I walk 10K steps a day (have an app on my phone that keeps track) and do interval exercises 3x a week for about 15 minutes, and I also do Yoga once a week. So, it’s important to stay active.
    For the calorie counting, I use a free app on my phone, where I enter all I eat so I can stay on top of it. It’s called MyFitness-Pal.
    As for the fast days, like I said, the first two weekends I was messing it up and yesterday I was the first time I did it right… LOL! I had a piece of chicken cooked with onions, peas, cilantro and lemon juice (no oil). Had about a cup of cucumber/ tomato/ basil salad. Later in the evening I had 1 cup plain yogurt with 1/2 cup blueberries, some cinnamon, vanilla and a couple drops of Stevia.
    Today, I switched the order. Had a cup of coffee and the yogurt with blueberries at around noon and haven’t had my second meal yet, but will have some tortilla soup I bought ready, for 200 calories.
    The book also has several ideas of what to eat on fast days and the cook book has many, many more. It’s worth the investment!
    Wishing you luck and I am here if you have any more questions.

    Thanks Terry for posting. I needed a pick me up after I started today thinking I was doing it correctly but now double checking how this works and well I went way over my TDEE. I feel like I could cry… especially after doing 2 days of 16/8 so well but I know not to beat up on my self too much. So yes, even on non-fasting days we have to watch caloric intake. I figured out that Mondays and Thursdays are good fast days for me and set reminders in my work calendar so I don’t forget. On my food tracking app, I made sure that my non-fast days are set to my TDEE (I use myfitness pal) and my fast days are set to 500. The gods favor the prepared, right?
    I feel better all ready. I screwed up, so what. I have tomorrow to do it right and the rest of my life. I am actually looking forward to Thursday, my first fast day.

    Hi Unknown:

    I assume you know 16:8 has nothing to do with 5:2.

    Here is how 5:2 is done, and the TDEE link will explain how that works:

    Good Luck!

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