there r 2 truths about the fast diet & we both succeed.

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there r 2 truths about the fast diet & we both succeed.

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  • 1. we all wish that we do not have 2 count calories on our nonfastdays. however, we have no choice because we do gain weight,if we do not, due 2 many legitimate reasons. (thanks jeanius)

    2. don’t count cals on nonfast days we don’t need to.

    we both succeed

    eating healthier
    losing internal fat & not muscle
    sense of accomplishment

    success to all

    You’re absolutely right! One of the things that appealed to me about this diet (having been using Weight Watchers to maintain weight previously) was being able to “eat as much as you want”. Well, sure enough, and unfortunately, I found that not to be true. When I ate as much as I wanted on non-fast days, I started putting on weight again. The thing is that even when I’ve eaten “enough”, I’m still hungry and could keep eating. Some people do not experience this – those in the study who only ate 110% of normal after a fast day (restricted to 25% of normal), because that was all they wanted – and THOSE people don’t need to count calories. For people like myself however, for whom the “full” feeling doesn’t kick in, you still need to count on non-fast days. The difference is that those calories are now packed into 5-6 days (I do 6:1), rather than 7, so you get to eat more on those days, but total calories for the week mustn’t go up. The only reason I was able to lose weight to begin with was seeing a documentary in which they said that there were people like this, who didn’t get the “full” feeling kicking in, and so I accepted that I would just have to become accustomed to feeling hungry if I was going to lose weight (which I did). If you’re someone who does feel full when you’ve had eough, then you don’t have to count. If you’re like me and could just keep on eating regardless, then you do still need to count.


    great way of explaining how u feel

    it’s fastday so i’m up & 2 awake

    what do u mean by (I do 6:1), rather than 7

    is that 1 fastday only?

    Correct. I’m on maintenance, so I only fast 1 day a week.


    I am three weeks in, and losing weight. The first week I found that I had become so sensitive to calories that I analysed calorific content of everything on my non-fast days. I’ve calmed down a bit now and although I eschew the very high-calorie items I have resumed a more normal eating pattern on non-fast days and it still works. In fact, I feel better – and leaner – this week for doing it that way. I do wonder whether it’s better not to get over-conscious of calories on other days so that the body really does benefit from the short sharp shock of fast days and doesn’t get confused by a big calorie cutdown all through the week. Or is it me that’s confused?!

    I am also three weeks in, have been losing weight and haven’t been too concerned with counting calories on my non-fast days. Something Michael wrote has resonated deeply for me, restrict calories two days a week and eat NORMALLY the other five. Brilliant! I have been loving the freedom this way of eating has opened up for me. I’m only early days yet but I am tending to agree with the line of thinking on these posts, that it is all about finding what works for you. If you have to count calories on non-fast days to keep the weight coming off, if that is your goal, then so be it. If I have to do that in the future, I will.

    I can’t help counting calories. I tend to be the obsessive type. My initial goal was 10 pounds. It came so fast, I went to 15 pounds… blew through that and now am focused on total of 20. I am close, and will probably get there in 2 more weeks, after almost four months, then will go on maintenance 6:1. But in between fast days, I just had to count and try to control impulses to eat. I now find it easy to resist most eating, but still like my afternoon cocktail (or two ;>).
    I am anxious about long term and what happens when I go on maintenance and lose the fervor of the chase, so to speak.


    don’t get confused it sounds like u have found a great pattern. ” I eschew the very high-calorie items I have resumed a more normal eating pattern on non-fast days and it still works” u gave me the idea of going 2 look over my nonfast calories & try 2 c what was a fulfilling nonfast day. thanks. & success


    it is nice the freedom & adapting as u said “If I have to do that in the future, I will.”


    u will not lose the fervor. have u not noticed that our mental acuity is super sharp?

    Hi, just done my first fast day! Wasn’t as tough as had anticipated, but tough enough never the less. Should we be eating our full TDEE on our non fast days, or just what we feel we want?

    Depends on you. As I said, if I ate as much as I wanted, I put on weight! I’d say monitor your weight and see how you go, rather than aiming for an arbitrary number. If you’re eating as much as you want, and not putting on weight, then you don’t need to count calories. if, like me, you put on weight by eating as much as you want, then you DO need to count calories on non-fast days.

    toms mantis congrats!

    u can do tdee the nonfastdays

    u can do tdee – 20% the nonfastdays (i do that not every day i average the week that amount & change it every 10 lbs lost)

    or anything thenonfastdays

    click on jeanius or search her she has a very thorough way of explaining it


    Hello, wiltldnrUSA, and thanks for the mention. After taking up virtual residence on this site since mid-April, I have decided to sign-off now, in order to get back to some slow, pleasurable activities such as reading books. Wandering the Wondrous.www can be really thrilling but rather addictive and I have not stopped to read anything just for enjoyment in months!
    Many special thanks, wiltldnr, Couscous, annette52, saragee, and so many other good communicators for your interesting, enjoyable and sensible contributions. Being in your company has given me a great deal of delight.
    Thanks and best wishes to Michael M and Mimi S too – I bet you originally had no idea this would take off so. May your lives and your families bring you ever increasing joy.
    Without thinking at the start that it really could happen, I have now reached my prime weight-loss target – 36lb down (from 13st 1lb to 10st 7lb or 183lb to 147lb) (down 16kg, from 83kg to 67kg) – BMI reduced from 29 to 23.9 – so that’s great news for me.
    May everyone here achieve all of their goals and be happy and healthy in the process.

    Those statistics make happy reading! I hope to achieve some success in the months to come. Enjoy your cyber-retirement, Jeanius!

    That is amazing Jeanius – inspirational for those of us only a third of the way there. Thank you.


    they say in life u should do @ least one of these things in life

    plant a tree
    have children

    the writings & soul that u put on this forum r treasures

    wish u a great healthy happy loving life.

    u have achieved yay!!!!!!!!

    go back & surround urself w all the pleasures that life has 2 give u.

    Many Congratulations of 36 lb loss.

    I will miss you. I have looked forward to your wise and knowledgeable comments. I have learned a great deal from you. Thank You.

    Enjoy getting back to reading books and your retirement.

    You have kept me going when I had a wobble, by the support and encouragement that you gave to others. My 23 lb loss to date is in no small part…thanks to you.

    Shall we have a cyber Christmas Party 8pm 24th December for those who have reached their goal and those who are still on the journey?

    Jeanius..hope you will read these last few comments before you sign off for good!

    I have not posted for ages; partly because as you say one can spend an awful lot of time on-line…

    I really admire your patience and tenacity following up leads and doing research; and answering so many of the same questions that come up time and time again.

    Well done on your weight loss; I wish you all the best and good health for the future.


    WiltldnrUSA and Donald, thanks for your advice and encouragement. Second fast day behind me now. Unbelievely, easier then day 1. Will try TDEE and see how it goes.

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