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  • Just starting my first ever fast day with the super porridge from the 5:2 recipe book – the ones with cinnamon, fruit and pomegranite. I am finding it a struggle to eat as I don’t like cinnamon (didn’t realise until now just how much i don’t like cinnamon!) – but i’m wondering if there’s anything i could replace the cinnamon with? I’m not sure what the cinnamon is adding…

    Wish me luck for the day!

    SairyG, just leave out the cinnamon. I believe it is there for taste only.
    You could try freshly grated nutmeg or just leave it out all together.
    Remember that recipes are a base guide for you so tweek it a little bit until you get the result best for you.
    Good luck.

    You could try vanilla essence – adds a sweet taste, or stevia sweetener or maple syrup or apple sauce – just beware the calories! Think they would only add about 5 calories or so!

    The cinnamon is not just there for taste, it is very good at stabilising blood sugar so that you dont get a dip or the shakes

    Hi SairyG cinnamon does have a few other benefits besides taste and stabilising blood sugars it also helps control blood pressure and mildly anti inflammatory and is also a source of bit K, iron calcium and magnesium. However, am with you, taste, dodgy! Best of luck.

    Thanks jilli and radroa! I have since looked up the benefits of cinnamon and have bought some cinnamon tablets so that I can get the sugar stabilising effects without the yucky taste!!

    My first two fast days this week went well!

    Thanks, Sarah

    jilli72 and Radroa thank you for clearly stating the benefits of cinnamon for SairyG and updating the little research I had on the subject. I was looking at the idea that the porridge would only be eaten on a fast day so then the health benefits would have little impact. For me, I like cinnamon toast- delicious. Remember that for some, probably only a minority there could be some minor irritations.
    Good luck Sarah.

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