The Marks and Spencer Trousers Test

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The Marks and Spencer Trousers Test

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  • I have reduced my weight from 15 stone to 12 stone in two years and three months. I did it having been told by my GP that I was in danger of becoming diabetic if I did not lose weight.
    My method was to use the partial fasting diet to get myself down to 13 stone in the first 18 months. Getting me down to 12 stone was a lot more difficult. So I ended up using the British Heart Foundation guidelines on losing weight – the balanced diet approach. Eventually it worked and I proudly told my friends I had achieved my target weight

    In spite of being successful in getting a weight reduction I still have surplus weight around my midriff. My goal has been to get my weight down to be able to get into my 25 year old M&S suit, waist size 34. Trying it on my hips were fine but the waist was too tight to be able to wear the trousers.

    What I am looking for is some advice on how to reduce my waistline Having already achieved successfully my weight loss target.

    As far as exercise is concerned I have a dodgy knee and therefore am limited in terms of outdoor exercise like running. But I can walk for an hour which I have started to do most days. But will that be enough to be able to lose weight around my stomach and therefore pass the M&S waist size test?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    I’d say keep going with 5:2 or whatever it has been that has worked for you. It is just a bit more excess weight to lose, and it might be the visceral fat around your organs, that is important to lose (as well as getting into your M&S trousers).

    Hi phillipt, I’m also working on getting into a pair of pants that I’ve archived in my wardrobe over the past decade. I’m at a weight that previously would have seen me able to wear those pants. Back then I had a higher muscle mass and no padding around my middle. I’m going to keep on with what Cinque suggests since I know it is my best chance of being able to fit into the pants and also prevent myself from the diabetes that I was heading toward prior to 5:2. Keep us posted!

    Hi Phillip,

    I agree with Cinque that you might have some visceral fat that needs to go, and a low carb diet might help you achieve that.

    As for exercise, maybe your abdominal muscles need some toning up so you could try sit ups etc none of which would impact on your dodgy knee.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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