The lbs for £s appeal, raising money for Foodbank

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The lbs for £s appeal, raising money for Foodbank

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  • I hope Michael and Mimi don’t mind me posting this but over at the 5:2 forum we’ve started an appeal to raise funds for The Trussell Trust (the charity who runs the UK’s Foodbank organisation) and it would be great if anyone here would like to support it:

    We Fast Dieters are choosing to eat less 2 days a week, but many people in the UK can’t even afford a decent meal. I saw a documentary on the BBC last week which was a real eye opener – people living on so little each day it was heartbreaking.

    Many of us are saving money through our fasting and while some may choose to put this money towards treats and rewards for weight loss – which is fair enough, we all deserve a treat from time to time 🙂 – I hope some may choose to give this money to help feed a hungry family.

    Thanks for reading.

    I think that is a lovely idea.

    What a beautiful idea!

    Thanks Ladies, am thrilled to say that we’ve raised close to £200 for Foodbank already! 😀

    Hi Moogie,
    I have just donated to a local food bank in my local supermarket. I support the project but am saddened that families are put in the position of having to use them. It seems to me that not enough is done to support such families that are in need. I was checking out my local college catering courses recently as I am interested in doing a cookery course. After the summer holidays the college is running up to 6 courses for cake decorating !!!!!. (At £150.00 a course)
    With all the problems some families are having why is it that local education authorities seem to think such courses are more appropriate than running cookery courses on a budget or similar that will benefit the more needy families who have to rely on Food Banks.
    Good luck Moogie.

    Hey, Couscous – How about devising such a course yourself and taking it out to the people who need it? Maybe find some qualified collaborators to work with and start something? I get the impression you’re pretty clued-up about food already and you’re so right about the madness of cake decorating courses rather than family-food-on-a-budget lessons. Set a new trend! I hope you are well and enjoying less working days now? All best wishes.

    You could do it as some kind of charity event, like a budget food festival for a day or something – local producers could have stalls, there could be fundraising for the local foodbank as well as recipe sharing, budget cooking etc. Maybe local cafes/restaurants would get involved for a bit of promotion and do some group cookery lessons there?

    Oh dear, I always get these big ideas and then I want to do them – but I think the above would be too much for me to take on in my area at the moment!

    Hi Jeanius, as usual you keep making constructive, knowledgeable comments but….
    I agree with your comment about starting something aimed at people who need help and advice about cooking and things like savvy shopping. What I intend to do as a result of your gentle pushing is to contact the Trussell Trust and make the suggestion to them about cooking courses on a budget which could be offered at point of contact to people using food banks.
    Thanks for the push.

    Bravo, Couscous – May all sorts of unexpected connections, positive outcomes and enjoyable consequences follow from your thoughtful initiative. Keep well.

    That’s a great idea Couscous, I wonder if it’s worth me also mentioning this to the lady from The Trussell Trust who got in touch with me? Not meaning to steal your thunder or anything like that, I just think if multiple people make the suggestion then maybe it’s more likely to be considered 🙂

    Moogie, be my guest, I just hope that the trust pick up on the idea. I hope that as you say, the more people suggest it the better the chance it will happen.

    Thanks Couscous, I’ll email them today 🙂 I might also suggest the same at my forum, I’m sure a fair few folks would think it’s a good idea.

    Great news Couscous! Apparently this is something they already have underway, titled ‘Eat Well, Spend Less’. It’s being trialled at the moment in Salisbury with good results so far and they’re trying to raise funding to roll it out across the country 😀

    Moogie, great, thanks for checking and for letting me know. It is good that such an organisation is doing something like this. What set me thinking about it was donating some food at my local supermarket.Included was a 4 pack of tinned Tomatoes. I wondered if they would end up on toast or used in a simple way. I use them for a Marinara sauce, soup, in casseroles etc. but most people I know on or below the poverty line or who need help do not know how to cook simply or well or how to shop wisely and get the most out of the ingredients they have.
    Thank you for raising the issue of food with the Trussell Trust.
    Good luck.

    No problem Couscous, thanks for the wonderful idea. The Trust was very glad to hear that folks are keen to make suggestions like this to help others 🙂

    I love tinned tomatoes as a base for a nice filling, low cal ratatouille – but they’re so versatile aren’t they?

    Moogie, I just hope that other posters who read these posts pick up on the idea of thinking a bit further than the simplistic ideas of helping people in particular situations and develop further learning and skills for those people. In a previous job of mine I used to watch how many unemployed people, especially on a weekend evening following a night on the beer would make a bee line for the local Chinese Take Away, spend an extra £5 or £10. on a ready meal that they could ill afford for supper. I also learned of the number of families that did not know how to boil an egg. My most memorable episode was while working as a Residential Social worker, a 14 yr old boy I was supervising in a residential Childrens home threatened to stab me because I tried to show him how to use a knife and fork in order to eat his freshly cooked Sunday Dinner. (A new eating experience for him) He was used to only eating “Maccy Ds”, which is basic, modern finger food. His single parent mother did not have basic parenting and cooking skills.
    Sorry to all posters for going on about this but the issue really “grips” me.
    Again well done for raising the issue of the Trussell Trust, I wish you and them well.

    Thanks Couscous, I couldn’t agree more – a lot of education is needed not just about how to spend money wisely when it comes to food, but how to spend money wisely full stop. But that’s a discussion for another place and another time…

    Getting close to £300 raised now, thanks folks! This sort of money really makes a difference to Foodbank.

    I’ve had a little update through from The Trussell Trust today to say that since we’ve started fundraising, 3 new Foodbanks have opened:

    Horsham District

    So well done and thanks to all who have contributed, those £s we’ve saved & donated really are helping to feed others!

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