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The Fast Diet forums are now open

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  • The Fast Diet forums are now open

    The official Fast Diet forums are now open for discussion. As Michael says, “We have a well informed and supportive community who will encourage you on your way and throw in some of the latest research to keep you motivated.” So pull up a chair, have a cup of tea (I’m having mine black, it’s a fast day) and let’s chat.

    Is there any evidence that missing breakfast and fasting for 16 hours, then having your low cal meals at lunch and dinner is more effective than micheals breakfast then dinner?


    There is some evidence that suggests a continuation of fasting overnight improves blood circulation, the immune system and lowers cholestorol. However, it does not necessarily have better results than Michael’s system. There are many variational circumstances such as: body type, metabolism and exercise routine. It is entirely your own decision to follow a 5:2 diet that best suits your lifestyle. I hope this has been some help.

     have been on the 5:2 plan since the end of January.  when I started, I weighed 66.5 kg, i am now down to 61.8kg so I am really pleased to havelost  4.7kg (10lbs).  I was wondering if anyone else seems to have reached a plateau?  i have not lost any weight for the last three weeks despite the fact that I have not changed anything. has anyone else had this experience? i am hoping to get to 60kg.  I dont want to include more fast days at the moment as I was hoping this was just a temporary block but it seems to be lasting.  That said, i am feeling great, my bmi is down from 24,7 to 23 and I have lost quite a few cms from my gut. would love to hear from anyone who has had this experience.. should I just persist and see if my metabolism kicks in again?

    I have been on the diet since the end of Jan 2013 but seemed to stick at a loss of around 12-14lb for a while after about 3 months. I stuck with it and the weight slowly dropped away until I had lost 16lb by May 12th.
    I then went on holiday to Madeira (I am old enough to go there) and enjoyed some excellent cheeses I took and generally ate for England. On my return I found it difficult to get back into the Fasting routine having put on about 4Ib in 3 weeks but today have just finished my 2nd fast day after my hols.
    I feel generally good, my weight is falling, waist is down 2 inches and I have my positive mental attitude back. I have several targets, weight wise is to attain 14 stone then re-assess having started at 15st 12Ib, but more importantly are cholesterol lowering and PSA readings which hopefully will be lower in August.
    The diet has also made me take stock generally of my diet and other health issues such as Mental Health, cancer and Heart disease and I am more active in eating healthier on none fast days. I am not relying totally on a two day fast each week to gain better health but conciously seek to eat less saturated fats, more fruit and veg and something I find easy to do, have a couple of meat free days each week. I am still lazy though and on my fast days still eat M&S Fuller Longer ready meals and their 300 cal Pork dinner is very good and very filling. Expensive though.
    I feel that if you seem to stick at no weight loss for a while it could be the result of many things for different people. Persist and remember weight loss is a side effect of the diet, it is the inner health benefits that come first.
    Good luck to you all out there.

    I have been on the Fast diet since July, and have lost 24 lbs, 5 inches off my waist, but its a very slow, and seems to have stopped losing around waist and belly. My legs look like twigs, but cannot lose the belly fat. Any suggestions on what will help this along.

    Hi hjrag and welcome to the forum 🙂

    24lbs since July is not considered slow weight loss for 5:2, and 5″ off your waist is great. So well done! This is not a way of eating that is supposed to give quick weight loss – I hope that helps you feel better about your rate of loss:)

    Do read the faqs which may give you further insight into how this all works and what is realistic to expect.

    It seems that we each have our own body shape, and when we lose weight on average we lose it all over – so it can be difficult to shift weight from areas where there is proportionally more. (I am the opposite of you, most my weight is now on my legs, rest of me is not too bad, and I don’t really want to lose any more from ‘up top’!)

    Can you give us some more stats – age, sex, BMI, how much more you want to lose. What is you waist to height ratio – the aim is for it to be 50% or lower.

    It can be very hard to spot reduce. I think the best thing is to find exercises that help tighten the muscles around your waist and tummy – perhaps seek professional help to ensure you are doing the right things.

    Also do a search of this forum as I know there are discussions on this sort of issue, and these may have other tips.

    Good luck with it!
    Sassy 😀

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