The Fast Diet after weight loss surgery…

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The Fast Diet after weight loss surgery…

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  • Anyone here in this situation?
    I had wls 5yrs ago and am holding my loss (140lbs) quite well but I’d like to try FD to take off the last 10lbs.

    Sorry, I can not help in this situation but i try to discuss this point to my friends then i shall reply you…….
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    I had a mummy makeover brisbane after my kids were born a few years ago and I’ve gain about 10kg since then but I’m ok with that. The ‘mummy makeover’ is a combination of surgeries to restore your pre-baby body. I had a breast lift and tummy tuck along with a bit of lipo. Since having the surgery though I have been following the diet and exercise plan my doctor laid out for me. it’s hasn’t been easy but it’s working so far.

    goog luck with your journey!

    Hi there, this is my first posting on the website, so I hope it’s okay. I’m a 54 lady in England had a gastric bypass nearly 6 years ago, and lost 98lbs. Although I didn’t lose as much as I had wanted I blamed myself as I hate exercise and due to panic attacks tend to spend most of my time in the house. I’ve always been a grazer, and as you know, the surgery doesn’t really address this problem, only eating large meals. Consequently I’ve gained 19lbs over the past couple of years and have decided to do something about it.
    I started my 1st fast day last Friday 11/03/16 and managed 526 calories as my first attempt (I shouldn’t have had a couple of white coffees during the day). Today is a fast day for me, I’ve decided to aim for Mondays and Thursdays as a general rule. I happen to eat only vegetarian and some fish and have a long history with catering and general nutrition so recipes aren’t too much of a problem.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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