The fast 800 diet

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  • Hi there people
    I’ve been on the 5 2 diet for a few months but I’m changing to the fast 800 & I’m not sure if I can have milk & sugar on it ?
    I love a brew I have full skimmed milk ( red top )
    & have half tea spoon sugar.
    Also I train quite hard & heavy on the weights & do H i t training on the push bike
    Is that OK still with only having 800 Cals or am I going to run out of fuel.
    Any help please on these matters ?
    Thank you all very much.
    From Mick

    Hi Sharkster,
    You can have full fat milk with the Fast 800 but not the sugar. Skimmed milk doesn’t have the healthy fat anymore.
    I don’t do hard gym training but I play a lot of golf and do it while I’m fasting. I just ensure that I have a plentiful supply of water.
    I suggest you try doing the training while on the Fast 800 way of life but stop if you are having any issues.
    I find if I do a HITT session while fasting I can get quite nauseous!

    I hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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