The day after the fast day

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The day after the fast day

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  • My second fast day went well. Not as afraid. Worked my plan felt like I could do this. Next morning on the scale I was 3 lb down. I am not even sure what the day after fasting is called. Ate a healthy breakfast. I was surprised how little I wanted to eat. Healthy lunch. Here was the challenge and what I am trying to wrap my mind around. In NEOHIO it is oktoberfest season. We went to one and I tried to eat and drink with relaxation. I had no fun but truth be told in these situations I never have fun where there is food. It is such a distraction. I ate less and I ate what I wanted. I ate to fill not over. I was proud that I handle the situation well but had a lot of guilt. Surprisingly not a lot of shame. This morning the scale was up 1 lb. Do I celebrate the 2 lb loss? No I am beating myself up over the one lb gained. How do you all handle this? Help me clear my mind please. Thanks


    I can only say what has worked for me. It may or may not help you. The thing to always remember is that 5:2 is a marathon not a sprint and it is the general trend which matters, definitely not just the day-day changes.

    I’ve been weighing myself pretty much every day over the last 5.5 years and my daily weight goes up and down all the time. Sometimes following a fast day the weight has actually gone up (which I admit can be a little disheartening) and on a non fast day it has gone down (which is a very pleasant bonus). Overall, however, the trend is decidedly downwards. It initially took me 6 months to lose 37lbs at an average rate of about 1.5lbs per week. Since then I’ve more or less maintained that loss. Sometimes I’ve gone back up to be heavier than I want to be for a while, but then it has dropped back down again.

    If you can, I would try to trust the process and not sweat the day-day results too much.

    Hope this helps.

    Your weight goes up and down even when you are in maintenance mode. Its not static. As long as the trend is downwards. If you put ANY food and or water in your mouth you will weigh more. That’s just the laws of physics at play. If the trend over the week/month is downwards that’s the important thing. Good luck.

    Bigbooty: Thanks for the encouragement. Fasting is changing the direction of the scale. Ran a half marathon this weekend and ate sensibly. (Amazingly I always gain after a long race.) Not like mercy running a half so eat anything in sight. Sure I would have ate much more than I needed if it wasn’t a willingness to embrace moderation. I wish I could wrap my head around the reality that this is what I weigh now and that goal is a place of not yet.

    Thanks, Mr. Data. I needed those words of encouragement. Sweating the details is my growing edge.

    Beating yourself up and self doubt are big impediments to life. Get right with yourself, whatever that takes and be confident in your abilities. Good luck.

    Is it OK if I ask a few questions?

    – What was your carb intake during the days before your FF? (I am wondering how much glycogen you had on board)

    – And since you stopped the FF, have you regained any weight? (I am wondering if any of your loss was replaced by fluid retention when you reverted to LCHF.

    – how did you feel during the FF? (energy levels, concentration, sleep quality)

    It’s normal to get up and down. You will get there. keep going!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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