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  • Hi to all, I’ve just done then on site TDEE calculation and for my age, height and weight it recommends a 3000cal intake on non fast days. But I thought it should be no more than 2400 anybody no which is correct. I currently do about 2000cals is this ok..
    Cheers all Paul

    hiya I guess it depends what weight you are and your height I have around 2250 but I a severely overweight

    Can anyone help I cant get the calculater to work ! i put in my age and it says I haven’t ? I am female, 47, 9stone 5 lb , 5ft 2 inches light exerciser , I have done this 10 thousand times and it still tells me my age box needs a number !!

    HELP !


    hi tracy i put your info in it comes up with
    TDEE 1626
    BMI 24.0
    BMR 1182

    I have the same issue as Tracy – can anyone help? I am female, 51, 13 stone 9lb, 5ft 4in and sedentary. It is the age that seems to screw it up – says you must enter a number but it won’t recognise it when I do. Thanks Cath

    Hi Cathyork, i did the math for you, if you don’t do to much excersise then you numbers are: TDEE 1760 calories, BMI 32.8 and BMR 1466

    So good luch with loosing weight

    Thanks so much anssies! Wow that’s a bit depressing though! Need to get moving – just got issues with my hip and back at the moment that are preventing it.

    But at least now I know the target 🙂

    BMI question: What actually is a desirable, healthy range for a woman’s BMI? My target weight loss is about 17 lbs to start. (I’m 51 and weigh 153 and am 5’8″: BMI 23.1) Had my first fast day yesterday. Being hungry was so hard, but I made it through! Thank you! Any BMI guidelines appreciated.

    BMI calculator with healthy guidelines is here: The healthy range is 18.5-25

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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