Tasty cottage pie

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  • This was from the recipe book, It was so tasty, would happily have this on a non fast day and next time ill make for the whole family to share. Really healthy and nutritious

    I too have made the Cottage Pie topped with Leek and Celeriac Mash in the book, which after just a couple of weeks is already becoming food-stained (albeit low-fat stains)and dog-eared. A good sign…

    On celeriac, who knew it was so high in vitamin B and low in fat at 113kj per 100gm/32cal per oz? Potatoes by comparison are 263kj/50 cal. It is a rich savoury taste guaranteed to satisfy even my boy’s appetite.

    On the book, and giving a total gourmand’s biased opinion it really delivers with plenty of recipes I want to cook and eat.

    It puts me in mind of Ruth Watson’s title Fat Girl Slim. In her own words this is “the first book by a cook and food writer who has managed to lose weight whilst still enjoying her favourite foods”. It has a lot of recipes that fit the 5:2 ethos or can be easily adapted. Check it out.

    Off to buy prawns for the Prawn Pho…yum.

    We’re in oz and I couldn’t celeriac on sun afternoon at our local supermarket so just made it with green cabbage and leeks on the the assumption all green leafy veg being a good low gi choice, still as tasty. Off to coles tom, owned by tesco so may pick some up there!

    We’re in NZ and all the Foodie magazines at the moment are full of the ‘joys of celeriac’. Finding it proved a little difficult but worth the pursuit. I saw it again yesterday but it was $24.99 per kg – looks like it pays to be a popular vegetable. Will try it with cabbage; nice.

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