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  • On a fasting day, friends whant to go fast food.
    I already convinsed them to go to subway.
    But what would your choice be?
    Maybe I will get some new Idears.


    Turkey sandwich with no cheese and no mayo, but lots of salad. I love subway. Usually on a non-fast day though so I could have the cheese and bit of light mayo as well tbh. And have a water to go with, obviously! x

    Why not Chipotle? haha

    I like Subway too but usually go on NFD. Half a sandwich without all the mayo and all the veggies is good. I usually get the veggie sandwich or roasted sliced turkey. It’s surprising how filling half a sandwich can be.

    Pass altogether or just have water. Way too much bread for me, on a FD (insulin spike).

    Last post probably wasn’t helpful. I’d opt for a salad (no bread) or a soup – if either are options at Subway these days &/or go somewhere where you have those options.

    salad, with protein – I go tuna but you could do turkey and avocado and no dressing.

    I always go for the low fat ones. In the UK, I can get a turkey and ham on Italian bread with salad for around 300. Add 50 for the mayo – they say all of their mayo is light. So easily doable on a FD 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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