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  • Back on 5:2 after a year of slimming world and weight watchers. Not over eating on non fast days, but no change on the scales. Have a very active job with lots of walking and moving heavy people! Busy in the evening several times a week. At 50 I was just under 10 stones but at 62 am wondering if the effect of hormone changes mean that I am the weight I should be. Have been on a diet for most of my life. Bit cheesed off at present !

    Hi Lesley,

    After a year of daily caloric restriction your body has probably got used to coping with less food. It’ll take a while to change that.

    I’ve no idea what your diet is like but the best thing to do would be to cut out processed carbs, cake, biscuits, sugar etc for period of time. This isn’t what anyone wants to hear less than four weeks before Christmas but IMO it should help.
    The other thing you can do is work out your goal weight TDEE using the how it works link at the top of the page, select sedentary as your exercise level and ensure that you keep below the number it gives you on non fast days.

    Good luck 🙂

    I suspect its what you are eating rather than the amount youre eating. If you are eating any grain based foods that is what should be changed straight away. No bread, pasta, pizza, basically any derived from grains. Increase your cruciferous veggie intake. No starchy veggies like potatoes.

    Thank you for your reply, however,I eat very little of the food you mentioned. I have a problem with yeast and wheat so eat very little . My husband is diabetic so we have very little in the cupboard which contains sugar. I studied nutrition at college so am very aware of the calorie content of food and what constitutes a healthy diet.
    I think the first reply that highlighted after 12 months of dieting, my body needs to adjust may be closer to the mark.

    I would add that my most successful weight loss was on Atkins diet and my calorie intake was huge, but a it is a very boring diet.
    I’m wondering if I might be insulin resistant.

    Hi Lesley,

    If you are insulin resistant fasting is the way to go. Have you read any of Jason Fung’s blogs or his book The Obesity Code?
    If you haven’t the book is very interesting regarding what long term daily caloric restriction does to our bodies and it goes into detail about insulin resistance. The answer is intermittent fasting and the longer you go without eating the better. I only eat at dinner time on FDs and then not before lunch the following day which I cope well with most of the time. I rarely eat before lunch on any day.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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