Struggling with low blood sugar

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  • Hi everyone. Haven’t been here for AGES, although have been fasting on and off. Started a new job in September which has taken a while to settle into, in terms of the rhythm of the days, but returned to fasting yesterday (because I know it works!).

    However, I felt SO ill by yesterday evening, in a ‘low blood sugar’ kind of way. Will this get better again? Would avoiding caffeine help? (I had only two teas and one coffee, but felt sort of ‘icky afterwards….) I am definitely well-hydrated and I do remember having this problem before (I’ve had three prolonged ‘goes’ at 5:2 and it’s always the nausea, shakes, sweating and general feeling of unwellness that stops my progress).

    Help please! I really want to stick to it this time. I have no other health issues and am a vegetarian.

    Hmm…. just had a look through some of my old posts (2 years ago!!!) and this really is an ongoing problem, even more than I realised. I have had blood tests over the years, so I know I don’t have any actual medical problems with my blood sugar…. Really want to crack this!

    Any thoughts welcomed…..

    You say you have low blood sugar levels? Do you actually measure them? Or is this a guess on your part? If you really want to crack it then buy yourself a glucose meter. I use a Freestyle optium neo, they are really cheap to buy, about $30. Get them off ebay or diabetics association shops, chemists. Then measure your BG first thing in the morning before starting your fast. Measure before a meal and then when you start feeling ill. What were your BG levels before and after? Avoid processed carbs, especially grain based foods like bread, cakes, biscuits, breakfast cereals. Drinks like orange juice, fizzy drinks, sports drinks. Normal “fasting” range is 3.9-5.9 mmol/L or 70-106 mg/dL

    Hi BB. That’s a fair point. I’m in England, so don’t know if I can get the monitor your recommend – I’ll have a look. As an ex-nurse I’m pretty sure what low blood sugar does, and I certainly had all the signs, but it’s worth checking. So far as food is concerned I’m happy that I’m eating the right things on fast days. Thanks for your comments.

    You don’t have to get a Freestyle, there are lots of meters on the market. Just contact your local diabetes association to get a recommendation. My wife is a nurse and has hypoglycaemic episodes. Im pretty sue I know why she has them but as the saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink. Good luck with it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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