struggling to lose weight

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struggling to lose weight

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  • Hello All

    I have been on the diet for 2 weeks now, and i am not losing weight very quickly. I tend to lose about 1 lb after my fast day, then back up again! Is it possible that i am losing inches rather than lbs? Also, i am not been very careful on my feast days, does this matter? I tend to have a drink in the evening, is this a good idea or not? I was thinking that i could try doing 3 fast days, would this help? The other thing is, I have used the calorie counter online, but it comes up NaN, what does this mean? I generally walk about 30 mins a day, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything!! I would appreciate it very much if someone could help me soon



    a read

    That means something has gone wrong with the calculator! If you wouldn’t mind, will you email me at with the details you put into it and I will fix it!


    It’s been fixed. It requires numbers for the age, height and weight (so 42 rather than forty-two) but was keeping that fact secret! Sorry about that – let me know if you have any other issues.

    I heard about 5 to 2 on BBC Radio 5 last Feb, thought I’d give it a try, ordered ‘the Fast diet’ via Amazon. Commenced the diet on Monday 4th Feb my weight then 12stone 12pounds, today (June 21st) 11stone 9pounds. I’m 5’8” tall lost 2 inches around my waist 🙂

    I hit my BMI last week 25.9 the first time in a long long time. I’m now trying to exercise during each Fast day to see what happens.

    Blood Pressure down too, what a bonus.

    The Diet has actually changed my life ….. for the better 🙂


    hI i BOUGHT THE BOOK TOO — – I also heard about the diet via BBC and started it on the 26th March 2013. I lost 8lbs in the first month and 4ins off my waist BUT in the last 2 months I have lost NOTHING at all. I am a bit disheartened and for the sake of my health the Dr says I have to stay on and cannot go back to my original weight. PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME KICK START THE WEIGHT LOSS AGAIN – THANK YOU.

    Hi bingo2013
    how disappointing but please don’t get down-hearted or give up – I and many others think this is a good way of eating and should be adopted for a lifetime regardless of one’s aims for starting it.

    have you looked at what you are eating on non-fast days. Think I read somewhere that one should not cut back on what one eats, either conciously or unconciously. I have to admit to slipping back in calorie intake to below recommended levels – did not feel so hungry so ate less.

    Keep going, it will be better for you in the long run

    Hi The Boissiterian,
    THANK YOU for the inspirational message. I thought I was eating ‘normally’ on the non fast days. I am under 5ft tall and thought maybe I was misreading my TDEE/BMR score. I don’t actually calculate the calories on my non fast days so don’t really know what I am doing wrong….. 🙁

    Hi, I think it very much depends on how much weight you have to lose in the first place as to how quickly the weight comes off. I have been following the 5/2 diet since January and I have found that after the 2nd fast day I will have lost 2 lbs but I will put 1 back on again over the weekend. I have also found that having been following this regime for 6months that my appetite is much diminished and I have to be careful and eat properly on the ‘eat days’ .
    I am down to 8st 10 which I never thought I would see again, want to get to 8.7 .
    Hang on in there it’s worth it!

    Here is another way of looking at weight loss. In addition to marking the actual weight fluctuations record the average weight. Now the average weight will always lag behind your actual weight (that’s just how the math works), but you will get a better picture of whether or not you are on a downward trend, plateauing, or actually gaining weight. I have set this up in my spread sheet, and here is an actual excerpt over a two week period where I plateaued a bit (measured in lbs):
    Actual weight: 160.0, 158.8, 160.8, 158.2
    Average weight: 164.0, 163.7, 163.5, 163.3

    There are many ways of keeping track of average weight. I find using excel the easiest. First, set up two columns, one for actual weight, one for the average (and you may want a column for the date as well). When you have entered a new actual weight measurement highlight the column by clicking on its letter up top. On the bottom bar the average of the entire column will appear. Record this number.

    Although totally committed to fasting, it’s oh so slow! 8 weeks in and am only loosing around a Kilo every 4 weeks, yes, I do look a little better but I have not lost any thing around my waist. I’m just under 1.8 Meters tall (5′ 10″) and now weigh 79.9 Kilos. I need to eat very little on fast days and usually around 100 calories. I eat the same as I did before the diet change, around 2000 calories. I suppose being disabled and unable to very much in the way of exercise must be what’s going on? Eating less on non fast days takes away just another small pleasure in my life, although I don’t have sugar in tea or coffee, rarely eat sweets, very little dairy and try to eat a quality diet. Anyone have any suggestions?

    I had a slow start but have now lost just over a stone as of last Friday, weigh in tomorrow. Started last week in June.
    Really think it depends on what you eat on feast days, I know the diet says you can at what you want but I think some people take that a bit too literally and therefore dont lose any weight. I use my fitness pal app and it’s a real help.
    I’m also doing 4:3, so I’m going above and beyond but it’s certainly working.
    Vox, try myfitnesspal and maybe 4:3 for a couple of weeks.

    Hi Vox

    Whilst 4.5lbs off in 2 months is not to be ‘sniffed’ at, I know what you mean – you wanted more!

    100 calories on fast days seems very low in my opinion. The diet was created with 500/600 in mind. Maybe upping your fast day calories to 500 female or 600 male may ‘kickstart’ your weight loss.

    Good luck 🙂

    Hi Nick3011

    Wowser, that’s fabulous weight loss in 5 weeks – MASSIVE congratulations!!!!

    I am considering the 4:3 appriach but think I’ll do my first week on 5:2. I did my first day yesterday and looking back, I quite enjoyed it.

    I am sat here now feeling a little hungry, but even though it’s not a fast day I’m not going to satisfy those early hunger pangs just yet like I normally would, I’m going to have a black coffee and see if I can hold out until lunchtime.

    Good luck with your 4:3, and I’ll keep my eye out for your posts 🙂

    Hi Vox

    I just found this in the ‘in-depth FAQ’ section of this webiste.

    Hope that helps 🙂

    Thanks for the replies folks, 7 flights of stairs!!! I lucky if I manage the usual 13 steps twice a day to get up and down to the loo. I’m 61 years old and am not hoping to go chasing the ladies, I have a great wife. I would however like to get in to my various suits, trousers and jeans again. My belly button waist still measures 89 cm (35″), so where has the lost weight come from. Visceral fat I guess.
    I will have to try an extra fast day I think. If I eat any more than two cups of low cal soups on a fast day, I find it very hard to stop there and crave food all day, that’s no fun. If I could find more to do during the fast days, that might help, but apart from one finger typing on this computer, there’s not a lot else I can do except catch up on sleep I don’t get during the night. I will just have to try harder. I must admit, I do feel much better and more alive on fast days, it’s worth it just for that.

    Thanks very much Tilsworth, I was quite disheartened after the first week aswell as I’d not lost anything! Goal is to lose 3 stone, maybe a bit more so I can have a bit to ‘play with’ over xmas.
    I think the key is to stick to not binge on feast days and to have just under or recommended amount on fast days, if you eat hardly anything or nothing at all your body will cling to what it’s got – fat cells. Exercise normally aswell.
    Vox – know what you mean about soups, quite bored of them now for lunch on fast days so had to try something else this week – Weightwatchers tuna tins, 70 odd cals.

    My husband and I have been doing the 5:2 since March and have lost 10kg each however in the last 3 weeks my weight loss has been zero while his has continued to drop. Having read through the various forums I think I know what I’ve been doing wrong. I’ve been cutting calories on my non-fast days to less than 1000 and then on fasting days keeping to to around 300. Weigh in tomorrow, if weight is still static will up the calories (never thought I’d say that on a “diet”)and see what happens.

    Saffie, your right, you need to keep the food levels up or your metabalism wont get going, another reason why exercise is also a help.
    My weigh in is also tomorrow, good luck with yours.

    Vox – Yes, I think it probably is visceral fat that goes first in some people. I didn’t think anything was happening on this regime (weight wise) for the first 6 weeks or so (I was trying it out for the health benefits anyway and had resigned myself to being unlikely to lose significant weight, as I’ve been big all my life, with no significant loss on any other diets I’ve tried).

    Eventually I noticed that my trousers were hanging better and I thought I might have lost a bit off my hips and/or waist so I finally weighed myself and had lost at least a stone in that first 2 months (no idea exactly how much as I’d been so confident that I wouldn’t lose anything that I never took a ‘start’ reading).

    If half that stone was visceral fat that didn’t show up in the mirror but made me a healthier body then that was absolutely fine by me. Just hang in there and keep doing what you’re doing. It may be slow going but at least you are losing the weight gradually and it’s something you can do forever.

    I’m now down to losing, on average, probably no more than half a lb a week but I figure that over a year that’s going to be a pretty hefty amount (I lost 3 stone in the last year on this diet so another 2 stone over the next year should get me where I want to be) – slow and steady wins the race and establishes a lifelong eating pattern. Fine by me.

    Good luck.

    Hi all

    Started this diet last week but made the decision to weigh in with the practice nurse each month, so don’t know how I’m doing yet. If I get on the scales once I’ll never be off them. My husband decided to join me and he lost a kilo last week, which is great. Keeping my fingers crossed! I haven’t been eating like I used to but on non fast days, unsure whether I should or not. Appreciate being able to read other people’s experiences.

    Tilsworth, weighed in this morning and another 3.5lbs gone, enjoying it while I can, surely going to plateau soon.

    Nick3011 – well done you!! Me – still the same as last week. It’s disheartening really but I’m determined to stick with this as a lifestyle rather than a diet. So today I’ve upped the calories and had my usual 2 sugars in black coffee.

    Husband and I have started to notice many small benefits – he snores less – and we’ve started listening to our bodies again, ie. too much wheat and red meat makes us feel bloated.

    Saffie thanks, you need to keep going, it’ll work, at least if the weight loss is slow you will certainly have health benefits. Keep going.

    To prepare for times when food may be in short supply, your body is built to hang onto as much fat as possible. Due to this, most people find it challenging to lose weight. Genetics, age, race & ethnicity, food, physical exercise, hormones, and social influences are among the variables at play.

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