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  • Don’t know if anyone would be interested ! I have made myself a nice soup and i i would post it here .
    At first i think you will be shocked how many calories it is but i split it into 5 400ml portions and freeze them ready for my fast days ,anyhow here is the recipe.

    232 grams Parsnip
    361 grams Sweet Potato
    167 grams Red Pepper
    78 grams Onion
    78 grams Leek
    174 grams of Courgette
    120 grams of Carrot
    1 Tin of Tomatoes
    1 stick of Celery
    2 cloves of garlic
    pinch of chilli , ginger , fenugreek , fennel , mixed spice .
    1 veg stock cube .

    place in a pan with lots of water sorry didn’t measure water i just keep topping up if it looked like it was going to thick .

    All this is 752 calories

    5 portions of 400ml is 150 calories not bad really it’s a good portion size .

    Enjoy !


    Sounds good – will give that a try as its also a good lunch dish on a non fast day 🙂

    Soup is my favourite fast day meal and non fast day lunch.

    The version I make misses out the sweet potato and parsnip which brings it down to 75 cals per portion. I also find that roasting the veg gives a richer flavour too.


    can someone tell me..If I was to just eat miso soup for lunch and dinner that that would be ok?
    I mean do you HAVE to have 500 calories or could you have 200?


    You do not have to eat 500 calories on a diet day. Many people do not eat any (some call it a liquid fast – water, tea, coffee etc.).

    Good Luck!

    Hi Simcoeluv,
    thanks so much for the message 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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