Some serious heartburn on fast days

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Some serious heartburn on fast days

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  • Hi folks!

    I get really intense heartburn on the second day of my 2 day fast. And sometimes I get it on my eating days as well. Is that typical? Is there a remedy for it?

    A little background:

    I have been doing a 5:2 fast since the week before Christmas. On my consecutive fast days I do a water fast. If I tried to limit myself to 500 calories I’d never make it. Better for me to forego food altogether.

    On my eating days I have a very large salad of cold vegetables, greens and garbanzo beans at lunch and protein like salmon or chicken for dinner. I don’t snack unless I get those stomach acids in which case I have some chicken broth or tomato juice and copious amounts of anti-acids.

    I’ve been at it for about 4 weeks now. Don’t weigh myself but I’m down 3 jeans sizes — with several more to go.

    Heartburn is not uncommon, doesn’t happen to every one or even a majority of people fasting does happen though. If it doesn’t correct itself in a timely manner 4 – 6 weeks it should be looked at by a medical professional – Md.

    For those that eat regularly at set times. Our bodies get used to dumping acids at certain times and that may continue until the body self-corrects. If you also change your eating habits for a “normal: diet to high protein low carb or to vegan. Your body may be “confused” for a period and still try to process your intake in the old manner. The body has to be retrained as well.

    When your body starts using fats the process gets a little more complex and it’s in this stage that I got an over abundance of bile being produced along with stomach acids. This did correct itself within 2 months. Never was unbearable though several times I did take papaya enzyme tablets when I felt more than moderately uncomfortable.

    I was able to reduce the symptoms by making my final 2 meals before fasting high in protein, low in carbs and fats. Not sure what exactly other than entering ketosis sooner when the fast did commence.

    If it doesn’t self correct in a timely manner seek medical advice.

    Thank you for the response. It’s helpful to have a confirmation.

    It was particularly helpful to hear that metabolizing body fat could be the culprit. In fact, I am metabolizing body fat like crazy right now.

    So, with that in mind, I may sit tight and give my body a chance to adjust. And if that’s not the ticket I will know that I can possibly cut back a bit on the speed of the weight loss and talk to my doctor about combatting the heartburn.

    Thanks again. Although I’ve seen other side effects discussed I hadn’t seen mine and I’m reassured to have it acknowledged.

    I agree with more.QuietOne’s opinions. You should check your health to a health expert who can help you in this case. Also, try some home remedy like “Aloe Vera” that may help you to get instant relief from your disease. However if you have problem having “Aloe Vera” then you may try online stores like “Acidgone┬«” where you can buy Aloe Vera powder.

    Hello, I started a water fast on Jan 10, 2016. On day 3 of my water fast, I started having bad heartburn. I continued with the water fast two more days with moderate pain and finally broke my fast hoping that would relieve it. I am now 6 days straight with issues that I never had before my fast. Seriously, what are the best foods I should be eating right now to get straightened out? Bananas? potatoes? or should I continue with Paleo? When do I get back to normal? I do not want to see a dr about this as all they do is give meds. Won’t take meds for this.

    I was having that problem a year ago when I was new to IF. I hung tight having some broth or something when it was most severe and using a Proton Pump Inhibitor (over the counter Previcid/Zantac if you’re in the US) as necessary.

    It passed and now I’m VERY rarely affected by it.

    For anyone reading this thread for the first time who is suffering from heartburn on FDs, a mug of mint tea works very well.

    I to was suffing bad heart burn so spoke to doctor and he changed me lactoes free milk .

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