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  • Does anyone else get cold on fasting days? I’ve shifted from 500 calories on fast days to 0 and am finding it so much easier and more effective. I am not normally cold – I’m the one that turns the heating down and opens windows. However on fast days I get colder and colder throughout the day. I end up wearing many layers and keeping going with hot drinks. I have to keep my body heat up during the day otherwise by the evening I cannot get warm again. Exercising doesn’t affect this. I just get colder and colder as the day goes by. I layer up to go to bed and once I’m asleep it’s ok but if I don’t make an effort to stay warm then I can’t warm up once I’m in bed and then I can’t sleep. Being cold is a new phenomenon for me!

    Hi Hope Eternal,

    This isn’t something I’ve experienced, but I’ve never done a zero calorie fast day, so I’m not sure I can help much. It sounds like your body doesn’t like it much even though it’s working well from a weight loss viewpoint. Maybe try to eat a very small amount at lunchtime of a 100 calories or so, just to see if that very little bit of extra energy for your body helps keep the cold at bay.

    Good luck with it.

    Hello I am new–But have done the 5 and 2 before..I always get cold when Im getting less calories in–eating seems to warm me up, somehow.

    Interesting changes. I was getting very cold on fast days as reported above but losing weight slowly and steadily. Then the weight loss stalled and the coldness stopped. Changed my fasting days and that seems to have kick started the weight loss again. The coldness is back as well. So they are definitely linked. It’s as if my metabolism got used to fasting Tuesdays and Thursdays and needed a change to Monday and Friday. I’ll see how it goes but will keep chopping and changing which days I fast.

    Yes I get really cold. Guess it makes sense as food is turned into energy. Plus hopefully we’re torching fat so have less insulation but my guess it’s the former!

    I feel cold more often now that I lost some weight and continue IF. Reasons as mentioned above are less insulation and metabolism (processing food) warms the body up. I’m thinking occasionally what disadvantage this warm-bloodiness of mammals is. I recall one of my relatives who was (and most probably is) very slim and had to wear very large felt boots inside the house.

    But hey, we most of humans know we cannot survive in open interplanetary space and sleep naked on snow, just wear more clothes! If they are good wool, your weight with closes is hopefully still less than before fasting! 😉

    P.S. I’m also looking forward to affordable comfortable electrically warmed clothes being easily available.

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