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  • I am having smoothies for Breakfast which i make and drink thoughout the day .
    What i am wondering is should i just drink this for my breakfast at say 11am
    and then till tea time only have herb tea or water .
    Would it matter if i make it last till about 3-4pm or am i going to mess up the diet plan.
    Recipe for smoothie is

    Half of Avocado
    1 handfull of spinach
    1 handfull of celery
    1 handfull of cucumber
    1 apple
    200ml of water

    This comes to 123 cals it depends on the size of your Avocado mine was small.

    Try it’s very nice and a lovely shade of bright green !!

    Making your smoothie last is not going to affect your calorie intake for the day but taking food in all day isn’t giving your body a ‘rest’ which is the idea of ‘fasting’.

    That said, there isn’t really a ‘diet plan’…5:2 is not so much a ‘diet’ as a complete change to your way of eating and you have to find the way that works best for you. Apart from having no more than 500 cals on 2 non consecutive fast days and having between your BMR and TDEE on non fast days there are no ‘rules’.

    If, making your smoothie last, still helps you lose weight then that’s fine. It’s ‘try it and see’ and if it isn’t working for you then just tweak it till it does.

    Good luck x

    Hi Chrijaz, please keep us updated on your progress because I am curious whether the fast needs to be an actual no food fast for a period of time (which a lot on the forum believe) or just calorie reduction. I know you are just a sample size of 1, but would be interesting nevertheless.

    I prefer to eat nothing until tea time but am only on day 4 and have not finished experimenting yet. I had a shocking day earlier this week, I think I drank too much coffee, and I had a terrible headache all day. I was dreading my second fast but today (2nd fast this week) has been much easier. I haven’t eaten anything yet and I feel completely fine, with a few tummy noises but nothing too extreme. I think my secret ingredient is lemon and ginger tea, lots of water and limiting coffee to 2 cups only (black).

    HI YA

    Well i was pleased this Monday as i lost 1kg , after not being on the diet plan for 6 weeks due to holidays i thought that was pretty good.
    Last Thursday was my second fast day and i didn’t have a smoothie i didn’t feel i needed to eat so i left it and around 2pm i had a Chai Latte a Tassimo we have just got the coffee machine and i was dying to try the Chai Latte and yes it was yummy and even had the calories on the pack 86 so that was taken into account then for me tea at 6.30 i had liver egg and veg and i felt really stuffed after my tea !!! later i had a granny smith apple and enjoyed that.
    I hope to i do well next monday to !!
    Fingers crossed.

    I am with sylvestra, I think one of the health benefits of the 5:2 is the fasting aspect. The longer you do not put anything in your body that needs digestion the more time your body gets to concentrate on repairing itself.

    I juice regularly and I make smoothies, but only on non fast days. At the end of the day though, if it works, great. We all need to find ways that work for us.

    I have been on the 5:2 diet since 6 November and I have done a combination of things: 5:2, 4:3, ADF, calorie counting, juice days…changing things constantly around depending on my mood and my needs. It worked very well for me and I have lost 6 kg so far.

    The biggest change though was to look at my eating habits very closely and to try to cut out “bad” calories and replace them with good ones. No more white rice or white pasta, instead wild rice and brown pasta. No more Coke, coffee with sugar or sweets. (Well…hardly ever). No more calorie containing drinks, just water and tea.

    For me the dietary change is equally important than cutting out calories. Michael talks in his book about eating healthy on non fast days and I strongly believe that this is one of the most important aspects for longterm success. Your smoothies are perfect for your body as they give you all the micro nutrients that you need, just perhaps not on your fast days or at least in one go.

    Best of luck

    Hi Ya ,

    Well been on the diet now for 3 weeks but only lost 1kg however seem to lose .2 and .3 so hopefully next week will be better.
    Had a bit of a mishap this morning our fridge/freezer decied to defrost withput asking us!!! so lots of stuff in there to be eaten , some things put to one side for tomorrow for soup on a non fast day , however there was fruit which i couldn’t throw out so i made a smoothie here are the ingredients , it was very nice and there is lots to , i will only have half today and save the rest for tomorrow .I am calling it …..

    Emergency smoothie

    188 grams of Raspberries
    1 Kiwi
    166 grams fo Strawberries
    Some spinach and some kale
    Then i added a fresh granny smith apple .
    2 cups of water and blended .
    Really nice !

    It’s 233 calories , i am amazed how these calories add up ,this diet really makes you think and realize how much one must really eat thoughout the day and not really paying any attention to it , it is a real eye opener when you just look at how many calories are comsumed on a normal day .

    Well if you make it enjoy !!


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