Slow and steady weight loss, but it's happening.

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Slow and steady weight loss, but it's happening.

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  • So I’ve now been on this diet for 4 months now.

    Weighed myself today and I’ve lost 10 pounds, which I’m very happy about.

    I’ve seen some diets where people would hope to lose stones and stones over 4 months, but I’m satisfied with this rate – mainly because I feel gradual weight loss is far more sustainable.

    What’s more, and what I think is sometimes overlooked about this diet, is that even if you go a few weeks without losing anything, you don’t gain any weight!

    The idea that 5 days a week I can enjoy my favourite foods, eat butter and olive oil, drink beer, and still not gain any weight is fantastic.

    Plus, I genuinely feel there are a host of other health benefits happening under the surface. I’m usually the first to catch a cold if someone around me has it, and this year I’ve been permanently surrounded by poorly people, yet I’m still yet to catch anything.

    So, four months in and I’m thinking I can easily keep this up.

    Congratulations! Ten pounds in four months…keep it up (and it sounds like you will) and that’ll translate into 30 pounds a year! There’s a lot to be said for slowly & surely. Plus, I read your other post re the hair issue and it seems like the way you’re doing it is ideal for that concern as well. Perhaps the folks who have suffered troubling hair loss are those who have driven their bodies into more aggressive fasts. Good luck!

    Good job, Yorkshireman. You have the right idea. There are certainly lots of benefits to Fasting.
    Today is our Fast: we had egg-avocado-crab-cottage cheese baked in a dish for breakfast. Really fast and easy. Tonight we’ll have a variation on ‘mixed sushi’ with brown rice, grilled beef, smoked salmon, egg, and cucumber. Total calories <600.

    happy Fasting.

    Weight re-gain has been seen in several people after losing weight. Its better to maintain your diet and proper exercise. these two are the basic pillar in weight loss. eating weight loss foods is good.

    yorkshireman88 I’ve been fasting now for two years. It seems very healthy. I’ve also been losing weight slowly, 6 years ago I at 106kg and now I’m typically around 82kg. Roughly 4kg a year although there was a couple years in the middle where I struggled. Anyway even slow loss really adds up. You weight loss actually sounds very good compared to mine!

    My goal has been replacing fat with muscle I mostly unsuccessful until I started fasting. I’m really convinced that fasting and eating healthy is a very reasonable approach. Some people really push that it is calorie restriction but with fasting I’m actually eating more calories per week than I used too and now I’m getting better results. I do mostly water fast and try to keep it zero calories but I do allow myself things like black coffee. I really believe the fasting has greatly improved my hormone levels for building and maintaining lean body mass.

    Good luck and I hope you have continued success.

    One of the best approach in weight loss is to make yourself full with complex foods that digest slowly. it will limit your cravings to consume more foods. Eating protein rich foods could be best idea.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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