Skipping breakfast – just checking in who else finds this help

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Skipping breakfast – just checking in who else finds this help

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  • I had reintroduced breakfast as of late and yep, appetite has gone shooting up.

    I do enjoy breakfast though and look forward to it so trying to break the habit again and for some motivation just checking in who else finds breakfast increases their appetite/total daily intake??

    There are two aspects to this. First, I am with you that starting to eat starts the hunger. If I skip breakfast I have no problems until noon. There are no energy shortages – my gym work outs are in the morning and I have no problems. If I eat breakfast it does start the food need and I’ll be looking for an early lunch.

    Second, if you research your gut biome you will find that reducing the time window in which you ingest food to about eight hours, for me that means lunch and an early evening meal, means that some of the really beneficial gut bugs will prosper.

    Interesting penguin! Thanks for sharing. I’m definitely going back to skipping again tomorrow. I had a few days whereby I reintroduced and gained quickly.

    I find that if I skip breakfast I feel okay, especially if I’m busy. If I have breakfast I am ravenous for the whole day and just can’t stop nibbling on anything I can find.
    I would like to know the evidence behind the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I just don’t believe it as I’m sure that it is just a saying to justify those who cannot do without it.
    If you excercise in the morning, there is proof that you burn body fat for the energy needed as opposed to burning breakfast that you have eaten first.
    Good luck in your fat busting journey.

    I find this to absolutely true, so I hold off on eating anything until lunch. Once I start I can’t stop. Glad to know I am not the only one.

    Thanks for your thoughts. So interesting every day I’ve had breakfast I’ve overeaten. Without I listen to genuine tummy growls of true hunger which hits about midday. So fascinating!

    I have desire to eat breakfast more as a hedonic thing I like eating but as mentioned if o skip it there are no snacking urges all morning and I only think about food when my tummy tells me it’s hungry which can vary sometimes it’s 11:30 , other times not hungry until 14/00!

    DG: The issue may be what you have been eating at your first meal, as well as when you are eating your first meal.

    At your first meal of the day/ when breaking the nightly fast focus on protein, healthy fats, fibre and water over starchy carbohydrates because together these nutrients fill us up and keep blood glucose stable. Think of the traditional (primarily) savoury breakfasts in the Middle East, South Asia, the Mediterranean, Scandinavia.

    For example try organic eggs or smoked fish with a pile of non-starchy vegetables, or try traditional soft cheeses, air-dried ham or Greek yogurt with mixed seeds and low sugar berries.

    Modern UK/ US breakfast items such as breads, other baked goods and boxed cereals are surprisingly processed (even when marketed as ‘whole’ and ‘natural’), so can be quick to digest and cause a spike and dip in blood glucose levels.

    Starchy or sugary breakfasts also load the muscles and liver with the fuel glycogen. Since glycogen is stored alongside quite a bit of water, weight gain may be noticed but this is unlikely to be measurable fat gain in just a few days.


    Never have breakfast now. I’m another who thinks breakfast provokes some need to eat. I’ve been maintains for nearly 3 years now, on 16:8, Few people actually need three meals a day.

    Ah just catching up on these posts. Hello again firefox, yes I must admit breakfasts are not veggies and protein! Athough I have up on cereals years ago because I realized they do nothing but make me hungrier. Good for kids for the fibre and iron but not me..

    Although I do think if I eat when waking it really does seem to open the flood gates…

    Polly that’s interesting thanks for sharing.

    DG, we find that two or three coffees, as well as keeping busy, took our minds off food. Now it’s automatic. If we’re staying in an hotel including breakfast we will have one then, making ‘good’ choices as far as possible.

    Hotel breakfasts are dangerous for two reasons. In my past life I travelled a lot, living in hotels. Even in good hotels breakfast is usually the worst meal. In the days when I ate breakfast I would usually skip the hotel offer and pick up some street food, which would be fresher. Now that I rarely eat any breakfast, when I do it wrecks my day. I was travelling last week and the hotel had a “meal deal” – evening meal and breakfast for a silly low price that made the evening meal cheap. Having paid for it, I ate breakfast. Not a lot but I was overloaded and unhappy all morning. This surprised me – my previous experience has been that breakfast starts the hunger, so with breakfast I can’t win either way.

    Thanks Polly and Penguin.

    Penguin when you say “it wrecks your day” what do you mean? I ask our of personal interest too as I think I experience something similar.. I have slumps post breakfast and I don’t feel quite so mentally sharp. Or is it that you just feel full?

    Nearly every day I have skipped breakfast I’ve not overeaten (well not had excess of kcal) on that day. I suppose it’s the logic of it too, one day having not had breakfast I still “overate” when I came in from work but my total energy intake for the day was not excessive.

    It definitely helps me. Polly I have kept going with coffee too – I am unsure I could do it without. On days I have eaten earlier the night before it’s much harder and I the wake up craving breakfast. Polly do you just have two meals a day?

    Thanks for your input – currently sipping black coffee 🙂

    Yes, just two meals a day. Within few weeks if starting 5:2 my husband and I found that our appetites had reduced considerably. I could never eat a slice of cake now.

    We always have a breakfast if it’s including in an hotel stay, but choose wisely and don’t eat lunch. If we’ve been in company and others want a snack, we’ve shared something.

    By “wrecks my day” I mean that breakfast probably consists of the sort of thing I wouldn’t normally eat and then leaves me feeling stuffed, heavy and unfit until mid afternoon. On a no-breakfast day I will feel light on my feet and full of energy, with no hunger until mid-day. A lighter breakfast just stimulates hunger. Two hours later, ie mid-morning, I will be wanting something else.

    Pollypenny I’m glad you have identified a lifestyle that works for you and something that you can maintain too. Have you modfified the types of foods you are eating? Interesting, like you when I have made two meals I don’t fancy cake or stodge I fancy a nice wholesome dinner.

    Penguin yes I can relate to exactly this, I either feel too full and sluggish or appetite pepped and ready for lunch or a snack 10.00am. Really fascinating we have the same exerpiences.

    I have the odd day whereby I have felt slumpy at 10 am and had an apple. Every other day I’ve had breakfast I’ve been constantly grazing and hungry.

    DG, yes, we have made some crucial changes. I used to consider potatoes as my favourite vegetable – now we rarely have them. Similarly, we used to buy good bread and enjoy a sandwich – I don’t remember the last time I had a sandwich.

    Using Mimi’s recipes, with all the different flavourings, made it quite easy for us. Confession, though. We went to a fabulous Indian restaurant last night. So it’s a serious FD today.

    Pollypenny 🙂 but that’s the lovely thing you can still enjoy things like that! I hope it was nice.

    You see I personally have no willpower with bread so last few days have avoided and had avocado and eggs for lunch yesterday, no breakfast and was not even hungry until the evening but felt a little light headed. I have brought he fast800 but think the kcal are a little too low for me so will bulk it out a bit.

    Thank you again for sharing it’s motivating to hear others stories.

    If you love bread, something I learn from Dr Xan Van whatsit is that freezing a loaf, then toasting it changes the structure of its sugars. Helps if you fancy beans or scrambled egg on toast occasionally.

    We went to that fabulous Indian restaurant again on Bank Holiday Sunday. We’d booked an early meal, 6pm, so I kept busy in the garden and didn’t eat at all. Plenty to drink, though. I found that one popadum and my starter filled my. I ended up bring most of my delicious Goan curry home in a box for Monday.

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